Wednesday, December 28, 2011

One Last Tree

I had to share one more beautiful tree with
 you before the New Year puts an end to
 all things Christmas.
 Here's my friend Cathy's beautiful tree.
She used lots of these leopard balls.
 A very unexpected touch!
I just love those!
She used baby's breath,
white hydrangeas,
 white flowers,
and lots of white snowflakes.
 Tree at night.
This year's tree has an all new look.
She's a tree artist.
At the base.
 Cathy used her other ornaments to fill the birdcage.
 These are her Men of Christmas.
 A vignette on top of an antique cabinet.
 Another Christmas vignette in her secretary.
 Snowmen on her shelves.
 I love this lighted ceramic tree.
 Here's her fresh floral arrangement.
It's sitting on her kitchen bar counter.
Oh, and one last thing....
This is the dresser top in her closet.
Yes, she decorates inside her closet!
You see this beautiful antique chest
when the closet door is left open.
It's like a little room in there.
Say goodbye Charlie 
and Happy New Year!


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our Top Projects of 2011

Our top 18 projects for 2011.
Click on any of the blue highlighted words
to see the entire before and after post.
We built a 'sleve'  Wood planter box.
We remodeled the pantry into a
Cottage style dish pantry makeover.
 We built a potting bench with leftovers.
 We recycle all wine bottles as a garden edge.
 We repurposed a salvaged kitchen cabinet
in our van and added a 'wood' floor.
 Larry built bookshelves in the hallway.
 A small patio makeover at daughter
Kim's house in Texas.
 I made a knock-off Pottery barn mirror
for the family room at Kim's house.
We painted furniture black in the
Bedroom makeover at Kim's
 We added legs to the kitchen island.
 Lots of storage here with the
Salvaged kitchen cabinets remodel.
 Made a rustic tool tote using
old pickets and a branch.
Used more leftover fence pickets for
A picket fence table runner.
Found this bedroom set on Craig's List 
for $65 and painted it white.
 Made these large pumpkin blocks for fall.
 Made a sign...actually made a few signs.
 Here is how I make mine.
 Found this bed on Craig's List for $150 
and did a bedroom makeover.
Removed the cabinet doors in the kitchen. 
All the better to see the Christmas dishes.

I already have a few things planned for 2012.
Stay tuned!


Needlepoint Christmas Pillows

If I was lucky I would occasionally find 
a Christmas needlepoint pillow on the 
after-Christmas sales. 
That was years ago and I still love each one. 
I store them all in a suitcase under the guest 
bed with the other Christmas fabrics.
 These are all in the living room.
 They show up nicely on the cream couches and chairs.

 This one was a gift from my sister-in-law 
Nancy. She said that she laughed when
 she saw it and knew it was meant for me. 
 The taffeta plaid pillows accent the needlepoint.
One at each end of both couches.

All in the living room.
 These two snowmen pillows are in the 
blue guest bedroom.
blue guest bedroom.
 These two are in the master bedroom.
Maybe I'll find another one this year.
 Not that I'm looking......
but one could fall on my head.