Thursday, April 30, 2015

Using A Vintage Casserole Stand

Here's how I'm using one of my vintage 
silver plated casserole stands.
It's one of the goodies I found on my last
thrifting trip. I got two, one is 9" round,
and the other is 7"x10". 
They were $2.00.
I tried it a few different ways. 
I topped with a blue plate that I can 
use for cake or appetizers.
Tried it with a round wooden bread board.
I decided to use it as a stand for the glass
hurricane and candle on the coffee table. 
 I put it all on a glass plate including
the small grapewine wreath.
A glass pie dish fits in perfectly too. That 
would make such a pretty presentation for a 
pie, quiche, or small casserole. In between 
service I can use it as a centerpiece.
I love to find several ways to use my things.


Monday, April 27, 2015

How To Make Money When Thrifting

Here's how to pay for your addiction.
We all love to find those bargains when 
shopping at Thrift Stores and garage sales.
But even a bargain costs money. Those little
fun finds can make you feel a bit guilty 
because they are "wants" and not "needs". 
I also need to clear out the old to make room
for new ideas that pop into my head. It
makes it so much more fun to treasure hunt
when I know my purchases will be free! 
Here's what I do. When I see something
that's "too good to pass up", I buy it.
Sometimes it needs just a
"lick and a promise" to make it look better.
 It can't be too big because we don't
 have a truck. The 2 pieces I found on my
last trip were a bargain! The kitchen island
was only $20. I'll list it for $75.
The server/cabinet/dry sink is a
 vintage Ethan Allen piece selling on eBay
 for between $199-$499. I got it for $25
 and have already sold it locally for $125. 
I don't refinish or paint 'cause that's too much
work. Just minor repairs, wash with soapy
water, polish a bit. Oh, and merchandise it
before I take a picture. That also helps to
 give the piece size perspective. 
Then it gets posted on Craigslist and
maybe my town's Facebook marketplace
page for local pick-up.
This is the "before" of the island.
I took it outside to give it a good cleaning
with soap and water.Then I sanded the top
 and oiled it (use plain mineral oil).
 A little merchandising and it's ready for
pictures. I always post several pictures.
 It gives people an idea on how they'll
use it in their home.
If it's small and collectable, 
I will post on eBay. So far, so good.
Everything always sells.

Maybe we need a truck!


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Collecting White Ironstone

It always starts out small and then the next 
thing you know you have a collection.
 These are the pieces I found on my latest
 day thrifting. The big platter in the back was
featured in my previous post HERE.
Once in a while I get lucky and find a vintage 
piece of real ironstone. This 12" platter
was only $1.00
The hallmark on the back enabled
me to easily look it up on ebay. I could sell
it and it would pay for my entire dish 
purchases that day. 
I'll post the rest of the "stuff" later.
This large white turkey platter will make a
 nice appearance in November. I like to
change the things I lean against the black tile
 behind the cooktop with the seasons.
  This 18" platter was $3.00.
These are some of my past thrifting purchases.
I buy white mugs for 25¢. I have a basketful
 now, plenty for a party or to craft paint.
Teapots for $1-$2
Found this Pottery Barn teapot and
 2 matching mugs.
2 sets of white pumpkin S&P for 50¢.
It's all gathered in my vintage china cabinet. 
It was also a thrift store find.
You can see more about the cabinet HERE,
and see what's in the drawers HERE.


Monday, April 13, 2015

Using A Thrift Store White Platter

I know that I just posted my
but I made a few small changes. I found 
this large 21" white platter at the thrift 
store on Friday. So naturally I had to play
use it as soon as I got it home and cleaned.
For only $3.00 it has so many possibilities.
It won't spend much time inside a cabinet.  
When I'm not using it for food or a tea tray
I can display it against the back of the
cooktop to brighten-up that black tile and be
there ready to grab whenever I need it. 
This is always my favorite way to use 
a platter, a tray, a basket, or a box.
 It's a breakfast table centerpiece when I
 use it to gather a few other pieces.
 Like my orchid!
 I found this little creamer for 25¢. 
 Here's a little tip: When I use glass 
chargers, I use one of these pretty hand
 crocheted dish cloths between the plate 
and charger. That way the plate nestles 
in nicely and there is no clanging.
Don't like wobbly plates-on-plates. 
It's also a nice way to keep hot plates
 warm longer. I find these little cloths 
at craft fairs or sometimes thrifting. 
They work well because they are thinner 
than pot holders and soft.
Always enjoy time playing with dishes.


See the other pieces of white ironstone
I got HERE.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spring Breakfast Table

Spring means my orchids are blooming
again. I brought this beauty inside.
I'm using my fence pickets again
for the table runner.
The breakfast table centerpiece
has a bit of a cottage look.
My new find is this teapot. I tried to 
resist it in a North Carolina resale shop. 
It was $12.00. Can't pass up a cute teapot,
especially one in blue and white with a 
china handle.  
 I've had this orchid for years and it 
keeps getting prettier. It blooms for
months every spring.  
I also added a small rosemary plant that
I potted in my chippy clay pot.
 That's it for this weeks table.
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