Monday, July 27, 2015

Sofa Table Got The Blues

Pulling a few things together from around the
house to perk up the sofa table for the
 rest of the summer.
I had every intention of staying with the red, 
white, and blue Americana theme, but then I
 changed the coffee table. That lead to 
changing the breakfast table and you know 
how that story ends. Actually, I don't think 
it ever ends, but here I go making a few
 changes...puttering, tweaking, and rearranging.
 Dishes and tea cups and tea pots
are my reliable go-to items.
I brought in this shabby birdhouse from 
the patio. I added a row of my vintage
 German spice jars.
I used my favorite table runner...picket fence. 
I think I may have added a few things since 
the picture was taken a few days ago.
Be right back!
This sofa table vignette needed a plant.
I just cut some leaves and orange ixora from
the yard and put them in a tall blue and white
ceramic vase...ahem...the'vase'  was a
repurpose toilet brush holder. I wasn't
 using it in the guest bathroom anymore,
so it was scrubbed clean and now has a
new life. It's a real Cinderella story.

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Farmhouse Blue Table

Right after lunch I felt I needed a new
look, on the table, that is. It's the
 the easiest way to freshen things up
around here. Larry just rolls his eyes.
I explained that you wouldn't wear
 the same outfit every day for a week.
That example didn't seen to resonate
with him. I got started right after I cleared
the lunch dishes. I wanted a farmhouse-style
look this time so I scrambled a few things 
together. The breakfast table got it's new 
'outfit' and I got my need for a simple 
change in minutes. Feeling better already.
For the table runner I used 2 new 
 kitchen towels with a grain sack look.
My rustic horseshoe handled tray 
would work for the center.
I gathered a couple of plants, the pothos
and a still blooming orchid, and a few 
pieces of blue and white pottery.
All set. I can now go on with my day. 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Rustic Wood Pallet Frame

This large sunflower painting was a birthday
 gift from my  mother. We were having my
birthday dinner in a favorite restaurant
and I was admiring it. I thought it would
 look perfect above the fireplace in
our condo in North Carolina. The colors
were just right. The owner noticed and 
said that he would sell it for $50. 
Didn't have time to think twice when
my mother said she'll take it. Birthday gift
shopping right there!  
It had an ugly chrome frame, but I knew we
could fix that. We removed the frame and
took just the painting with us on our next trip.
 I wanted a rustic frame. Free pallet wood 
found by the dumpster and leftover wall paint
 were all we needed. Miter cut the corners
 and attach, paint and done.
Free and easy! 
I filled an antique butter churn with
sunflowers to compliment the painting.
 A gift I'll always love and enjoy looking
at and remembering the story. It's a nice
 welcome and sweet memory when we are
   visiting the 'Cabbage'. It's what we call
our place in NC. Half Cabin - Half Cottage.
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It hangs above the fireplace in our Smoky Mountain Cabbage HERE.

Monday, July 6, 2015


I found this street sign many years ago at an
antiques flea market. The vendor said is was
 an old cast iron sign from San Francisco.
 This weekend I decided to hang it over the
archway from the kitchen/breakfast area
leading into the living room.
 I took down the chalkboard sign that was
previously there.
This is such a better place for it than where I
had it. Don't know why I hadn't thought
of hanging it here where we can see it.  
It was in my laundry room. On the back wall 
with the antique washboards. I spent a few 
days cleaning out the laundry room; all the 
cabinets, even the tops, and all the stuff up 
there, under the utility sink, organized all the 
cleaning supplies, reorganized the shelves
 on this make-shift bookcase made out of 
old bifold doors. That's when I remembered a
 friend suggesting that that sign really needed
 to be somewhere where it can be seen. 
"Too cool to hide" were her words. 
So here's it's new happy home. 
I'm liking it in here. 
Welcome N MAY ST


Friday, July 3, 2015

Fabric Repurposed Tennis Balls

I've been wanting to find a craft that uses
my old dead tennis balls and here it is!
This is a no-cost project. Love that!
 It repurposes things I have plenty of. 
Love that! It takes no time
 and no skill. Love that too!
 Here's my stash of repurposed fabric, 
you know, old shirts, sheets, etc. 
Everything gets dumped in here. 
In the entry way of all places, but it's
 in a basket, so nobody knows and it's handy
 for "lightbulb moment" days.
I pulled out the red, white, and blue pieces.
 Have lots of used tennis balls. I you don't
play tennis, ask a friend that does, or call
your local club. Save the empty cans too.
I use them to store everything!!
 Cut/tear your fabric into about 1" strips and 
cover the balls tightly, overlapping new
 strips as needed. 
 I used pins. I save (doesn't everybody?) 
those tiny head pins that come with new
 stuff. Those are better, if you have them.
  Now just pin down the last strip
through the fabric (not the ball)
It will hold just fine. Pile the
finished balls in a bowl, pin side down. 

I've also covered tennis balls with rope
as seen in this post.
Here's my family room coffee table vignette.
Think of all the other colors you can use
 for every holiday or your decor. You can
 even store them back in the tennis can 
when you pack-up. 
In addition to the tennis ball craft, you 
may notice my fun avatar. You can create 
your own using the app Bitstrips. Then
 you can use it to annoy your family when 
you text them along with pictures. My
 daughter Kim and I have been texting 
each other and having so much fun! 
My granddaughter is begging
us to stop :))

Have A Star Spangled Weekend!!
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Thursday, July 2, 2015

How I Set A July Table

How I pulled together my Americana
themed breakfast table using things I have.
I brought out some of red dishes and a
few accessories to add to the blue
and it was done in no time.
Here's how I started. 
I'm using 2 kitchen towels for a 
country-style table runner. My red 
Coke crate is so Americana. 
 I filled it with an oil lamp because I like to
have candles or this lamp for a flame. It's
 nice to light it for dinners. I also added
Longaberger S&P with basket, extra
  plates, and a white ironstone creamer.
A red transferware tea set and a
hand embroidered apple tea towel are 
at one end.
This orchid is still in full bloom, so that's
included. I always like to have a fresh plant
or flowers on the table.
 I wanted to mix and match my blue and
 white dishes with the red.
 I tried several combinations.
 I liked all the combinations.
 There will be a constant mix each day
as I set the table.
 Here's another set-up.
 Ruby glass salad bowls. 
This is a good way for me to use some
of my incomplete sets. 
I love playing with dishes. 
I added extra blue and white pillows to 
the back of the wicker chairs to complete
the color combination. 
Everyday table setting for July.
Didn't take me long and I get to use 
play with the things I have. 
 Now time to sit and enjoy our morning joe
and a strawberry pancake...yum!