Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Dog Love Story

 I lost my beloved furbaby Lucy
last November 1, 2014.

I didn't blog about it because
I was so heartbroken.
See, tears are now flowing again.
 She was our last Yorkie.
She was such a sweet baby.
She was my shadow and my sweet love.
We enjoyed everyday together.

She always had me in her sight.
She loved her comfy basket.
Isn't she just the cutest baby?!
She loved the patio when we sat outside.

We were addicted to each other.
She went everywhere with us.
Nothing can ever take her place.

We had 4 doggies; Bo our white cockapoo, 
then we added our rescued 2 Yorkies;
Lucky and Princess
 Soon after Princess had puppies. We gave
one to my daughter (Fritzie) and others to
 friends. We kept the baby, Lucy.
 We loved all our doggies dearly and they
 had a wonderful life that was full of love
and affection. They were our family.
 They traveled with us everywhere.
There are lots of posts on the blog with
our many road trips. There were many
more trips before I started blogging.
 There isn't a day that goes by without
thinking about them and how sweet and
wonderful they were and the joy
they gave to our lives.
 They will always be in our hearts.
It's been a year now without dogs for the
first time in 20 years.
Now things have changed......
We had an unexpected addition to our
family in October.
I'll introduce her in my next post. 


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

DIY Christmas Tree Napkin Fold

Here's an easy way to dazzle your family
 and friends.
OK, maybe that's a tad too exuberant, but I
 do love this easy napkin fold that I've been 
using for all my table settings in December.
This is a good job for the kids and they will 
have just as much fun folding napkins as 
you do. Again...too exuberant. You can even 
embellish them with a little star on top and 
a piece of a fat pretzel for the stem.
Ha! Fun right!? 
Green napkins are great, but you can use
any color or even a print.
Here we go:
 These dark green napkins have a holly 
design. I found them at a thrift store this week
 for 25¢ and knew just how I'd be using them. 
 Fold you napkin in half.
 Fold in half again to make a square.
 Start to fold the layers up leaving about
 a ½" space between layers.
 Keep folding up.
 When you are done, flip the napkin over.
 This is the back side.
Fold one side of the napkin over the back. 
It should line up like this. 
 Fold over the other side.
 Now flip the napkin back over.
 Now you will fold the tree shape.
 Just fold over the pointy tips.
Tuck each pointy tip under the fold above.
Keep folding and tucking.
Now fold in the bottom. 
I hope you enjoy and use these!


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Book Stack Christmas Tree

A tree for  book lovers.
So simple! 
Just cover a few books with 
brown craft/wrapping paper.
This one is a single stack of books. 
Pick out a few books, small medium and large
and  simply cover them. Use brown
craft paper or even paper grocery bags.
The red "things" fell from a tree where I
 had parked my car, so naturally I picked them
 up. I wish I had gathered more. I'll keep a 
look-out for more. 
I already had a few books covered and
labeled with "Halloween spell" titles.
I just turned them page-side out
and covered a few more.

I've seen larger ones using a circle of books
on the bottom, adding more books teepee
style. You can even string mini white lights
 around your creation.

This is so easy and uses what you have.
I like the natural look of it. I can have
this out during November and all
through Christmas and into January.


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