Wednesday, February 26, 2014


on the patio.
 The day is cooling down.
 Warm Florida evenings.

View into the kitchen.
Little white lights strung on the branch tree.
 The Blue Hour.
The period of twilight each evening
and morning, when there is neither full
daylight or complete darkness.
 The sun has set and there is still a glow in the sky.
Have a good evening.


update: the tree is a ficus that died!
I don't throw anything out. LOL!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Creating Art With Your IPhone

You can turn your photos into works of art.
No talent required because now there's
 an app for that!
Here's what I've doe so far.
This watercolor tablescape is from 
my last post on IKEA Shopping
Below is the original photo.
I've been playing with this app using photos
 I have on my phone. Here's Lucy
using the watercolor effect.
Taken from this photo. 
Palm trees in watercolor filter
original photo
North Carolina fall view.
Think of the possibilities! You can have
paintings of anything you want and be able
to change them anytime for any season or
reason. I just printed these copies on
card stock from my printer. 
Ixora flowers in a blue Ball jar became 
 note cards, or small prints to frame.
There are several different filters
to try. You just click on the heart on
the ones you like to send, by mail or 
text or add to your camera roll.
The Waterlogue app is in the app store. 
It's $2.99, but well worth it. 
I think they really look like hand-done
watercolor paintings. 
This is the side path we are working on.
Larry built the arbor. We just need to
add flowers along the garage wall.
It make everything look pretty.
You could make your own Christmas cards.
The original photo is from THIS  post.
OK, I'm stopping...for now!


Thursday, February 20, 2014

IKEA Shopping

I'm so lucky to have an IKEA store just 
10 minutes from  my house.
 I like that they have pretty centerpieces
using their products for inspiration on 
 all of their cafe tables.
It's a nice touch.
That's where we headed first.
That's where we always go first.
 Yummy Swedish meatballs and mashed 
potatoes with a side salad. 
 Today we treated ourselves to a piece of 
chocolate cake. We shared!
Oh, and the coffee (or tea) is free.
Chocolate mousse cake.
Now we're fortified for shopping.
I just came in for this duvet set.
It's king size with 2 king pillowcases.
   Today's special for $9.99!
 Plum floral pattern, with petite flowers on
the back side. Perfect for adding a little
 spring to a bedroom. It's not for my 
bedroom. It's for this one.

*See my other little IKEA bargain HERE.

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

IKEA Bargain

I found this little woven cotton rug at 
IKEA last week. 
(this is new)
 I wanted to show you before I packed up 
all my Valentine's decor this weekend. 
(Is it ok if I eat now?)
It's for the floor by the kitchen sink. 
I change the rugs there at least monthly. 
There's a little stack of them on a shelf 
in the garage. This one is 22"x32' and
they all must be machine-washable.
(ok, don't mind me)
 It gives the kitchen a farmhouse feel. 
(say good-bye for me)
A great bargain price too. Only $2.99.
There were several color combinations. 
I also grabbed the pink one for Easter/Spring.

(and Lucy says good-bye!)

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wine Cork and Red Bead Garland

This is a very versatile project.
It's too nice today to stay inside, 
so I'm on my patio stringing wine corks 
and red beads to make a garland. 
If you don't live in south Florida then you can 
say "It's too cold today to go anywhere, 
so I'm staying inside by the fire and stringing 
wine cork and red beads" 
See what I mean? Versatile!
You can use any color beads. I found this 
long string of red wooden beads at a garage
 sale last summer for $1.00. 
Larry pre-drilled the holes in the corks, 
so that threading the fishing line through
 went very fast.
I had a long string of corks/beads 
accumulating next to me on the couch. 
Like my last cork garland with tutorial
 HERE. The red beads mean I can use 
this garland for Valentine's Day, 
Christmas, and the 4th of July.  
I've been using so many corks lately I'm 
actually now low on corks. I missed my 
last opportunity to score lots of corks 
at a wedding we attended. 
I could have asked the bar tenders to 
put all the corks in a bag then I could have
 made the bride an nice sentimental garland. 
(note to self) You can never have too many corks!