Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunset Ritual

Each evening we like to take our glass of wine into the backyard and enjoy the sunset. 
 Continuing from my previous post, it's the end of a perfect Sunday.
The beef rib roast was in the oven for 1-1/2 hours. Time for a glass of wine and the nighttime show.
We keep two lounge chairs and a little table by the lake for this purpose.
This is the the time of year for spectacular sunsets.
 Right in our backyard.
 They are even more amazing on Florida's west coast over the Gulf of Mexico.
 The colors change, the clouds swirl, it's 
 beautiful to watch.
 Reflecting on the water.
 Distant palm trees across the lake.
 I'm glad that I remembered to take my camera tonight and bring you along.
 The roast is ready, the table is set on the patio, and we're having a favorite Sunday dinner.
Rib roast au jus, for the easy recipe go  HERE.
Hope you had a good weekend!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tea On The Patio

It's a beautiful sunny warm Sunday. A perfect day to be outside all day.
And enjoy an afternoon tea time break.
After a  morning of  playing tennis with friends, walking the doggies,  having lunch outside (chicken Caesar salad), reading the news about all the snow up north, stopping by the DQ to share a chocolate dipped cone, while out running a quick errand (see previous post re: DQ) and puttering with plants on the patio.
The Rhythm and Blue petunias have a wonderful scent.
They would be great on the patio coffee table. I found this shabby basket in the garage.  
I needed to do a quick little project involving a can of white spray paint.
And do a little cookie baking.
Selecting a tea from Fortnum & Mason, because I'm feeling very British.
Setting out the cookies.
Setting out the tea.
Setting out my tea table.
I chose my set from Villeroy & Boch to go with the flower theme.
The pattern is Botanica
Everybody was called to TEA!


Friday, January 28, 2011

Ode To Dairy Queen

On our long road trip during the holidays we drove thru "nowhere" USA. Miles and miles of open spaces. We sometimes drove into the smallest towns. Towns so teeny tiny some only had a gas station and .......a Dairy Queen.  That's where I fell in love.  I know, they've been around forever
and I do remember eating there years ago, but this was different. This was love. We'd stopped by a DQ for a snack one afternoon. Larry wanted the chocolate dipped cone.
 I commented that I thought that was a crazy choice, since it was freezing outside.  I went inside to see what appealed to me. "I'll have a small taco and a small dipped cone please." While waiting and waiting for my taco to arrive I was compelled to take a bite out of Larry's cone to keep it from dripping.
Love! More bites just to confirm. Love!
 Needless to say that when I got back to the van with my small taco and the small remains of the cone. I told Larry "You're gonna need another cone."
Well, that was the start of a love affair that continued the rest of the trip.
 Luckily we were "in the land of Dairy Queen" where every small town has a DQ and we were getting pretty good at finding one every day.
  •  The first Dairy Queen opened in 1940 in Joliet, IL.
  • Calories in a double dipped cone-450. That's why we always share one.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Flow Blue Plate Special

The wall of blue plates surround two Henredon glass cabinets filled with crystal. It's the picture I used in my header. Both the blue plate collection and the crystal collection were obsessions things I loved collecting many years ago.
The plates are assorted finds.
Some are more valuable, and some are from old dish sets.
The wall is pretty full now.
The crystal cabinet is pretty full now too.
My favorite plates to collect were the antique Flow Blue porcelain.
They were made in England in the 1800s using cobalt oxide.
The patterns blurred during the glazing.
I would find a plate or two on my flea market and antiques show hunts.
Now they have become very expensive. Glad I collected them when I did.
Most I found when we lived in Illinois.
The markings were on the back.
I always put a sticker on the back with information about my purchase. Where? When? How?
Where I bought it, at the Kane County Flea Market. When I bought it, (August, 1990).  How much I paid (2 plates for $25).  I have lots of great "fleas" from the
 Kane County Flea Market. 
A great monthly extravaganza. I never missed it, except in the winter months.
I always found amazing treasures! 


Monday, January 24, 2011

Back at Kim's Table

Before I left my visit with Kim, I packed away all the Christmas dishes in the kitchen, and set the table.
I flipped the placemats to the all green side. I used the gold chargers again with pottery dishes in sage, green, red, purple, blue and yellow. I added the sage green tea pot on a wrought iron trivet and a tall basket to hold wine......all by Longaberger. 
 I found a white cutwork table runner, brocade napkins and painted wooden rings. A green rooster salt & pepper set and crystal candlesticks complete the setting.
 I also reused the pinecones from the stairway.
A good winter tablescape for everyday use at the breakfast table in Kim's  kitchen.