Friday, July 13, 2012

Wine Cork Memo Strip

A quick wine cork craft project.
This mini memo strip can fit anywhere.
 All I needed were a few wine corks, 
a piece of wood in any length, and wood glue.
 I have lots of saved wine corks waiting for
 a new project.The wood strip is a louver
that I removed from a door for the
chicken wire dish pantry project. I kept all
the louvers in a large can in the garage.
(JIC- just in case)
They were also waiting for a new project.
  Gather as many corks as needed to fill
the length of your wood strip.
 Use plain 'ol white glue.
 Let it dry.
I glued a saved pull-tab to the back.
 I can hang it from that or add a ribbon.
Don't forget to sign and date the back.
It's easy to change the ribbon
to suit your decor or the season.
This would be a great memento from
 a wine tour or special event.
Or, how about saving the wine corks
from a wedding and making a little
thoughtful gift for the couple?
I always save wine corks...
...whenever and wherever. 
note: Buy More Wine


  1. That is delightful. I'm a gonna make me one. :-)

  2. Awesome idea!! I love ideas with corks.

  3. Leave it to you to think of such a cool project! This will be a perfect (and LIGHT WEIGHT!)addition to our camper!!

  4. I have lots of corks, and make trays...never thought of something so simple...thanks for the the ribbon...

  5. Corks are never a problem in this house, should I admit that? Oh well, if there wasn't wine there wouldn't be corks. Is it the same as what came first the chicken or the hen. OK I'm wandering here, that's why it's so hard for me to create simple. But you certainly have a knack for it. Very lovely, and a great idea! So glad you shared your creative inspiration with Sunday's Best!

  6. I love these! I've been saving wine corks for about 20 years now! I have an embarrassing amount and need to start doing some projects with them and did send some to a friend the other day. This is a great idea!

  7. Oh I love this! What a great way to use those corks we all save -- pinning this project!

  8. wonderful idea ! I always keep the wine corks , I don't know why ! Thank you for your idea !

  9. Love this idea Rita! It's a functional piece of art :~)

  10. so cute!!! just found you coming from Debbiedos now following

  11. Rita, What a cute and creative idea. I love the little memo board.

  12. How fun, I love it. I have a ton of corks too, this is a great idea. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs. Marty

  13. what a great idea, i love it!!!

    greetings from germany, die hippe

  14. What a clever project with the added advantage of materials we always have on hand and easy to make! You came up with a winner, all right.

  15. love your idea. congratulations!

  16. Wasn't this fun to do? I get a lot of compliments on mine and have made a few for friends!

  17. That is the best craft. I just put together a big cork board in a frame for my sister in law but I don't have room for something that big. I think that everyone should have room for this and it seems like the best Christmas gift for everyone!! Thanks for the great craft :)

  18. I love this project too! And I'm the same way, I save all of my corks. Hope you did go buy more wine! :)

  19. I love it, great idea. And an excuse to drink more wine :-P

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