Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Mug Gifts

I like to use some of my thrifted Christmas
mugs that you saw in my last post HERE ,
instead of using small gift bags.
I fill them with a little something, like
Seasoned Rice Mix 
or a few Christmas cookies, like
Then I add a Christmas check and give them
to all the people whose services I have
used during the past year....mailman, 
yardman, salon, dog groomer, etc.
I don't want anyone to be without a
Christmas mug!


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Mug Shots

I must, must, must have my coffee in a
Christmas mug  and Christmas music starting
the morning after Thanksgiving!
I got out all my Christmas mugs.
Put them all in one place on the kitchen 
island to decide...what goes where.
Spode-Christmas Tree,
14 of those.
 A collection of thrift store mugs,
about a dozen.
I like to use these in place of small gift bags 
for Christmas (tip) money and a little treat 
that I give out to people whose services I
 have used during the year.
 Mugs bought on after Christmas clearance
 sales, about a dozen.
 Glass snowman mugs from Crate and Barrel,
6 of those.
Longaberger-Holly mugs-8 of those.
 Colorful collection of thrifted mugs go on the 
picket fence cup/mug holder.
 Five favorites get hung on the copper mug 
rack at the coffee bar/station.
 Everything I need for coffee, tea, or 
hot cocoa. All in one place.
 Coffee filters in an ornament canister, tea 
bags in a package canister, cocoa mix in a
 Longaberger basket with Christmas liner. 
Mini marshmallows in a glass tree.
Can you put those in your coffee?
Why not!

Friday, November 25, 2011

We Need A Little Christmas!

It's official!
It's time to put on our Santa hats.
Put on our favorite Christmas CD. 
I've listened to Danny Wright's 'Silver Bells' 
first thing in the morning the day after 
Thanksgiving every year since 1992. 
It's a tradition  we have that's
 'Just Wright For Christmas'
Have our official 'day after Thanksgiving
breakfast'...pecan or pumpkin pie.
Coffee in Christmas mugs!
Start to 'Haul Out The Holly'
Time to decorate my blog and add a 
Christmas background and Christmas playlist. 
Have our favorite 
'day after Thanksgiving lunch'.
Slices of turkey, a little mayo and my
cranberry chutney, a slice of Swiss, 
a spinach leaf or two on toasted bread. 
It's going to be a busy day!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Eat More Pie!

The day has arrived!
The feasting will begin.
 The table has been set.
 Little glass turkeys will hold the 
 The turkey plates will hold the turkey and 
all of our favorite trimmings.
 The pilgrams are in charge of salt & pepper.
Coffee or tea?
The pumpkin plates that will hold,
 The pumpkin pie.

Be thankful and enjoy your Thanksgiving
with your family and friends!

Blessings to you.....

Monday, November 21, 2011

10 "House Things" I Can't Live Without

I enjoyed reading Joan's list of 10 things at
 For The Love Of A House
 and picked up a few of her good ideas. 
We all have our favorite little "house-y" things.
 Here's a list of ten things I can't live without:
1. P-touch labeler
 pantry labels
 spice labels
 light switches, shelves, drawers...everything
gets a label!
2. Coffee frother
for our cappuccino-style morning Joe.
 I even travel with this.
3. Downy fabric softener April fresh
 I've always used dryer sheets in the past,
but now that I have a front load washer
this has changed my laundry. 
Just fill the liquid softener dispenser cup.
 Everything is soft, fluffy and smells fresh.
4. Cuban (Bar) Mop
I don't buy disposables. I have a basket full of
old kitchen and hand towels for cleaning.
Just drop the cloth on the floor and flip it over
the bar mop and I'm set to clean.
Wash, rinse, repeat,
then toss in the washer. The best mop!
Good for outside window washing too.
Click HERE for my wash formula.
5. Cast iron skillet
Essential for getting a good sear on steaks or
 browning pork chops, burgers  and chicken.
6. Pyrex brownie pan with snap on lid
 I bake homemade brownies every week.
(OK twice a week) 
This snap on cover keeps them fresh.
7. Wonda hooks
 It's the only thing I use to hang the 9,000
things on my walls.
They are strong and only makes small holes.
The flat disk holds the nail at just the right
 angle and keeps it in place.
8. Turntables
They are everywhere; in bathroom cabinets,
kitchen cabinets, laundry room cabinets,
garage cabinets and in the refrigerator.
9.  Special wine bottle opener
It has a unique way to remove a cork easily.
Larry loves this opener. Me too.
10. Light timers
They are hidden everywhere.
For the living room and entry. 
Who wants to come home to a dark house?
If any of these items went MIA,
I'd have to run out and get another ASAP.


See why I love lists HERE.

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