Monday, October 12, 2015

The Changing Of The Mugs

Fall means it's time to change the mugs from
my blue collection to the autumn color mugs.
 I do this late September. 
 I love mugs and many have been 
found in thrift stores. 
I definitely enjoy my morning coffee more
in a mug that gets me in the seasonal mood.
Who wouldn't want fall leaves on a mug?
Has anyone tried the pumpkin spice flavor
English muffins? They are great toasted,
buttered, and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.
A  nice treat for the pumpkin obsession that
seems to come over us each fall. 


Thursday, October 1, 2015

Motivation From The Dollar Tree

Sometimes motivation comes from unlikely
 places. This time it came from the
 Dollar Tree!
We were having lunch with friends when they 
suggested we stop at a dollar store which 
was in the same plaza and see what
goodies we could find.
Here's our favorite; Autumn leaf goblets.
They will be my official everyday glasses
every year for fall.
I couldn't wait to get them home, washed and
play with them. They motivated me to get
my breakfast table "autumnized". 
I got out some of my fall accessories. My leaf
applicated table runner is a perfect match
with the goblets. Looks like they were just
 made for each other.
 I also used my leaf salad plates,
Added brown leaf plate chargers, 2 gold
thrifted (25¢) quilted placemats, a basket I
saved from a gift-basket set, also added my
vintage Brown Betty tea pot, vintage walnut
 and squirrel salt & pepper set, an antique
scale, oil lamp, plant in a Longaberger fall 
basket and my thrifted orange pottery bowl. 
Not that I won't change or tweak it again. 
This was my quick-pull-something-together
 RIGHT NOW for Instant gratification!
 I used what I had and 6 new fall glasses.
Now I think I need to get 6 more.
I've been using them every day!

 We're enjoying our evening wine spritzer
 or fall sangria even more.
I had more fun than a kid with a new toy.

Enjoying fall.... Cheers!