Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Van Go

We're getting our van ready for another road trip.
We're driving to Texas for our granddaughter's high school graduation.
We've done a little remodeling in our Roadtrek van.
 We stained a small wood closet dowel
and installed it for a privacy curtain.
I used a natural shower curtain folded in half and attached with shower hooks.
It's tied back with a ribbon that's hooked on to a small cup hook.
Here's the salvaged kitchen cabinet  from my 
previous post that we repurposed for the van.
It fits perfectly and gives us lots of extra storage and counter space.
All the comforts of home while driving!
We added a trim all around the edge of the counter.
This will prevent items from sliding off.
It's great to have extra prep space and a spot for a toaster oven.
The Longaberger small purse holds a coffee canister and filters.
The drawers needed latches installed 
so that they wouldn't open on the drive.
I thought that beadboard would look good on the side. 
We had some leftover in the garage. 
Larry installed "wood" floors. (laminate form HD)
It looks so much better.
The spot between the front seats is reserved for the doggies.
Their doggie bed fits perfectly there.
 They can't wait!

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Salvage A Kitchen Cabinet

We got all the old kitchen cabinets from my niece Christina's kitchen remodel.
 Projects!  Projects! Projects!
Here's how we MAY'd this one.
 I came up with the brainiac idea of using one of the 
leftover base cabinets for extra storage in our van. 
 Lucy thinks this will work!
 The cabinet is way too big, so I suggested that we just saw it in half.
 Larry was skeptical, but gave it a try.
 It worked. We measured and cut right up the the drawer backs.
We added a piece of leftover plywood to the top.
The back before closing. Look at all that extra storage!
 We added a piece of leftover beadboard to the back 
and on the one side that can be seen.
 We added a little trim around the edge to keep things from sliding off.
I stained the plywood top and trim then added a coat of poly.
I also rubbed a little stain onto the cabinet doors and drawer fronts,
 To prep the van we removed the third seat from the back. 
 Larry built a level platform for the cabinet.
 Now, I'm looking at the floor and think it needs a makeover too.
 The cabinet will fit nicely on the platform 
and can be securely bolted down.
 There's an outlet on the floor for the toaster and dust buster.
Here's a sneak peak.
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Spring Welcome Wreath

After I took my Easter Egg Wreath down I needed to make a wreath for Spring.
I found 6 straw wreaths at a Charity Yard Sale in 
North Carolina
They were 25 cents each. 
 I had stored the silk gardenia garland in a clear bag in my garage. 
It was saved from another old project. 
I just wrapped it around the wreath.
The wood and wire welcome sign was also 25 cents.
I just sprayed it white and tucked it into the wreath.
It took 5 minutes and bits of this and that to say

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Summer Sofa Table

My sofa table serves as a "stand-in" for a mantle.
It always get a new look for the seasons. 
 Summer means beach, so that's where we're headed.
I wanted to used our custom made tile on the stand. But it was lost on the big stand
 I had Larry cut a piece of plywood so that I could mount it.
We ordered this Chez' May tile from the artist while we were in St. John 
for our son's destination wedding in December 2000.
Diane Artware. We bought a few pieces from her.
This still didn't look right to me.
I went into the garage to find some sisal rope for the edges.
I hot glued the rope to the boards edge and around the tile.
Much better.
I found this driftwood and added that. 
A large conch shell, was also found on a beach.
I filled a large apothecary jar with crushed shells from the beach,
and topped it with a large shell and a little greenery.
This is another tile we bought. while in  St. John.
I added it on a small plate stand.
The perfect coastal lantern, with shells and a blue pillar candle
(a Christmas gift from my niece Christina and her family)
 was brought in from the living room coffee table.
I'm going coastal with blue, ivory, shells and sand.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What Happened to All Those Corks?

You've seen my wine bottles reused as a wine border in THIS post.
But, what did I do with all those wine corks?
You just know I didn't throw them away!
I saved those too. Tossing them into big bowls.
Until I had enough.
I used them to make this wine cork mirror frame.
 I had some left over to make a small  message board too.
Both for our little getaway in North Carolina.
Smoky Mountain Cabbage

Monday, May 23, 2011

Our Favorite Breakfast!

Our  MAY DAYS  pancakes! 
 Puffed high and filled with sliced fresh strawberries.
A sprinkle of lemon juice and a dusting
 of powdered sugar top them off.
Also known to us as strawberry oven puffed pancakes.
We usually just share a small one because
we enjoy these several times a week.
This is the batter for the small one ready to go into the oven.
 It's the single serving one in the picture. 
This is the double size in a pie dish ready to bake.
Here it is rising in the oven.
Remove from the oven when it's puffed and golden.
This double sized one should serve 2-4.
I love this recipe because while it is baking in the oven for 20 minutes 
 I have plenty of time to set the table and make coffee.
My favorite way is to add warm milk to the
 freshly brewed coffee 
then give it a good whirrrr with my coffee frother.
I'm addicted to that aerolatte frother.
For the complete pancake recipe click  HERE.
I hope you enjoy them and let me know.

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