Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Heart Pine Tray Makeover

A heart tray I've had for years.
Goes from pine to divine!
With a little Heirloom White spray paint.
It sits on the corner of the breakfast bar.
It gets a lot of holiday makeovers.
And changes with the seasons.
A little counter corner I putter with.

Monday, June 27, 2011


I had a little Corningware tea pot when they first came out. Then I sold it at a garage sale years ago. Now I bought one at a garage sale.
Now it's considered vintage.
 What does that say about me?
I love the classic little cornflower design. 
That's the wire heart you've seen in previous posts.
 I wrapped it with a strip of t-shirt fabric from a shirt on it's way to the rags basket. 
I tied on a blue check ribbon.
On the other counter I'm still using my little white painted caddy. 
The I love coffee print.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mirror Makeover

I eventually re-use all the things I save.
They just wait for inspiration.
Before we left on our road trip to Texas we did a Pottery Barn mirror knock-off. 
The wall behind Kim's sofa needed something. 
I had a saved mirror in our garage for years that we could salvage.
It hung in our house in the 80's when Kim graduated from high school.
You should have disco music playing in your head now!
All it needed was some updating. 
Larry used 3/4" rounded molding
and corner molding for the chipped edge.
We sprayed the molding with
 Rust-Oleum's oil rubbed bronze.
Glued the vertical strips on, then cut and added the 
smaller horizontal strips.
We used a French cleat mounted on the back 
and on the wall to hang it securely.
 It reflects the fireplace on the opposite wall. 
 And her pretty oil painting.
It also brings more light into the room.
The dog model is her fur-baby Fritzie.
He's part of our Yorkie family.
They all had a nice visit too.

Go Forth and Salvage Something!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Fairy Day Garden

I  May'd a fairy garden to celebrate
Fairy Day on June 24th.
I've always wanted to make one.
I already had a pretty fairy in need of a garden.
I did a scavenger hunt in the yard and garage and came up with;
 a vintage dish wash tub, twigs, 2 craft picket fences, blue stones, small tiles, acorn caps, beach sand, drawer knobs, small clay pots, rocks, rosemary, fern sprouts, champagne cap, cocktail umbrella,
potting soil, white paint pen, and a glue gun.
I should be able to make a Fairy Garden out of all that!
I used the paint pen to write Believe
 on a smooth stone. 
Believing in fairies is very important.
I created a patio with the small tiles and used
 2 drawer knobs and the champagne cap as seats.
The small clay pot and umbrella as the table.
The arbor was made from the twigs.
Rosemary is the vine.
The path leading under the arbor to the patio is
 beach sand edged with acorn caps.
The translucent blue stones become a pond.
A few sprigs of fern, a little water and a sprinkle of
fairy dust!
Do you remember watching Peter Pan and repeating,
I do believe in fairies! I do! I do!
Happy Fairy Day!


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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Before Google

Just a short time ago there was no Google. 
There was Webster
Having your own dictionary was required.
Having a leather bound edition was a special gift.
The one with the gold page edges and finger notches. 
The one that's personalized with your name in gold.
Receiving it as a scholastic award.
1724 very  thin pages.
Looking up all your words.
If your name is May.
Perhaps looking up May Day.
In the future you can just Google it.
But this one will always have "meaning"
Treasure your small treasures.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Small Patio Makeover

While we were in Texas visiting Kim we kept busy with a few little projects.
Kim has a small patio but still wanted to create an outdoor space to enjoy.
Here's what she did.
Before: She started with this.
After: New patio furniture.

Before: The long view.
After: She moved the bistro set to this wall.
We added a little architecture with screen shutters.
We brought 2 pairs of salvaged louvered doors 
with us and spray painted with
 Rust-Oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze
to match her wicker patio furniture. 
(We also used louvered doors on our patio HERE.
We also used Oil Rubbed Bronze on 
our coffee table HERE)
Plants were added.
Decorative pillows were added.
Now it's a perfect little patio to enjoy her morning coffee
or evening glass of wine.

Cheers Y'all!