Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bedroom Makeover with Craig's List Bed

I had been on the lookout for a new (to me)
king-size bed for my bedroom.
This is the bedroom before.
A four poster iron canopy bed that I
 bought for $59 many years ago.
That's the doggie's shabby chic cottage
(crate) at the foot of the bed.
This bed tray is on top of the crate.
I've had this bed for years and it was fine
 but it was time for a change.
Although, I did like decorating it for Christmas.
Lots of pictures HERE.
I wanted to find a large wood headboard and
 footboard that I could possibly paint white.
Something with lots of carvings, swirls and details.
I sold my bed on CL for $150, so that was
what I had to spend for another bed.
I found this one, large bed with 
headboard, footboard and side rails for $150.
It had all the details I wanted and 
it was in perfect condition.
We cleaned, polished and assembled it to see
 how it would look before painting.
Now I'm thinking that I like the wood tones.
So I'm leaving it like it is for now. 
I can always paint it later.
The large oil painting above the bed.
 It's such a different look in here.
Soon I'll change the bedding for winter 
and decorate the room for Christmas.
 That will be the test.


 The family that sold me the bed also gave
mea great recipe for Shrimp Alfredo.
They were making dinner
when we picked up the bed.

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  1. Your new bed is beautiful! I love the details!

  2. LOVE the new bed and no way would I paint it. its so pretty..

    I sure wish I had gotten the red bedding you had when I saw it.. Now its been discontinued:(
    will you use it again this Christmas?

    I do like the blue tones you've added and yes it looks like an entirely different room.


  3. That was a great swap out for no cash out of pocket! It looks great.

  4. Beautiful bed and what a deal on it! I'd leave it wood too until you get the urge for something lighter!

  5. Oh Rita......what a lovely change! Although I'm partial to canopy beds (my hubby made ours for our 20th anniversary - 26 years ago) your big wood sculptured bed is just incredible. Can't wait to see how it looks for the holidays.

  6. Rita Maym
    that bed is amazing and how great, no cash out of hand! It looks wonderful just as it is, if you get tired of it, you can always paint it then!

  7. That bed is beautiful! What a great deal you got. I think you should live with like it is for a while (love the wood) and then you can always paint it down the road. It would look great either way.

    Robin Flies South

  8. I love the new bed, it looks like it belongs in a castle! It would look really great white too!

  9. That is cozy and gorgeous! You can't go wrong no matter what linens you choose with such a pretty bed. :)

  10. I love them BOTH!!!! The romance of the canopy was lovely. I look forward to seeing how you decorate this new one for Christmas.

  11. Wow! The details on your new bed are just beautiful! I'll bet that it's going to look fabulous painted white and distressed. :) Either way, you scored a great deal, Rita!

    xoxo laurie

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  13. I Love it - it looks like a princess bed!

  14. wow this is amazing with no cash out of hand.
    Would luv for my readers to discover your blog, will you please join our weekly party at
    have a great crafting week!

  15. What a great find...the shape, color and carvings are amazing. It looks great as you've set it up. Looking forward to the Christmas decor!

  16. Beautiful bed, very smart to live with it a while before deciding whether to paint or not.

  17. Love the changes! The bed is simply gorgeous and I love the wood tones. Loving all the pics of this room in every stage!

  18. Beautiful -- what a deal at 150.00!! I love the natural wood but it would also be pretty in white if that would go with your taste. Paint I think often really brings out the details of a piece like this.

  19. What a great "swap". Definitely looks good as is and/or with some homemade chalk paint. Thanks for sharing at Sunday's Best =)

  20. I like it the way it is too. You have an amazing bedroom. You do such a great job decorating it for any season. I am a new follower from Just Something I Whipped Up. Vicky from Mess For Less

  21. How funny that you came away with a bed AND a recipe! I love your "new" bed. It has so much character!

  22. What a beautiful bed! I think you made a good decision to live with it as is before (or if) you paint it. It's just gorgeous!

  23. Beautiful. I love the wood.... And it's easier to paint later than strip it!!!! I can see it white and antiqued... Even a patina green. The possibilities are always there for someone like you with your eye and talent. It looks like my new face ghtv show...Donna decorates dallas

  24. I would have a hard time deciding whether or not to paint it too... it looks so gorgeous the way it is!

  25. That is a gorgeous bed, Rita! What a great deal, too! I like the finish.

  26. You new bed makes your bedroom look like something out of an expensive catalog! I love it!!

  27. Beautiful makeover, but your original bed was gorgeous too.

    Love to invite you to share this project at my Thingamajig Thursday party going on now...


  28. I really love the new headboard, what great detail. I kind of like it as is, it offers a great contrast to the room. Love the doggy bed at the end of your bed. Like you say, is you tire of it you could always paint. How about highlighting it with rub-n-bug. Thanks for sharing at Sunday's Best.

  29. I just came across your blog and I've only looked at how you organize your napkin holders and now that beautiful bed you purchased off Craig's list. Did it come with any other matching pieces, like dresser, night stands, chest of drawers? It's beautiful as it is, but I can also see it painted the white a lot people are using now. Love all your bedding changes, so colorful. Thanks for sharing your photos!