Thursday, February 26, 2015

Having A Ball (Jar)

I have collected a few vintage aqua Ball jars 
that did not have their original lids.
There are still lots of pretty uses for them.
I'm using this one in my bathroom. It's  filled
 with cotton balls and the topper is a
votive/butte cup that holds the Q-tips.

These very large Ball jars were a great find. 
They sit on the window ledge and hold extra 
bars of oatmeal soap, cotton balls, 
and epson salt with a scoop. 
Of course jars without lids always make a great vase.

 I have a  bit of a jar obsession.
Here's the proof:


Monday, February 23, 2015

New Faucet ~ New Look

A 'new' faucet was a fast mimi-makeover
 for the cabana bathroom sink. I still had a
few free faucets to use. 
 I think this pump-style one works well in here.
 I love how the water flows out of it.
 My blue and white Crabtree and Evelyn 
soap dish and bar of navy soap.
 A Longaberger Daisy basket is filled with 
rolled washcloths to use as individual 
hand towels. A votive candle in surrounded
with shells in a vintage aqua Ball jar
The only picture I have of the "before" is the 
one taken  here at Christmas. 
This project was so small and fast that I 
didn't think to take a "before" picture of 
the old faucet until it was finished. I then 
realized how much I like it and 
how much better it looked. 


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Roses and Teacups

Two of my favorite things,
roses and teacups together.
What I like best thing about using the
 Waterlogue app is the ability to print out 
very pretty and frameable art cards. 
These are the roses that are drying on the mantle.
They are the remains from a get well
bouquet sent to my daughter.
(she has a broken foot)
Here's the arrangement
Balancing out then other side of the mantle.
A pretty Goldilocks yellow rose teacup.
And in Waterlogue.

 More roses in the oil painting.
Each vintage teacup and saucer in this 
set of 6 has a different color rose and
 a different name; Monique, Symphonie, 
Minerve, Pour Toi, Peace, and Goldilocks.
It's Adderley fine bone china England..

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Repurposing Florist Vases In The Bathroom

I've repurposed 2 plain florists vases to
use in my daughter Kim's bathroom.
 The rectangular one was just the right size
 for square cotton pads, and the round one
 was filled with cotton balls. Both handy for
 everyday use while still pretty. 
 Kim received several pretty arrangements 
after her foot surgery due to a broken foot. 
She's healing and I'm here in TX taking care...
and repurposing. I even saved the roses 
(in next post) for decor. 
 On my last visit I brought a chicken wire
 earring holder. It's like the one
 I made for my bathroom HERE.
 I also repurposed a wine bottle to
use as a bracelet holder.
 She received lots of bottles of wine. 
Wine, roses, and chocolates. The Godiva
box was repurposed too.
 Kim has lots of earrings. These are just 
the ones I can hang. I've organized the
others in divided compartments in the
shallow vanity drawer beneath. It's so
easy to pick out a pair each morning...
that's what I've been doing while here!


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Simple Valentine's Touches

How to decorate for Valentine's Day
when you don't have much continues.
I'm improvising with a few Valentine's
touches while I'm still here at
(daughter) Kim's. 
 I repurposed a gift basket and filled it with
pinecones and added little white lights.
I turn it on just when it starts to get dark.
It's very pretty and you don't notice the
 green wire as you see in the photo. 
 I surrounded the glass hurricane with
more pinecones, a string of red beads,
 and a few cut-out red dot hearts.
 I filled her beverage container with 
red Christmas balls.
 I brought 2 printables with me. It's
 so easy to have a different printable
 for each holiday. I keep the extras
in a file here. 
 The red bead and wine cork garland that I 
made for Christmas when we were here 
for Thanksgiving works for Valentines's 
decor too...I think.
Anything red was used. I'll be adding a very 
easy paper heart garland too. 
The same one as I made here.
I had a small red wood frame, 
so I brought that with me.
 She'll be able to change that one each month
 too, or just print out and pop in one of my
 photos that I've done  using the
  Waterlogue app on my iphone.
Of course I brought a couple of
Valentine's Day mugs with me.
Time for a cup of coffee and 
a slice of warm banana bread.


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and other goodies can be found on my
Pinterest Boards HERE.
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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Valentine Doors

Walking around Kim's neighborhood in
Frisco, Texas checking out the doors
showing a little Valentine love.
 Lots of different hearts.
 Some hearts showed up on a couch on a side patio. 
 Some were stuck into planters, 
some were hung on the doors.
Some were banners hung on gates. 
Do you have your Valentine's wreath
up. You can make one in minutes with
a wire coat hanger and scrap fabric 
and ribbon as some of the above. 
Click here for an easy tutorial.

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Craft/Project Withdrawal

What are the symptoms of craft/project 
I'll tell you my experience. I'm taking care 
of my daughter Kim in Texas because
 she broke her foot and required surgery. 
She has 2 dogs and stairs and can't put
 any weight on her foot for weeks. I'm here
 tending to everything and keeping very busy. 
Now yesterday I needed to do something 
Valentines-ey. There was nothing to work 
with; no wood scraps, no glue, none of that
 "saved stuff to use for a project someday"
What did I find? Cardboard from a box and 
red tissue paper left stuffed in a gift bag. 
Good enough. 
I cut the cardboard into a heart, tore the
 tissue paper, and made the glue from flour, 
sugar, water and oil. Desperate times. 
To hook it on to the nail already in the
 wall I bent a paperclip and taped
 it on the back. 
You could embellish it in all sorts of
 ways. Add lace paper doily to 
edge or add do-dads to the heart. 
This is just the emergency craft. 

I'm sure there are some loose buttons here somewhere...