Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Mouse In The House!

All over the house! 
Running along baseboards and
in the kitchen cupboards. 
They visit every Halloween!
This is the last of my six Halloween
decorating posts. 


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Last Minute Halloween Craft & A Peek Around

I wanted a Happy Halloween banner.
I needed to kept it easy and fast. The 'girls' 
would be arriving in 15 minutes with snacks 
ready to play cards and drink wine.
 Find a font I liked (that took the longest), 
then print out the letters and cut out.  
Find black construction paper; cut it larger . 
Punch a hole into each corner. Glue the
white lettered paper on top. 
 Find an orange straw; cut into pieces and 
string it all together on twine. 
I'll make another one next year when 
I have more than 5 minutes and use card 
stock paper and trim, but for now, it's good.
 I have yards of this lacy cloth that I got from
 my friend's estate sale. I've draped it all
around the top ledge of the wall in the
 living and dining room.  
The cobbler's bench

 The pie safe.
The lace draping was just enough
to go all around.
I think I have a mouse in the house.
 View into entry.

Living room end table.
Platter on the back of the stove top.

Above the stove and microwave. I just
attached a few wooden decorations from 
Michael's onto jute string to make
this bunting. I made the decoupaged 
BOO letters years ago.

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween-izing The Kitchen

The kitchen gets most of my Halloween-izing.
Dish soap in the ghost dispenser. 
My foamy soap in the orange cow 'wine'
bottle and homemade pumpkin spice sugar
hand scrub in the mason jar.
It all sits on the wood base from a 
thrifted cheese dome next to the sink.
Jack-O-Lantern dish.
 Leaf and pumpkin plates in the back of the
dish cabinet. All the Longaberger baskets get
 fall or Halloween liners.
 The left of the stove.

 Fall and Halloween aprons hang on the 
chicken-wire cabinet doors.
 Halloween dish cloths and dish towels are brought out.
 Lucy's cookies are put in a glass pumpkin jar.
 Lucy's Halloween 'tablescape'.
 Napkins and silverware are handy in baskets 
by the breakfast table. They're on the antique 
wood bin next to the coffee station.
 Drinking coffee in October means using my 
Halloween mugs. More fall baskets.
 All the fall/Halloween napkin rings, some of
 the napkins and placemats are stored in
the wrought iron stand.
 The end of the kitchen island. Black and
 white plaid placemats.  Orange lights in a
large glass canister replace the kitchen lamp.
 A pumpkin cookie jar and ivory
Longaberger pitcher filled with orange and
black rolled Halloween napkins.
 I printed several 'Love Potion No.9' 
wine labels on cream colored
(the flip side of old) stationary.
for a few of the wine bottles.
You can get the printable HERE.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

DIY Halloween Spell Book Pages

Here's a quick, last minute Halloween
decoration. You still have time for this one.
I found the idea on Pinterest. Check out my
board for Halloween. I've been collecting
 lots of spooky ideas.
 I went to the blog source, g*rated and
printed out the 2 pages on cream paper.
I just tucked them into an encyclopedia book. 
which I had bought a whole set of for only 10¢ each.
I tucked in a black satin ribbon for a 
 bookmark and then took a bite out of 
an apple. This is my lazy version. 
You can follow Marie's directions
 for a more detailed version, 
........if you are so inclined.
Living room Halloween coffee table, done.
5 minutes-no cost. I think I'll cut
out some Halloween bats next.
Pinterest has cast it's spell!

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Halloween Family Room

We've visited my friend Lori's Halloween
 kitchen and dining room and now 
we're peeking into the family room. 
More bears are dressed for Trick-or-Treat 
on her antique fireplace mantle.
Above the fireplace in another handmade 
 quilt brought out for fall.
The family room coffee table and the wall unit.
The top of the wall unit. 
Each shelf has a Halloween vignette.
The right side.
The left side.
Shelves below.
(Again I must remind you that these pics
were taken quickly with my iPhone; 
in low light, before a party.)
That's a paper bag house. Very clever.
The other side of the wall unit.
Another paper bag haunted house. 
I'm going to try and make a few.
End table
Antique corner display cabinet filled with
bears dressed for Halloween. 
End table
Her cute Yorkie, Benjamin wants to point out
the fall-hued pillows Mommy adds to the sofa.
A quilt rack filled with Lori's creations.
A large Longaberger basket filled
 with future quilts.
Benny says 'Good-Bye!' and you should come back 
and see the house decorated for Christmas.
 I've been there and it's truly amazing!