Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Christmas Salt & Pepper Collection

This colletion has been gathered
over the years,
I bring it out to use every December.
I like to display them on the antique silver
three tiered stand when I'm not using them.
Fitz and Floyd, 
I also have a tea set in this pattern.
part of my Christmas Tree dishes
Gingerbread Boys

 Porsgrund-Hearts and Pines,
part of the Hearts and Pines dish set.
Vintage trees,
The three vintage sets were from my MIL.
Vintage Hollyberry
Vintage white with Hollyberry

Publix Mr. & Mrs. Snowmen, 
Publix is my grocery store.
Publix Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus, 
This was their 1st set.
Publix Santa & Snowman.
When I set the table, almost everyone gets
 their own set or two can share a set.
Another way I display them.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Sweater Lamp

A lamp revamp.
The blue and white lamps in our family room 
got a makeover for Christmas.
I used an old red sweater and just 
cut off the sleeves.
  I removed the lamp shade and slipped the
 sleeve over the lamp with the widest part
 at the base tucking the bottom end under
 and folding the top cuff down.
I even used the body of the red sweater to
 cover the pillow in Lucy's basket. 
Nothing was wasted!
I would love to find one with Christmas 
colors or a Christmas pattern. I'll be on the 
hunt for another sweater in a thrift shop.
I bet I can find a holiday sweater for a dollar.
So go rummage thru your closet 
and see what you find.
A great way to recycle old sweaters!


Thursday, November 22, 2012


I am thankful for all the wonderful visitors
 to my blogs; MAY DAYS & Rita's Recipes
To all my followers and the 
occasional visitors 
THANK YOU all and have a 
Happy Thanksgiving!
Favorite Pumpkin Pie


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Supporting Charity Thrift Shops

I like to do my part in supporting local charity thrift stores. When Faith Farm Thrift Store in my area is overflowing, they have a sale. I feel compelled to help them in any way I can. I know you understand. There must be something I can buy.
Everything made it through the washer/dryer
 and the dishwasher and came out looking 
and smelling fabulous. 
 These 3 bears will be part of my 
Christmas decor. $1-$2
I couldn't leave without an afghan.
This very large one was $4.
I found 4 cable knit sweater pillows; 
2 blue and 2 red for $1 each.
They have easy to remove 18" zip covers.
  I washed the covers and inserts separately.
 A large cookie/biscotti jar and a pitcher.
 The napkins still had their tags.....
25 cents each. I like to use cloth napkins 
and cut down on paper use.
Easy to wash and dry with no
ironing, of course.
 This wood Christmas tree was $1.00.
 A cute little creamer for 50 cents.
I love the raised holly and berries.
Wouldn't this be cute to use for maple syrup? 
OK, the pillows still had their Macy's tags.
$54 Tommy Hilfiger pillows for $1.
 A box of 24 glass ornaments for $1.
 Lucy is checking out the bargains!
 The BIG bargain of the day is this 
vintage BURBERRY stadium/car blanket.
It once belonged to Fraser.
I got it for.........$1.00!!! YES!!
I'm sure this is worth plenty!
A large wooden star for $3.
Two tapestry needlepoint canvas covers
 for $1 each.
A bench?
A pillow?
 A chair seat?
They even look nice unfinished.
There you have it. My loot!
Total $31.00