Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas 3-Tiered Galvanized Tay

The thing I love best about this little
3-tiered tray is that it has endless
decorating possibilities. 
 It takes about 10 minutes to change it
for the seasons and holidays. 
 I just gather a little this-and-that and
I've got a whole new look. I'll
sometimes tweak a bit, adding things 
as I unpack little Christmas treasures. 
 It's perfect for puttering, 
if you're a putterer, as I am. 
 Mr. & Mrs. Claus salt and pepper set
from Publix. They sell them every year.
A little corner of Christmas cheer.

1 comment:

  1. Yes I like those 3 tier trays also and have resisted buying one since my house is packed now. Love all the Santa's things in it and I spotted those Longaberger cream and sugar.
    It all looks very festive. I am hoping when I get home from work I have enough energy to get a few things out also