Thursday, November 19, 2015

Book Stack Christmas Tree

A tree for  book lovers.
So simple! 
Just cover a few books with 
brown craft/wrapping paper.
This one is a single stack of books. 
Pick out a few books, small medium and large
and  simply cover them. Use brown
craft paper or even paper grocery bags.
The red "things" fell from a tree where I
 had parked my car, so naturally I picked them
 up. I wish I had gathered more. I'll keep a 
look-out for more. 
I already had a few books covered and
labeled with "Halloween spell" titles.
I just turned them page-side out
and covered a few more.

I've seen larger ones using a circle of books
on the bottom, adding more books teepee
style. You can even string mini white lights
 around your creation.

This is so easy and uses what you have.
I like the natural look of it. I can have
this out during November and all
through Christmas and into January.


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Monday, November 16, 2015

Storing Bread & Cutting Boards

I found a great way to store my many wood 
bread and cutting boards.
I used a Longaberger magazine basket and
just placed it on the floor at the end of the
kitchen island and loaded it up.
 You could use any magazine storage holder,
wood, wicker, wire to do the same thing.
Just repurpose an old one.,

It's a 2 minute project.


Make the DIY horseshoe bread board HERE

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