Monday, March 31, 2014

DIY Jewelry Organizer

Another free project.
 I stapled a piece of hardware cloth, that was
 leftover from a garden project, onto the
 back of an old frame I found in the trash. 
I now have a handy jewelry organizer.
I just leaned it against the bathroom mirror 
and filled it up with earrings. 
 I love the chippy gold gilded frame.
Now it's easy to quickly pick out a pair that
 matches my outfit (even tennis!) for the day.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Blue & White

A random collection of blue and white 
pictures taken in my house.
 Dining room table
Shells and blue
Dining room wall
 Breakfast table
 Napkins in a basket.
 Spring entry table
 Vintage dishes
Coffee area
 Breakfast table
 Picket fence mug rack
Pie safe top.
Chicken feeder plate rack.

It's always nice to get back to my 
favorite colors after all the changes
I've made for the holidays. I think I like 
them more when they've been packed up
for a while. I do like change!


Monday, March 24, 2014

Quick Wreath Makeover

A quick change to take the wreath on my
front door from after St. Patrick's Day until
I put up my egg wreath for Easter in April.
 I just changed the bunting.
 I kept the string.
 I cut double triangles and folded the top 
over the the string and added a dab of glue.
You can use a printable or make a template 
and trace on scrapbook paper; then cut out. 
Easy-peasy and so many options, I've already
thought of more! 


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

DIY Cleaning Wipes

I also make my own cleaning wipes with my
 Lay a roll of Bounty on its side and cut it in
half. Put it into a 2 QT container with a lid.
 Pour about 1 to 1-1/2 cups of cleaning
formula over the paper towels.
Remove the cardboard center core and 
pull the towels from the center. 
Keep one in the kitchen, bathroom 
or anywhere you need a quick clean up.
This is the same method I use for my
DIY Personal Bath Wipes. Use the other
 half of the paper towel roll for those.
Get that formula HERE
(click on the blue words for a links)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Mini Wine Cork Wreath

A quick little project using just a few 
wine corks and some wire.
Tie on a ribbon.
I had a some corks left over 
from my garland projects,
see HERE and HERE.
 Change the color of the ribbon for 
any holiday. Cute little wreath
for a table vignette or tied on to
a gift bottle of wine.


Sunday, March 16, 2014

'Talking Dirty' or How I Clean Grout

I start by mixing up a batch of my
cheap and easy cleaning formula.
Step into my laboratory.....
DIY Cleaning Formula
1/2 C rubbing alcohol
1 T ammonia ( I like lemon)
1 T liquid dish soap
1 QT water
Mix all ingredients in a large spouted
mixing bowl. 
Pour into a saved spray bottle.
 Back to the grout. Grrrrr! Not a fun job.
 Spray the formula along the grout lines and
 let it "work" for about 5 minutes.
 I do a long section at a time.
Then scrub, scrub with a grout brush.
Wipe off as you go.
 When you get tired, pass the baton!
Husbands like fast results like this.
Yuk! dirty grout!
Yeah! Clean grout! 
This stuff works great.
You can also screw a broom handle 
to a narrow scrub brush for the large areas.
I found the brushes at Home Depot.
I do one area at a time.
Grout didn't get dirty in one day and 
it's not all getting clean in one day either!
It's been a while since I did this. 
The last time I still had my full 'staff',
my precious pups. Princess, Lucky,
and Lucy (She's still here).
Are we done yet?
Yes, for today! Let's go for a walk!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

DIY Wire Plate Hangers

There are a few plates on my walls that I like
 to change with the seasons. It's so much
easier for me to leave the plate hangers
on the plates when I wrap them up
for storage. It makes it a quick change.
On my last swap-out I was all out of my
 supply of plate hangers, so I decided
to make my own. So much cheaper 
and I can make any size I need.
 It's basically 2 pieces of wire twisted
together. With this method you can make
a hanger for any size or shape plate or
platter you want to display.
 My Fall plates.
My blue plates.
The plates hang on each side of the
vintage china cabinet in the hallway.
Google search found several options and 
the method I used is from Martha. 
I had a roll of wire in the garage.
I was all set to give it a try.
You need: 18-gauge wire, and a wire cutter 
with a needle-nose for turning the wire.
These are the Christmas plates.
Cut 2 pieces of wire 3" longer than
the diameter of the plate.
Twist a loop in the middle of the first wire.
Shape the second wire into a V and slip it
through the loop. Give it a twist to secure.
Lay the wire so that the loop rests on the 
ridge on the back of the plate. 
You'll hang the plate from this loop.
Press the ends over the edge of the plate
using the needle-nose pliers.
Cut off excess wire. Done!
Now go forth and hang those plates!