Monday, June 29, 2015

Red, White, and Blue

It's time to show your colors!
 It's time to use the Americana mugs I 
found thrifting this year. I'm always on the 
look-out for holiday mugs for 25¢.
See that post 
 It's time to display this hand embroidered
kitchen towel I found at a craft fair in NC.
see that post
 It's time to hang the scrap fabric wreath 
I made using a wire hanger, t-shirts, 
and old denim.
See how to make one here.
It's time to mix in some red and white 
transferware with my blue and white dishes.
See more red, white, and blue dishes here.
I'll keep this color combination all summer.


Thursday, June 25, 2015

The One That Got Away

Look at this beauty! It's an ornate armoire
that was in perfect condition. It was in a color
that would work in my house without painting.
It would make the perfect fun, functional
"Pinterest-inspired" wine bar
It was at my favorite thrift store sale
in Ft. Lauderdale last week. But it was
 already SOLD! 
I wasn't even looking for one, but now
I'm on the hunt. The inside had two shelves
and 4 drawers on the bottom. Perfect set-up
to repurpose it for a wine bar. 
 Hello gorgeous! 
Just look at that price! $29.00 !!
That's just crazy! 
Anyhoo, check out my Pinterest board
on CABINETS. I have lots of inspirational
pictures of cabinets and armoires
that are repurposed. This is what I
would have done with it. Lovely....
There are lots more ideas !
Check them out. 


Monday, June 22, 2015

5 Tips For Shopping Thrift Stores

Here are my top tips for thrifting.
1. Have a master list. Things that you are
on the lookout for. Mine is getting longer all
 the time. Each time you go you'll find
different merchandise and something
from your list is bound to be there. 
I keep mine on my iphone. I give the list 
a quick glance before I head in. I can often 
find my missing pieces like Corningware lids
or items from sets.
On this trip I found the vintage ice tong
that went with my vintage ice bucket I
found last year. The tongs were 12¢. 
 I found a bag of cookie cutters for $1.00. 
I'll use them for tree or gift decorations. 
 I'll add them to the cookie cutters I've
collected in the glass jar.
2. Serendipity is a wonderful thing.
Of course there are always things to find
that are not on your list at all, but you just
can't pass up. Think about gifts for
friends or seasonal merchandise, 
I found this set of 4 cups with saucers 
that are for espresso or Cuban coffee. 
All for less than the price of an espresso!
I love to use platters. This 14" one from 
Bavaria was $1.50
A set of silver plated coasters for $1.50 will
 be pretty in a table setting using my
  silver plate chargers found last year.
A big cup and saucer for cappuccino, coffee, 
tea, or cocoa. $1.00

3. Dress comfortably. Wear a t-shirt under
 your blouse in case you want to try
something on and don't want to wait for
 a dressing room. Use a cross body purse
 to keep your hands free and your
 money safe. Grab a shopping cart.

4. Have measurements for the spaces in
your house that need  a picture,
mirror, or furniture piece. 
Carry a measuring tape.
5. Watch other shoppers that seem to know 
what they are doing for inspiration. I would
never have thought to look through the bowls
to find these great pottery pieces if not for
 the lady carefully looking on the bottom
shelf for handmade pieces. 
 I love this blue pottery bowl. I see them at
craft fairs all the time. This was a steal
 for $1.00 and it's a size I can use daily.
 Ideas: scrambled eggs, pancake batter,
and grapes. Pretty enough to leave out.
I've now added pottery bowls to master list.
 This larger bowl is a beautiful terracotta
 color. Ideas: Potato salad, fruit, pinecones in the fall.
 It was $1.50!
Handmade pottery,
my favorite find of the day!
Most important, thrifting is fun! 
It's an adventure! It's a hunt! It's a mystery!


Monday, June 15, 2015

How To Tie Your Shoes (athletic)

Are your shoes rubbing you the wrong way?
You think you know how to properly
tie your shoes, but you may not know this
tip. Proving that you're never too old to
learn new tricks. In this case, how to tie
 your shoes...the better way.
 Did you ever wonder what those little extra
holes were at the top of your athletic shoes?
They are there to help cinch in the material
around your ankle without making the rest of 
the shoe too tight. If your heel slides up and
 down when walking or running or your shoes
get loose during activity, this will fix it.

 Take the lace on one side and go back into
the eyelet creating a loop. Do both sides.
 You'll have two loops. Now cross the laces
as you normally would, but go through the
loops on each side.
Like this.
 Now pull together and tie a bow.
 This will make your shoe fit better
and stay in place. It's the
"runner's lace". Works for all
your activities.
 This way you can keep the rest of the shoe
laced to your comfort level without them being
too tight and your heel won't slip plus you'll
have better support.
That's what those extra holes are for.
Walking or running,
 or tennis. Kids shoes too.
 Just thought I'd share. Have fun!


Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Top Of The Fridge.

Do you style the top of your refrigerator?
I do. No surface is safe in my house! I think
they are all stand-ins for having no mantle.
It fun to change-up the look from time to time.
This is the blue and white for summer.
A Longaberger canning jar basket.
The chicken soup bowls (50¢) and the biscotti
 jar ($1.00) were thrift store finds.
 An embroidered kitchen towel.
A heart shaped muffin pan. I change the top of the
fridge often, for the seasons or holidays.
Here it is in September ~ a Fall look.

The canisters or baskets on top are great
 for extra storage too, so it's style and