Monday, April 10, 2017

Make A Scrap Wood Cross

I wanted a rustic, shabby, simple,  wood
cross for my Easter season decor. 
I've seen these around the  blogs and 
thought "I could make one of these!"
This project couldn't be easier.
 I just grabbed leftover pieces of wood from
 my garage. I found mall pieces of molding 
and a piece of picket fence. 
I did nothing to the wood. No cutting, and 
no painting. Just used a nail
and attached the pieces together. 
 I attaches a salvaged pull ring to the back
 in case I ever wanted to hang them. 
 I found 6 pieces of wood so I was able 
to make 3 crosses in 5 minutes. 
 This one is on the patio. 
You could decorate it more. There are lots of 
good, simple ideas on Pinterest. This is just
to get you started. Make one part 
of a front door wreath. Take one to your 
Easter Day hostess. See what a nail and 2
pieces of wood can do!