Monday, February 29, 2016

Simple Basket Tray Vignette

The basket tray that I found at Target
for 75% off after the Holidays is staying.
I left the tags on until I decided. Do you
do that? No commitment until the tag
is removed. Well, it's passed the test. 
You know the one; I can use it so many
ways and for so many seasons.
Plus, I love trays and baskets so 2 for 1. 
Here it is in the family room during the day.
And here it is at night. It needs something. 
 I added the battery operated mini lights 
around the ivy and twig wreath. 
That's how we have it in the evenings
when we are watching TV with the pup.
 A cozy afternoon nap on Sofie's
favorite plush blanket. 
She's my favorite vignette. 

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Little Tin Funnel Wine Aerator

I've had this little tin funnel forever!
It belonged to my mother and I remember
always seeing it in her kitchen drawers.
We were having dinner at an Italian
restaurant and the waiter poured our
wine from the bottle into our glasses 
using a small funnel like this to aerate 
the wine. Aerating wine enhances the taste
 and gives a smoother finish. 
I had never seen a funnel used like this
before and I found it so charming. We 
have always used an aerator on our wine
bottles. The kind that is also used as a
bottle stopper and it pores the wine. 
But this is just too cute. 
Do you have a small funnel? Find it and 
give this a try.This funnel sits just 
inside the wine glass. Slowly pour 
the wine through. 
Steak dinner and red wine. 
A perfect combination. 


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Monday, February 22, 2016

DIY Dry Erase Menu Board

You can keep your menus for 
the week well planned with this
personalized easy project.
All you need to do is use Word to
choose your fonts, colors, and special
message, like 'Guten Appetit' or
'Mom's Cafe' or whatever you like.
 Print it out. Trim to fit a 8x10
frame using the glass to trace the size.
 It would be nice to print out a menu
when you are entertaining for the holidays.
It would be easy to add Easter, Thanksgiving, 
or Christmas themes. 

 Then you'll use a dry erase marker to
write onto the glass and easily wipe 
off each week. 
Hang this on the wall 
if you're short of counter space. 


Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thrift Store White Mugs

The Valentine's mugs are have been stored in
the mug cabinet and the Valentine's decor is
in bins and baskets for next year. So that 
means it's time for a fresh look. 
 Picking out the mugs for these next few
weeks was a fun it always is.
 I decided to go all white this time. I found all
 these mugs over the years at the thrift store
 for 25¢ each. I picked out different shapes
to keep it interesting and so that we could
remember which mug we were using.
 A white tea pot for those afternoon tea breaks
along with a Longaberger tea basket that's
filled with packets of different tea flavors. 
 Of curse you'll need a treat for the afternoon. 
What's tea or coffee without a goodie?
 I made the banana bread in 2 small loaf
 pans this time. One for now and
one in the freezer.
Of course I'll share the recipe.
Best Banana Bread
Click here for my favorite banana bread.

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

All Set For Valentine's

First let me say how much I love my 
Emma Bridgewater pink hearts tea pot.
I'm also using my red/pink transfer ware.
Sometimes I use this set or this way. 
 No more "Please pass the salt and pepper
when everyone has their own at each place.
 I made them re-using those mini jam jars
you get in restaurants with your breakfast.
Doesn't everyone save those? 
 Table for the two of us.
 I added the framed printable plus more
 red accessories and plates.
 Now the yellow and blue seat cushions 
would't do, so I covered them with a red
checked pillowcase and white matlesse'
pillow shams. It's a quick fix for me
(sewing challenged).
I do this at Christmas and 4th of July too.
You can see the before (no tea set) and after
(with tea set). I love tea sets. 
 I love to use a different tea pot and mugs.
It keeps afternoon tea fun and happy. 
This little trio heart basket
was a rescue.
 I can either hang it on a wall or just
pop it on a shelf or table. 
This set always puts a smile on my face. 
It's a gift that keeps on giving.
Looking for a yummy dinner?
Try Chicken in Lemon Cream Sauce.


Monday, February 8, 2016

Valentine Mug Shots

Do you have your Valentine mugs out?
 What will you have in yours: 
coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?
 The coffee filters are handy in a red-trimed 
Longaberger basket that's also hanging
on the mug rack.
A vintage oval platter I also found thrifting.
It's fun to find Valentine mugs at the thrift
store.I like the mix-and-match look, plus they
 are usually only about 25¢. You can also find
cute mugs at Marshall's, Target, or Walmart.
The heart-shaped bread board/tray we made HERE.
Coffee station has been Valentineized!
Of course what's Valentine's week
without chocolate cake? The easy recipe
is a click away,
Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake. 


Thursday, February 4, 2016

Dreaming of Capri

On this cold winter's day it seems like the thing to do.
This summer I had an amazing vacation in 
Italy with daughter Kim and my granddaughter
 Kristina. We were celebrating Kristina's 
graduation from Texas A&M. They flew
 here to Ft. Lauderdale from Dallas a day
 ahead so that we could all fly to Italy 
together. Our first stop CAPRI. Actually
Rome airport, then a driver to Naples
then a ferry to Capri, then the shuttle
to the hotel. So a long day. 
But this made it worth it! 
This is the view from our room.
Yes! Amazing!
The trip was magical! Everything about it.
The views, the food, the sights, and best of
all was the people we met that made the trip
 such a memorable experience.
 It all just clicked.
Capri is a beautiful island off the 
coast of Italy. It's part of the Amalfi coast.
 We would walk the small alleyways into 
town. Good steep hillside exercise that 
helped to offset
all the good food and wine. Of course
there was pizza for lunch.
 The weather was cool enough for 
walking everywhere.
Every turn and step 
(and there were plenty of steps)
was filled with flowers and fruit trees.
This is a real lemon tree trellis. I 
tried to think of a way to bring one home.
The lemon trees were everywhere. 
 Every home had a yard that was put to good 
use. Each one had a beautiful garden filled 
with vegetable, herbs, and fruit. 
I loved looking at them all.
 Just one of the many beautiful garden doors.
We always chose our restaurants with a view.
While siting at an outdoor cafe we were
able to enjoy this Catholic Church celebration.
Wonderful to see and hear the splendor.
Back in our room each evening to enjoy the 
sunsets and freshen up and change for dinner.
Then it's back into town for more adventures.
The nights in Capri were just that! 
Our fabulous evenings in post.