Monday, June 30, 2014

How To Pack A Ready-To-Go Beach Bag

What's in my beach bag?
We live just 20-30 minutes from the ocean. 
That's why I keep a beach bag packed and
 ready with all the essentials I need stashed
 on my closet floor. It eliminates the excuse...
it's too much trouble to get everything ready.
This big Vera Bradley bag has tons of 
pockets both inside and out. 
Inside are: 2 big fluffy beach towels,  
a clear zip bag with essentials,
 sunscreen, a thermal water bottle, and a 
rubber visor that I can wear in the water.
Here's what's in my clear bag.
Comb, emery board, wet wipes, an empty 
tennis can for collecting shells, rocks or sand. 
 A mini first aid kit, small Vaseline for 
 removing mascara smudges or possible beach tar.
Special beach sun/reading glasses, tissues,
Advil/Tylenol.  In addition to plenty of
 sunscreen, the most important thing
I put in my beach bag is a container of
baby powder. Before you climb into
the car for the ride home, sprinkle some
 on your hands and rub them over you feet
and legs. The powder causes the sand to
slide right off the skin. It also makes the 
ride home more pleasant: the scent of 
baby powder instead of salt, sweat,
and sunscreen.
Mini shampoo and conditioner. There are 
showers right on the beach to rinse off 
sand and salt. I often shampoo my hair right
there and let it air dry. That way if I'm
heading out to run errands on the way home 
or we decide on dinner al fresco post beach
 my hair won't end up in a tangled mess.
I even have a small container with soap.

 A note pad and pen for whenever an idea 
strikes. A little list of silly beach jokes. Fun
 if with friends who have small children.
(list at the end)
This clear pouch was a repurposed dental
care package. It has slots to hold things in
 place, and I can see at a glance whatever
 I'm looking for inside.
 Lots of quarters for the parking meters
right on the beach. Also in my bag is
Swiss army knife that can do anything. 
 They fit perfectly in the repurposed pill 
container from the vet. Doesn't hurt that 
it's blue too. I just covered the vet's logo 
and info with a sticker. 
 A security string attached on my sunglasses
 for that unexpected wave.
Last minute add-ins: my tablet and or latest
 beach read, beverage, Iphone, keys, and 
snacks. I'm already wearing my swimsuit 
with a cover-up, flip flops, big hat, 
sunglasses and a layer of sunscreen.
Love my Iphone. All my information is with 
me all the time. Isn't it nice that we don't 
need to carry a camera anymore?
 My phone fits inside my Dooney & Bourke 
eyeglass case. I tuck it into an outside pocket.
 The inside pockets hold: my tablet, wallet, 
keys, and Larry's wallet and phone. 
 The sunscreen goes into an end pocket to 
easily grab for re-applications. I put
 sunscreen on at home to give it the 
necessary 20-30 minutes it needs to absorb
 into my skin. Otherwise sweating during 
sports or swimming will wash it off.
 Everything inside. Just grab some snacks 
and fill my drink glass with lots of ice and 
water or lemonade to keep cool and
 stay hydrated.
This makes it so easy to grab a few beach
 hours whenever we are inspired to just
 take off! The beach chairs and umbrella
 are stowed just inside the garage doors....
wait, I think I want to grab a pool noodle too. 
So worth it!

Here are those beach jokes for the kiddos.
They are so bad they're good.
Silly Beach Jokes For Kids

Q. What lies at the bottom of the ocean and shivers?
A. A nervous wreck.

Q. What do sharks love to eat?
A. Peanut butter and jellyfish sandwiches.

Q. Where do sharks come from.
A. Sharkago.

Q. What day of the week do fish hate most?
A. Fry day

Q. Why don't bananas like to sunbathe?
A. Because they have a tendency to peel.

Q. What do you call a man who spent all day at the beach?
A. A tangent.

Q. What game do baby fish play?
A. Salmon says.

Q. Why wasn't the girl afraid of the shark?
A. It was a man-eating shark.

Enjoy Your day!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Quote For Today

“Traveling is all very well if you can get home at night.  I shell candlewould be willing to go around the world if I could be back in time to light the candles and set the table for dinner.”  Gladys Taber.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Americana Breakfast Table

The first place I decorate for any holiday
is the breakfast table. It instantly gets me
 in a holiday mood because we see it
 and use it every day.  
My RED tool tote,  (Made it HERE) is the
 centerpiece. I filled it with a few potted 
plants and a paper flag. A little wooden swag
 is taped inside each end. Think hearts for
 Valentine's Day and snowflakes for 
Christmas. It's been a very versatile
 little red tote. 
The ususal suspects: Longaberger Patriotic
placemats and napkins, blue & white dishes
 mixed with red transferware, blue goblets,
2 'cheapie' stars and stripes bowls.
Added a  picket fence table runner,
(another one made HERE) gives it an
kinda feel. I love picket fences and this is
as close as I'll get to having one.  
 That's my Mother's Day orchid still blooming. 
That's why I love orchids. They bloom for
 months! And then they bloom again several
 times a year...for years!
 Wooden firecrackers.
 That's the broken end of a hoe. 
It's red so it's in.
 A Longaberger Patriotic basket is filled with 
dishes ready for dessert,
Next time I make this German Erdbeer
(strawberry) Kuchen,
 I'll add a few blueberries.
Just plop a few right on top of 
the whipped cream!


Monday, June 23, 2014

10 Repurpose Ideas For A China Cabinet

OK, so you found a china cabinet after some
suggestions in my last post, or you have
 your mother's old what?
Now, start thinking 'outside the china
cabinet'. The inspiration photo above is
just like the one below I found at Faith 
Farm Thrift Store for only $49!
China cabinets aren't just for china anymore.
Where do you need display space?
1. How about a painted library bookcase?
Where do you need storage space?
2. Custom painted kitchen cabinet.
3. Very pretty storage in the bathroom.
5. Sewing cabinet
6. A living room cabinet vignette. 
7. Display your pretty pottery collection.
8. Paint it black and showcase your ironstone.
9. Wake up your kitchen with a coffee bar.
 10. Add wire to the doors for a
unique birdcage. 
All you need to do is...Paint It!
Chalk paint is the easiest. 
Here's my DIY recipe. You can
have a unique piece of furniture in your
home for very little moolah!

Find lots more China Cabinet Makeovers 
on my Pinterest Board,  
and follow me on Pinterest!


Friday, June 20, 2014

Finding Furniture For Projects

Where can you find furniture for makeover 
projects? Local thrift stores are loaded 
with potential painting candidates and 
they a bargain to boot. Look at what I
spotted on my last visit. 
 Here's a great cabinet that would look fab 
as is, or painted. Can you believe that
 it's only $55! Hello!
Lots of storage and great hardware.
 Another one just begging to be painted
 and loved. $59!
 Great coffee table that only needed 
a polish. $22
This would look great in a breakfast area
 for $69. There was also a matching table and
 6 chairs for $120 and if you bought both,
they would reduce the price even further. 
 A nice $20 bar height cafe table.
 A a solid oak vintage desk, $49.
Lots of mirrors for $15-$20.
You could repurpose this shuttered TV 
armoire for clothes storage, craft storage
 or a pantry...only $79.
Great buffet for $39.
OK, I couldn't resist buying something small.
This buffet/cabinet/sofa/entry was only
$25. May take it to North Carolina or paint
it and find a spot for it. If all else fails I can
easily sell it for more on Craigslist. 
This was all found at Faith Farm Ministries, 
a very worthy charity. This was the same 
day I found all the silver plate chargers
and other kitchen goodies from my 
previous post (click on blue words)
 As if thrifting isn't fun enough, the store is
 just minutes from Fort Lauderdale beach.
So that's where we headed next.
A couple of hours at the beach and
the surf temperature was divine!