Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween!

I think all the little Halloween touches 
have been put out. 
 A few are still inside my head. Projects that
 will wait until next year. Thanks to Pinterest
 I won't forget them and can pull them
 up to view anytime. 
 Thanks to my blog I can see what I've done 
in the past. Then I change things up a bit.
 I almost forgot my mice! Can't have that!
 I added this black garland I found at
Michaels for 80% off last year.
Black and orange touches in the living room.

I like to add seasonal kitchen towels.

 Love these doggie towels.
 The hang on the bar above Lucy's bowls.
 Ribbons and twine for craft projects..
 My witch potion recipe book pages.
I'll be filling my large pumpkin basket with 
Halloween candy tomorrow night. Do you buy
candy you like so that you can treat yourself 
to the leftovers, or do you buy candy that you 
don't like so that you won't be tempted? 
That question came up with my friends at 
tennis the other day. Split opinions. 
Me? I buy what we like.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Easiest Ghost Garland

You already have everything you need 
to make this cute, easy ghost garland.
I just hung mine from the branches that 
are in the silver champagne bucket
 that's on the cobbler's bench.

I quickly made a bunch.
 You could also tie them to a jute string or
 black ribbon and use it as a garland. 
 I added felt cut-out pumpkins from
 The Dollar Store to the lampshade.
 I also ran some black wire Halloween 
garland through the silver tea set.
  Now, how did I make them? 
I just put a cotton ball in the center of
a tissue and tied it at the neck with thread, 
or you can use string. Then add 2 eyes 
with a Sharpie. Easy!
The cobbler's bench.
 This witch is guarding the booze.


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Monday, October 27, 2014

Frightfully Good Coffee

Have you found any Halloween mugs this
 year while out thrifting?
I'm always on the lookout for seasonal
mugs and Halloween mugs are rare
to find. It's fun to change the mugs 
at the coffee station every month.
These really help you get into 
the 'spirit'.
 They do make my coffee and tea taste 
frightfully good.
Hot chocolate and hot cider are
sooo much better in a ghost mug.
I found these 2 last year for 25¢ each.
I just found the ghost boo one for 12¢.
More Halloween mugs are on the mug rack.
I store the tea bags in the pumpkin canister.
Enjoying our Sunday afternoon coffee break,
plates and mugs. Little pleasures...


Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Spooky Kitchen

A few spooky Halloween touches
are added in the kitchen.
It always begins with a seasonal color
change. Lots of orange. 
It usually starts with changing the
 dishes in the chicken feeder dish rack.
Decoupaged BOO blocks and a string
of ghosts and black cats are added.
These are just Dollar Store plastic Halloween 
rings looped on salt and pepper shakers.
kitchen counter
orange, gold, brown, and black
dishcloths and pot holders
Whats for dinner?
Why, Ghoul-ash of course!
I'll need Halloween aprons
and Halloween cookie cutters.
These are attached with magnets
to the side of the fridge.
The Wicked Witch Can Be Bribed With 
Chocolate. Yes, she can!
Fun BOO kitchen towels.
The vignette on the corner bar counter
 get it's fall change too.
 I put a few pinecones in a large jar
and ran orange mini lights through them. 
It's on the corner of the kitchen island
and is used for my evening light.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

B-O-O Blocks

An easy Halloween craft project. 
These B-O-O blocks are sitting on my 
just-right-for-fall  thrifted throw.
I made these blocks with small pieces of 
leftover 2X4 wood.
 I just cut to size and sanded the 
rough edges, then I painted them using some
 leftover black paint. Sanded again to age.
 I printed out the letters in outline and rubbed 
chalk on the back. 
 It made it easy to transfer-trace the letters.
 I used a white paint pen Sharpie to fill in.
 The nice thing about this project is that I can
also use the back of the blocks for other
 words. I already have an O for J-O-Y
Now where to put these cuties?
 Above the stove.
 On the entry ledge.
On a stack of picnic baskets. I can 
use them in so many places. Make one set
 for yourself and one for a friend.