Tuesday, April 19, 2016

DIY Plastic Bag Dispenser

Here's a great way to store your plastic
grocery bags so they pop up like tissues.
This will keep all those bags under
control and save space.
Stuff a bag into an empty tissue
 box. Make several while you're at it..
Keep the handles sticking out.
 Loop another bag through the handles.
 Now tuck that bag down in the box 
leaving the handles sticking out.
 Thread another bag through those 
handles. Repeat until the box is full.
 Tuck the bags down leaving the top 
bag's handles sticking out.
 Now when you need a bag, 
just pull one out.
 The next bag will pop up.
Ready to pull out. 
A self-dispensing bag box.
I keep one in a basket by the front door
for my walks with Sofie. I also keep one under
the kitchen sink, one in the car trunk, and one 
in the van to replenish the trash bin. 


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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Italy In Waterlogue

Some of my Italy trip photos.
I love how the Waterlogue app on my
iPhone can turn an ordinary photo into art.
On our room balcony in Capri, Italy.
Morning view from our room.
Evening view from our room.
 Cruising along the Amalfi coast.
We rented a boat for the day. Just for 
the three of us. My daughter Kim, 
granddaughter Kristina, and me.
Spent a few hours in beautiful Positano.
  Window box in Positano.
  Pottery planter in Positano
  Walking the winding paths in Capri.
  Early morning in Capri.
Walking all day long. 
 Hotel rooftop flowers at breakfast in Rome.
 My granddaughter Kristina relaxing 
as we wait for lunch at a sidewalk 
cafe after amazing Vatican tour.
When in Rome, it's wine with lunch. 
Some of these pics would make great 
 prints for framing or note cards. 
Have you tried this app?


Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring 3-Tier Galvanized Tray

This 3 tier galvanized tray has just replaced 
the basket tray that usually sits on the kitchen
 counter. It's been vignette-ized for spring.
I quickly grabbed a few things to fill it.
The vintage galvanized kitchen scale and
galvanized chicken feeder, (now plate rack)
all go so well together. Of course it will be
seeing lots of changes for the holidays.
There's July-Independence Day, Fall, 
Halloween,Thanksgiving, Christmas,....
and on and on....
How much fun is that?!  It will also
be nice to use for entertaining filled with
 snacks or as a coffee station. I'm feeling
 pretty good about this purchase for $19.00.

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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Using My Longaberger Baskets!

If you've been a visitor to my blog you've
probably noticed my Longaberger basket
collection at work, my very large collection
of Longaberger. Anyone that been a sales
 rep knows what I'm talking about.
I was my own best customer!. 
Here are some baskets at work in my house.
The stack of baskets at the end of the counter
are great extra storage.
This stack of baskets holds extra picnic
supplies, like paper plates, utensils, as well as
the seasonal fabric liners for these baskets.
I always have cocktail napkins in 
this small berry basket. They rotate
with the seasons. 
Paper napkins are handy in a large
berry basket
 Salt & Pepper at the table.
 Remotes, reading glasses, pens, scissors, 
pad of paper are kept handy on the
family room end table. 
 This one holds my chalk and eraser.
 Oils, vinegars, and a few essentials.
 The items in this basket change often.
 I have 2 small baskets hanging on a cabinet
 knob below the drinking glass cabinet. 
 They work great as a drink caddy/coaster. 
It insulates and keeps the ice and drink 
colder twice as long. #science #fact
It also protects table surfaces. 
I have little engraved brass splint tags
so that Larry and I can keep track of 
who's drink is who's. 
 The hall tree leading out to the garage has
 baskets for everything we need when we 
come and go; sunglasses, keys, wallet, etc.
 "It's in the basket" is the answer to most of
the "where is_____?" question. Although that 
usually doesn't narrow down the search. 
A recipe basket for my hand written cards.
I have fabric liners for summer, fall,
Halloween, and Christmas. Most of
my basket get a 'wardrobe' change
for the seasons.
The basket on top of the dryer in the 
laundry room holds dryer sheets.
The antique chamber pot is used to 
hold dry detergent or Borax.
A cup hook under the cabinet hold a small
basket filled with clothespins.
 Tissue basket...I think there's one
in every room.
 Bread basket used here for hand towels.
 Basket filled with small guest hand towels.
But, I also use them for fun. 
They are so pretty and such a classic look.
Here we are all set for a canoe ride on the 
lake behind our house. I'm using the picnic 
basket and wine tote. I've used the medium
 garters many times for different accents
 around the brim of my straw hats. 
Baskets...love looking at them and 
love using them.