Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Last of September

Can you believe September is over?!
I'm already packing up and changing the 
kitchen decor again and I realized that I
 never posted September kitchen pictures. 
Doggie dining with Lucy.
Apple themed towels hang at the
end of the kitchen island.
On top of the island.
 Kitchen dish cabinet.
Ivory Longaberger pottery mixes with
Pink (or is it red willow?) dishes.
The willow dishes are by Churchill
made in England. They were a grocery
store promotion years ago.
 I used red as a pre-fall color scheme for
September. See the table set  HERE.
It started with my apple cobbler dish.
 A thrift-store milk glass lamp. I like
a small lamp on the counter.
 Baskets on top of the fridge.
 I love my red le Creuset pot, so
I kept it out to use a lot.
The counter. Note my un-sign.
I painted the sign red to match the red
wood tote I made while I still had the paint 
out. I even added a piece of scrap screen 
molding that was stained brown to trim the
 bottom. What I didn't do was think of a word 
I wanted on the sign. 
The most important part of a sign!
I was waiting for inspiration. 
 The counter.
The heart punched lidded jar holds garlic.
Vintage red wood handled utensils were found
thrifting as were the crocheted pot holders.
 Dishes stacked on the chicken feeder. Love
using this for a dish display and easy access.
September went by way too fast!


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Adding A Garden Fountain

We added a fountain to our front yard.
My mother was it's previous owner.
I remember the day we schlepped it home
 from Home Depot and set it up by her
screened-in back patio. The years have
passed and it stood neglected by the side
of her house (it was now being rented)
We rescued it and brought it to
bubbling life again. Reminds me of her
every time I walk past it.
Makes me love it more.


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Painted Red Wood Tote

I've been working on this PhD. 
Project Half Done.
Last year I made a sketch of a tote that I 
wanted and Larry cut the pieces out of
our supply of scrap wood. 
The pieces were nailed together and then.....
I couldn't decide what color to paint it,
 so it waited patiently in the holding area
a.k.a. garage until this year.
Now I'm seeing red. So red it is!  My color
for September. How cute!  This leftover paint
is Benjamin Moore~Barn Red.
I think Christmas, Valentine's Day, July 4th,
(and really the whole summer)
could all use a happy red wood tote.
For September I filled it
with 3 small quart-size pots of mums.
They'll be easy to change out.
So many options on what to put inside;
flowers, potted plants, evergreen branches,
pinecones, dishes, large glass jars, bottles,
books, towels, wood cutting boards, and
more fun vignettes. I love wood boxes!
I'm already thinking of another one
I 'need'. Luckily we have a good supply of
 scrap wood and leftover paint.


Monday, September 16, 2013

Fall Table In Black and White

Here's a neutral Fall table setting 
I put together while we were at our
 place in North Carolina's Smoky Mountains.
 I gathered some of my this-and-that
 Here's what I used.
 Leather placemats from JCP outlet, 
$2 each.  I know...rrrrrrr!
 Woven rattan chargers. I found these at the 
Maple Leaf Fest in our little town of Whittier. 
I got 6 for $2 !!
 My pewter dinnerware is a set of 6 each:
 dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, and 
mugs with white pottery insert cups. 
The inserts make it easy to just put 
the cups in the dishwasher. 
 I found this set many years ago at our
annual neighborhood garage sale in
 Barrington, IL for $30. We basically
 just bought each others stuff! 
 Grapevine napkin rings and black napkins.
White ceramic escargot dishes. 
We love escargot.
 My hammered finish Cambridge flatware has 
a rustic vibe and it works with everything.
 White pottery: teapot on warming trivet, 
cow creamer, heart ramekin for soft butter,
 and covered bowl for sugar or jam.
I found this cow salt and pepper set thrifting. 
It sits in front of a black and white gingham 
check fall pumpkin from Target.
 A Longaberger wrought iron candle stand 
usually sits on the kitchen window sill. 
This week it's the table's centerpiece.
 A Longaberger pillar candle holder works 
perfectly as a wine caddy. 
I love it's pinecone and acorn motif.
 I used the Longaberger wrought iron stand 
again, but this time with the metal tray to 
hold the white teapot and a cow creamer.
It has an acorn and leaf raised pattern
around it's border.
A use what you have tablescape!


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Five Ways I Add Fall

When you live in the land of sun, sand, and 
surf, you have to create your own Fall. 
Changing seasons are a state of mind in South Florida.
1. Hang A Fall Wreath: 
A different wreath for each season creates 
a festive welcome. A simple grapevine or
 straw wreath is easily changed without 
making a new one each time. 
A 3M command adhesive hook works well
on metal and glass doors.
2. Dress Up The Table: 
Changing the centerpiece, table runner, 
and placemats is an easy start. 
Then I just add a few natural elements: 
pinecones, leaves, branches, and candles.
This was featured in Country Living.
3. Redo the Sofa: 
Change the pillows, add a colorful throw or
 quilt and you're done. I'll want to snuggle 
under a cozy throw at night anyway. 
I know Lucy does!
4. Change Your Entry
Mums from the garden center and colorful 
crotons, if you live in the South, instantly 
add Fall color. Choose a few more natural
 elements: Indian corn, pinecones, a bale of
 hay, or an old salvaged apple bushel basket
filled with pinecones. It all works. In 
October I add pumpkins and scarecrows. 
That will last through November. 
5. Fall Focal Point Vignettes: 
If you're lucky, you have a fireplace
 mantle you can decorate.
If not, it can be your coffee table, entry
 table, buffet, or anyplace that you see a lot. 
Give it that old Fall feeling. I Use cloches, 
apothecary jars, birdcages, lanterns, and
baskets...of course. Fill them with: acorns,
 corn, corks, mini pumpkins, gourds, or
anything found around the house
 with fall colors. 
I change the colors in my home by adding: 
red, gold, browns, and tans to my mostly blue
 decor. I begin by adding a little red or gold 
in September. To that I add orange in
October, and to those colors I add brown
 and tan in November. It's a layering of
colors. Most of the accessories are in
storage bins and I can bring in a little
each month. It all coordinates. 
I change my everyday dishes and the 
coffee station and mugs and the bed and
the kitchen counters and the doggie's dish
 and.....well you get the idea! FALL! 


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tea and Chien In Paris

My new painting is an original from 
I have loved her whimsical painting style.
   This one, with tea and a cute little puppy
 (chien) by a window with an Eiffel Tower
 view, was meant to be mine. 
I ordered it from her Etsy shop.
 It was on sale too.
Loved it right down to the blue and white
 tea cup. The sweet puppy reminded me of 
my little Lucy.
 I have it on an easel on the family room
 sofa table. On top of the picket fence runner.
 I've added: a blue/white tea cup as in the
 painting, a mosaic pot with an orchid under a
 cloche, a pothos in a blue/white pot, and two
white-painted candlesticks with blue candles.
 The vintage Chinese tea basket was
 described in my previous post HERE