Sunday, April 28, 2013

Blue Mug Shots & More

The coffee/tea bar with blue and white
V&B mugs and a caddy for
blue handled silverware.
Small baskets are hung from drawer knobs. 
They make great beverage caddy/coasters.
 The wood works as a natural insulator
and keeps the drink cold and the ice lasts
 much longer, and I don't need a coaster.
 I couldn't resist this heart mug.
found for 25 cents at a thrift store.
I've been drinking coffee or tea
from it all week.
The vegetable basket is for fruit in the back
section and coffee filters in the front.
 Blue and white kitchen towels on the towel
bar that's attached to the end of the island
with another thrifted crocheted pot holder.
 The kitchen view
from the patio door/breakfast area.


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sink Counter & Hand Scrub

 I have the soap and hand lotion dispenser 
set sitting on a square Villeroy&Boch plate 
to the left of the sink. It's easy to move the
 plate when I wipe down the counters. 
A matching V&B custard cup holds 
homemade sugar hand scrub. It didn't have a
 top so I'm using the glass top from a jar 
candle. An oyster shell is a good place to 
put rings while I clean.
 My clutter basket is on the other side.
It's the place where I keep all of my
quick-grabs: my camera, reading glasses,
Iphone, charger, pen, my clipped
'list' of things to do today,
a bundle of recipes I'm planning on making
 this week (always a few new ones to try)
along with any other bits that land there on
 their way to their final destination. 
It has a blue ticking liner and I can grab the
handles and carry it to wherever I need.
I can also pull out the plastic divider and
 drop in a 9x13 casserole or cake. 
Longaberger collectors will recognize it.

At the end of the counter are 
the collection of seasonal napkins,
napkin rings, placemats and aprons.
It's close to the breakfast table
for easy table setting. 
Sugar Hand Scrub
Fill a small container 3/4 full
with sugar. Add enough of your
favorite Olay dish liquid until it
is absorbed by the sugar. Cover.
(choose any color you want too)
Scoop out a small bit and use to 
wash your hands silky smooth.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Kitchen Blues

More blue and white
I filled the  chicken feeder dish rack with a 
mix of extra blue and white plates.
 An inverted clay pot on a saucer
is my kitchen string dispenser.
Sugar & Flour in 
my thrifted picnic basket.
 A white spray painted caddy holds oils,
vinegar, and a few thrifted crocheted
pot holders. A ceramic tea pot spoon
 rest sits next to the stove.
There are only a few brownies left!
Time to bake another batch.
The picket fence tote holds breadboards
 on the end of the island.
 The Longaberger basket tray is used to
carry food and beverages out to the patio.
Tiled tray from HomeGoods years ago.
The batter bowl gets used most days
 for either pancakes or brownies.
What's for dinner?
~ Turkey Meatballs ~


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Simply Blue and White

This is my favorite.....I think....yes!
Blue and white in the kitchen. 
 Using my favorite set of dishes.
Villeroy & Boch ~ Vieux Luxembourg. 
 Definitely my favorite.
 I love looking at them.
(Kaffee und Kuchen sign HERE)
Blue and white always make me happy


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Sunday Bike Ride

It was a picture-perfect sunny Sunday in 
south Florida. We decided to take Lucy
 along for a bike ride. To get her acquainted
with a bike ride again before our 
road trip to Key West later this month. 
We'll be bringing our bikes to get around.
Intrepid Lucy!
We rode over to one of our pretty parks.
The paths go around a small lake and 
over a few hills and wooden bridges.
 and pathways.
 "This is nice."
 "This is nice."
 'WARNING Alligators May Be Present' 
hmmm....not so nice.
Lucy we're home!


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Kaffee und Kuchen

I made a little sign for my kitchen to honor the
German tradition of Kaffee und Kuchen.
These signs are so fun and easy to make.
 I use the same method for all my signs.
1st: Use a piece of found wood
2nd: Paint or stain it.
3rd: Find a font that suits the
sign. This one is
Edwardian Script in 220 point size
for the Kaffee, Kuchen, and 150
size for the und
printed in outline setting
4th: Trace it onto the board using
carbon paper.
5th: Use a Sharpie to paint in the
 Hang it in the space reserved for
the ever-changing signs!
Under my open kitchen cabinet.
I got the inspiration from my German
Kaffee bean grinder. I tried to find a font that
closely matched it's German-look.
While the British have tea and scones, the 
Germans have Kaffee und Kuchen 
(coffee & cake). Traditionally around 4pm 
Germans may go to a cafe or visit friends and
family to meet zum Kaffe (for coffee)
Obviously, this isn't happening everyday, but
 the tradition is a wonderful way to get
together at least occasionally,
 especially on birthdays. 
Being invited zum Kaffe always means
there'll be cake!
This is the chocolate skillet cake
we devoured this weekend.