Monday, July 23, 2012

DIY (Personal) Bath Wipes

We're leaving on a road trip and I thought 
I'd share a little tip. Something I always make
 and take along for us to use whenever we 
are traveling in our van: 
personal bath wipes.
It's so easy to make your own personal bath
 wipes.These are great for road trips, 
camping, picnics, or anytime you aren't close 
to soap and water and need to freshen up. 
I always place a container in the bathroom
 at home too.
You'll need a 3qt container that's tall enough, 
about 6" to hold 1/2 cut roll of Bounty 
with a tight fitting lid
I had two old Rubbermaid #6 containers
 and a Tupperware snap-lid container. 
A large plastic coffee canister will work too.
Of course you'll need to decorate,
decoupage or paint it.
Cut the paper towel in half using a 
sharp (not serrated)  knife. 
Mix up the simple solution.
Pour the solution over the paper towel 
in the container.
 Once absorbed you can easily pull out the 
cardboard center. 
 Pull the first piece of paper towel from the center. 
 This will give you tons of wipes for pennies.
No more throwing your money down the toilet
...if you'll excuse the expression!

Personal Wipes
3 qt. container
1/2 roll Bounty paper towels
2 C warm water
1 T baby oil
1 T alcohol or witch hazel
1 t liquid baby soap (bath wash)
Cut a roll of Bounty in half with a sharp knife
Put the 1/2 roll  into a 3qt container.
Combine the solution. Pour over the towels.
Remove the cardboard core. 
Pull towels from the center. 
Keep tightly covered.
*you can also customize the ingredients to your liking.

These are so handy!


Sunday, July 22, 2012

More Afghans...

I've decided to corner the afghan market.
It's part of my philosophy:
If something is worth doing, 
it's worth overdoing!
Sometimes I get very lucky thrifting and
 find several hand crocheted afghans.
So I pile them all into my cart,
I check them over carefully and pick 
the very best ones.
Blue, White, Cobalt- 60x54 
w/2" Fringe all around
Faith Farm Ministries was having a huge sale.
 I got 8 that day. Too good to pass up.
They needed the cash and I was happy to
contribute. Everybody wins!
Granny Squares-Blue Multi-40x40
I couldn't wait to get them home and 
throw them in the wash with a nice 
Downy April Fresh rinse.
 They are wonderfully soft.
This one has a pretty  5" fringe.
Light Blue and White-40x62
w/ 5" Fringe at ends
 Light and Royal Blue Granny Squares- 80x50
Lucky is in charge of quality control.
 This one has great Fall colors.
 Colorful Multi-Color Stripes 56x50
I stacked it here on my copper pot.
It brings out the colors in the oil painting
Original Oil on canvas bought in
Napa, CA. May 2009 trip
(thrift shop $8.00)
 Royal Blue, Orange, Lime Green 
Zig-Zag Stripes on Cream Body-72x60 
 A bold color combination.
 Red and White are Dynamite-44x78
Perfect for Christmas, Valentine's Day,
Memorial Day thru 4th of July.
Here it is at the back of the sofa in the 
red, white and blue for summer family room.
Or just tossed over the end of the sofa.
 Lucky's on break in his favorite basket.
 Blues with Creamy White Zig-Zag 40x64
I tossed that one on the back of the other 
sofa. I'm waiting for...a dark and stormy night.
Now you are all wondering just how much 
these on-sale-bargain-afghans cost, 
aren't you? Ready..... 
They were......$2.50 each!
Definitely Thrifty Throws.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

IKEA Pillow

I had a credit at IKEA, so I had to buy something.
I've always liked this pillow but wasn't
sure it would work in my house.
So around the house it went looking
 for a good spot. I like it here.
I like it there.
 I think I should have bought a pair.
I like the blue and touch of red.
(see more of the CL headboard HERE.)
I think it looks best in the family room 
where I'm still sneaking in more red.
Lucy: "Hey! Is that a new pillow?"
"I like it here!"
 Lucy loves down pillows best.


Friday, July 13, 2012

Wine Cork Memo Strip

A quick wine cork craft project.
This mini memo strip can fit anywhere.
 All I needed were a few wine corks, 
a piece of wood in any length, and wood glue.
 I have lots of saved wine corks waiting for
 a new project.The wood strip is a louver
that I removed from a door for the
chicken wire dish pantry project. I kept all
the louvers in a large can in the garage.
(JIC- just in case)
They were also waiting for a new project.
  Gather as many corks as needed to fill
the length of your wood strip.
 Use plain 'ol white glue.
 Let it dry.
I glued a saved pull-tab to the back.
 I can hang it from that or add a ribbon.
Don't forget to sign and date the back.
It's easy to change the ribbon
to suit your decor or the season.
This would be a great memento from
 a wine tour or special event.
Or, how about saving the wine corks
from a wedding and making a little
thoughtful gift for the couple?
I always save wine corks...
...whenever and wherever. 
note: Buy More Wine