Wednesday, August 29, 2012

10 Things I Don't Throw Out...I Reuse!

Here are 10 things most people toss out 
without a thought....Not me!
1. toilet paper rolls-make great cord 
wranglers, or napkin rings, or dip into paint to make circles,
or slit the side and wrap around a roll of
gift wrap paper to keep it from
 unraveling and tearing.
2. used coffee filters-rinse and save to
 make a no-cost wreath
or line a clay pot or planter box to cover up
 the drainage holes.
You don't even need to rinse off the coffee 
grounds. They're good for the soil.
3.  egg shells- start blowing out eggs 
instead of cracking them open a few weeks
 before Easter. Then Decoupage eggs using 
the top layer of cocktail napkins using
Mod Podge.
4. jars-small to large, I reuse jam and spice
 jars and store everything!
They can give your beverage some 
5. tennis cans: I can store almost everything 
in a tennis can.
6. plastic skirt hangers: lop off the ends to use as bag clips
7. return envelopes: make out your grocery 
list for the week and stuff the coupons 
you'll use inside. An endless supply.
8. oyster/clam shells: whenever I order
  oysters or clams in a restaurant I have the
 waiter bag up the empty shells for me. 
*Please remember to take them out of your 
car when you get home and never forget to 
take them out of your girlfriend's car or 
you'll never hear the end of it!
 Saved corks used HERE.
9. wine bottles and corks: wine bottle garden border.
10. Liquor bottles: decant bubble bath, bath 
salts into pretty tequila or other liquor 
bottles . No more ugly plastic containers.
To see  more.....
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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Antique Wicker Makeover

My antique wicker needed to find a place
inside my house.
I had been storing it in the garage.
To make room for it something had to go.
I sold the sectional sofa on craigslist.
 It was moved in here 'temporarily'.
It's been in 4 homes over 30 years
 and reupholstered. This small sitting area
in my bedroom was the perfect spot
 for the wicker furniture.
I love antique wicker and have collected
a few pieces over the years.
after-bedside table
I made the mistake of putting it outside on
the covered patio when we first moved to
Florida. It looked great for a while but
tropical weather is not kind to natural wicker.
It was ruined and needed  major repairs.
sofa before
sofa after
I bought the sofa and rocker in 1989
at the Kane County Flea Market.
We gave everything a rescue.
We cleaned it, glued it and painted it.
Sometimes I use this wicker hamper, 
(a bulk trash rescue painted white) as
 a side table. It's filled with bedroom
Christmas greenery.
The wood trunk is filled with more
Christmas things for the bedroom.
I found this small child's table in Dallas.
The owner had an old black and white photo
 of it with two little girls having a tea party.
Here it all is!

 This antique wicker sewing stand has always
been inside.
 I did paint the gold-framed garage
sale mirror white.
 my side
I always bring a glass of water with me to
 bed at night. It fits into this Longaberger 
round pencil basket. Wood makes a great
natural insulator
 The blue sign that's used in the guest room 
at Christmas goes in here the rest of the year
.....and to all a goodnight. (See that HERE.)
To see the complete wicker post on
the bedroom sitting area click HERE.


*The blue throw (just tucked in) on the sofa
cushions and pillow sham were from Marshalls.
The chair cushion has a square tablecloth by
Ralph Lauren ticked in. Also from Marshalls

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Shutter Runner

As you may know, I like to change the 
look on our breakfast area table....a lot.
It's like changing outfits. Can't wear the same 
thing everyday...right?
 I also love using unique elements.
I was in the garage looking for something...
I forget right now what that was when I 
 spotted a pair of shutters that have been 
there forever and said to myself (again) 
'I need to find a use for those.'
Table runner? Table runner!
Gave it a scrubbing and viola!
Plopped three small pots from HD
into a basket. They'll need to be
planted outside next week.
Set the table with Longaberger
Classic Blue pottery.
 No placemats. That was too crowded.
 Longaberger napkins coordinate with the
 pottery and match the basket's liner.
 Tea set, salt & pepper,
and breakfast!
Apple Rings with cinnamon sugar
Just dip apple slices in pancake batter and
cook on a  buttered griddle.
(true confessions: It's a faux wood shutter,
 but don't tell anybody.)
I shutter to think!


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Antique Wicker Sitting Area

I finally refurbished my antique wicker.
 Here it is in the after of my
bedroom sitting area.
I played around in Photobucket
using special effects.
Here is the area before.
(More in my next post)
I sold the old sectional on craigslist.
I love it. It looks so much better.
I've also added a few rattan pieces. 
I'm still using the antique maple trunk.
I brought in a Chinese blue and white garden
 seat to use for a small end table. 
It's just the right size
 to hold a cup of tea and a book.
Everything was gathered from around 
the house. 
The rattan pieces were part of my
in-laws set.
 I covered the seat cushions on the couch 
 with a quilted throw and the pillows are 
covered with standard size shams.
The wicker bedside table. 
Wait until you see the before 
in my next post. I'll show you
all the pieces in their before state.
The view from the bed. I'm so glad I found
 a place for everything I had. 
It makes me happy every time I look at it.

click HERE to see the wicker makeover