Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fifty Shades of Fall

Here's my DIY art project for Fall 2012.
I'm calling it 'Fifty Shades of Fall'.
There are so many color options when  
decorating for Fall it was making my 
head spin! 
I needed a project that used them all.....
 I picked out 50 paint cards in fall colors.
Laid them out in color groups.
 Trimmed off the color names. 
That gave me a 3-1/4" square. 
I saved the trimmings to use with a 
leaf punch for my next project.
 Randomly arranged the colors.
 Found a scrap piece of thin wood in the
 garage and cut to size.
 Spread Mod Podge on the board in sections 
using a foam brush and placed the 
squares on to adhere.
After it dried a bit and sets, applied a coat 
of Mod Podge all over the top.
 It will look milky but will dry
At this point the colors were very bright.
I wanted it more muted and artsy looking. 
I rinsed the MP off the brush and used it to
apply (whatever) stain I found in the garage. 
Wiped the stain off with a rag right away.
You'll get a grained effect with the wipe-off.
You can also dab it for a slightly different look.
 I ran some stain along the edges of the
 wood to give it a finished look because
 I was not planning on framing it.
 Here it is on it's temporary easel,
 a step ladder.
 Now I need to make an easel! 
 Or find a space to hang it.
Fifty Shades of way!
 There must be fifty ways to 'leaf' your lover!


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Doggie Dining

Our doggies' dining space gets changed with
 the seasons and holidays at our house.
The doggies wanted to show you some of
 their tablescapes.
This is the one we have now for Fall.
I'm thinking of building a little box with cut
outs for the bowls. Larry is thinking this
one is fine. I'll show you the new set-up
 when it's done.
This is how it all started.
Larry cut a bone shape from an 8" board.
He also cut out two circles for the bowls 
and then added 2" feet to raise it
 off the floor a bit. 
I found this cute 'dog table' in a catalog. The 
painted blue and white checked 
tablecloth design was perfect in my kitchen. 
It's always set for meals with silverware and 
has the bowl cut outs that gave us the idea 
to make our own..
I painted the original bone tray white and
 added Snowmen bowls for Christmas.

Bow Wow Chrustmas
 Red bowls for Valentine's Day.
The kitchen towels at the end of the island
 are always changed for the holidays too.
They add to the doggies' tablescape.
And don't think that they don't notice!
It always comes back to blue and white
Their dog cookie jars are changed too,
but that's another post.
Bone Appetit!

Bow Wow for Now!
Lucky & Lucy

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall Kitchen Cabinets

A little Autumnizing has begun. 
First on the list was to change out the 
red checked back of the kitchen cabinet.
 I used a roll of brown wrapping paper. 
I cut and attached it as I have in the previous
cabinet posts. If you missed that click here.
 I exchanged the blue and white dishes 
for my 'Fall' china.
Evesham by Royal Worcestershire.
The cups two sides have different fruit, so I
hung 6 to show one side and 6 the other.
I found the Pumpkin tea pot thrifting.
 I exchanged the Longaberger
Cornflower Blue casseroles and
serving pieces for the Ivory.
 I added amber goblets and
3 salt and pepper sets.
 I made the FALL blocks last year,
click here to see.
 Vintage walnut and squirrel salt & pepper.
 Pumpkin salt & pepper set and a
thrift store pumpkin canister.
Apple & pear salt & pepper set
More Autumnizing this week.


Monday, September 17, 2012

September Table

I was chomping at the bit for a little
fall change on the table.
Fall is a state of mind in South Florida,
and my cicadian rhythm was humming!.
It started (as it often does) with my search
for a fun table runner.
Off came the summer white shutter runner.
 I found a board in the garage and gave it a good scrub.
 I wiped it down with mineral oil, as I do for
my kitchen island butcher block. I keep the oil
soaked rag in a tennis can (HERE)
to use over and over again.
I've added a few pieces of the 
blue and white orchard fruit dishes. 
Out came the rattan chargers.
 I only have 6 cups & saucers and 6 small
 bowls of the fruit dishes, but they
mix and match nicely with the rest
of my blue & white dishes.
 Partridge in a pear tree tea set.
 A clever trivet made by screwing wine corks
onto the ends. A little touch of my fall wine 
theme seen in my previous posts.
 I set the wood board on two nubby woven 
placemats for more texture and color.
 Glass insulator caps are filled with tea lights.
 The Longaberger tote basket is the centerpiece.
 I'll also be using my grapevine dishes.
 Pop a little orange leaf on top.
Good for salads or dessert.
Set for breakfast, lunch, and
DINNER! Garlic Shrimp & Cheese Grits.
Get the recipe on my recipe blog HERE.