Monday, October 20, 2014

B-O-O Blocks

An easy Halloween craft project. 
These B-O-O blocks are sitting on my 
just-right-for-fall  thrifted throw.
I made these blocks with small pieces of 
leftover 2X4 wood.
 I just cut to size and sanded the 
rough edges, then I painted them using some
 leftover black paint. Sanded again to age.
 I printed out the letters in outline and rubbed 
chalk on the back. 
 It made it easy to transfer-trace the letters.
 I used a white paint pen Sharpie to fill in.
 The nice thing about this project is that I can
also use the back of the blocks for other
 words. I already have an O for J-O-Y
Now where to put these cuties?
 Above the stove.
 On the entry ledge.
On a stack of picnic baskets. I can 
use them in so many places. Make one set
 for yourself and one for a friend.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Spooky Entry Table

 Black cats and spell books replace the 
regular pretty items on the entry table.
 I used black plaid placemats, an orange 
pillar candle on a large carved wooden
candle holder that I found thrifting, a black 
cat wrought iron boot scraper that I've had
 since scraping off snow from boots that
 was a part of my life, and of course, 
Longaberger pumpkin baskets.
 I covered a saved bare-wire lamp shade with 
black silk and used it on a white thrifted lamp. 
 Books are covered with brown paper that
 I've printed to resemble spell book covers.
 Dollar store spiders are everywhere.
Did you figure out what I used for my shade 
cover? Yes, its an old black half slip. I have
 a trunk filled with old clothes that 
I just know will come in handy


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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Come Hike With Me...

We're visiting our condo in North Carolina 
enjoying the daily deeper change of the 
leaves. We try to take a hike most days 
while we are here.This is near Bryson City,
A lovely drive into the Smoky Mountain National Park.
Tunnel ahead.
 The light at the end of the tunnel.
 Always good to see.
On to Noland Creek hiking trail.
Trying a new trail today.
Which way? 
They are all beautiful.
Really liking hiking!


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Wednesday, October 8, 2014


For someone that lives in south Florida, 
I sure do love Fall!
I get out my Fall bin and add as much of
 that ol' Fall feeling
before we drive up to North Carolina
 for my Fall 'fix' in October
 A small pallet was dragged brought in from 
the yard to use as a backdrop for 
the sofa 'harvest' table.
  I used a small colorful rag rug and topped it 
with the wood board I've used before. 
 The family room coffee table.
 I've changed the ribbon on this mini wine
 cork wreath many times to match the
 seasons. Just use a wire to string
together the corks; twist the ends. 
Old books, a big pinecone 
(pinecones are a must-have for fall)
and a pumpkin tea pot.
Enough for now...time for a tea break!


Monday, October 6, 2014

How To Clean Your Device Screens

Today's Tip: How to clean the screens 
on your smartphones and tablets. 
If yours are getting 'gunky' there's an 
easy and safe way to clean them.
This is a picture of dirty screen on my ipad
 and iphone. It's hard to get a good photo of
the screen grime. This safe cleaner will get
 rid of all the fingerprints, stickiness, and
smudges and make it smooth and shiny
 again. It will disinfect it too, which is
 a good thing during cold and flu season.
It's equal parts white vinegar and water.
 Keep a small container handy and use it 
whenever you feel your are screens getting
tacky and smudgy. I keep mine under the
 sink. It works on eyeglasses too and
computer screens. Just put a little on a
microfiber cloth, just enough to wipe
off the screen. Then wipe off with a dry
 section of the cloth. It should just
 immediately evaporate. 
Never spray it on your screens. 
Never use anything with alcohol.
Never use glass cleaner, like Windex.
 Nice and shiny clean.
And easy to keep that way. 


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fall Faith Farm Finds

We needed to take our van in for service and 
they were able to get the work done if we 
could come back in in an hour or two. 
Well, my favorite thrift store was just 
up the road so, yes we'll be back as soon 
as we get the call that it's ready.
Here are all the fun Fall things I found.
 A large turkey platter.
 I'll use it to add color to the back of 
the stovetop in November.
 2 fall-adorned votive candles.
 Miscellaneous pieces of vintage blue and
orange china that I'll display in my antique
glass front china cabinet for fall.
 I love orange with blue.
 Covered oval dish
 Pretty scalloped gold leaf edge and handle.
 The inside has the flowers too.
 Oval platter that I can use with the sugar
and creamer in the first photo.
 Something for Valentine's Day.
 A very large painted pottery bowl
signed on the bottom by the potter
 Couldn't pass up cowboy boots for $3.75.
 A Valentine's mug to add to my collection 
and a string of red wooden beads.
 Yeah! My first find of Americana mugs for
 my 4th of July and beyond decor.
Frames for 50¢, wood, stone and pearl. 
It was 25% discount Wednesday. 
All these goodies for a grand total
"donation" of $36. Perfectly timed
on the way out with a call from the repair
shop. Unfortunately no discount there.
Happy to have my goodies.