Thursday, February 4, 2016

Dreaming of Capri

On this cold winter's day it seems like the thing to do.
This summer I had an amazing vacation in 
Italy with daughter Kim and my granddaughter
 Kristina. We were celebrating Kristina's 
graduation from Texas A&M. They flew
 here to Ft. Lauderdale from Dallas a day
 ahead so that we could all fly to Italy 
together. Our first stop CAPRI. Actually
Rome airport, then a driver to Naples
then a ferry to Capri, then the shuttle
to the hotel. So a long day. 
But this made it worth it! 
This is the view from our room.
Yes! Amazing!
The trip was magical! Everything about it.
The views, the food, the sights, and best of
all was the people we met that made the trip
 such a memorable experience.
 It all just clicked.
Capri is a beautiful island off the 
coast of Italy. It's part of the Amalfi coast.
 We would walk the small alleyways into 
town. Good steep hillside exercise that 
helped to offset
all the good food and wine. Of course
there was pizza for lunch.
 The weather was cool enough for 
walking everywhere.
Every turn and step 
(and there were plenty of steps)
was filled with flowers and fruit trees.
This is a real lemon tree trellis. I 
tried to think of a way to bring one home.
The lemon trees were everywhere. 
 Every home had a yard that was put to good 
use. Each one had a beautiful garden filled 
with vegetable, herbs, and fruit. 
I loved looking at them all.
 Just one of the many beautiful garden doors.
We always chose our restaurants with a view.
While siting at an outdoor cafe we were
able to enjoy this Catholic Church celebration.
Wonderful to see and hear the splendor.
Back in our room each evening to enjoy the 
sunsets and freshen up and change for dinner.
Then it's back into town for more adventures.
The nights in Capri were just that! 
Our fabulous evenings in post.


Thursday, January 21, 2016

New Baseboards Upgrade

Here's a project that has been on my
to-do list for years. 
BEFORE                                  AFTER   
 Stock 5 ¼" baseboard from Home Depot. 
 Painted a high gloss white.
 Here's the reason I did it!

It's a big job and the hardest part is moving all
my furniture and the stuff in it and on top. 
Everything got a good cleaning before it was
put back. 
 It makes such a big difference.
The next project is to paint all the doors and 
jams in the same high gloss white.


Thursday, January 7, 2016

Using Silver Meat Platters

I polished my silver meat platers before 
Thanksgiving. I have a small collection. 
I use them a lot during the holidays and
 like to keep them handy. It's an elegant
way to serve your sliced turkey and roasts,
So you can understand why I would need
different sizes. Are you with me so far?
I store them leaning against the back splash 
black tiles and white beadboard in the kitchen.
They add a little holiday sparkle too.
 They help to lighten-up the black tiles 
and reflect the light.
 One was a passed down gift.
 One was a wedding gift. 
 Two were vintage finds. I
love the pretty scroll details on these. 
 This Christmas I passed one
to my daughter and one to a daughter-in-law.

I suppose I can survive with only the two 
I have left...Larry thinks so.


Monday, January 4, 2016

Introducing Sofie May!

We had a new addition to our family
 in October.
This is Sofie!
We weren't planning on getting another dog.
It had been a year since I lost Lucy and it was
still not an option (click here for last post).
But then a friend's daughter shared a 
Facebook post with me.
It was too soon, yet it seemed like fate 
had different plans.

I'm all about rescue dogs and this  
Yorkie baby was in need of our love.
By then I was sure someone else would
find her before we were able to make
contact with the rescue people. When I
finally heard back we set up a day for a
meet-and-greet. Responsible rescue
 groups always check  out the new people
 before placing their rescues in homes. 

That went great. Poor little girl was frightened
 and took a while to warm up in a scary
situation. She's just about 2 years old.
We would be able to pick up our new girl
 later that week after her visit to
the vet for her spay surgery. 
Here she is on her ride home. 
Her first week in her furever home with 
us was calm as she need TLC during her
recovery and adjustment to her new home.
Since then she's become a joy! She just such
a happy little dog, very affectionate,
playful, and smart.
One morning she brought me a tennis ball
that she found by herself. I roll it to her
and she brings it back to me. I've never
 had a Yorkie do that. It's now part of
 our morning routine. She'll find a ball.
After a while she discovered introduced us
to the fun of retrieving balls in the yard.
Sofie just loves to run and play.
She even brought me a tennis ball while I
was taking a bubble bath. How cute!
She has been a happy little traveler too. 
We've taken several road trips to
 North Carolina and Georgia and she's been
enjoying the sights and hikes.
 Found a good spot in the bear bedroom at
our condo in North Carolina.
 She loves to hike with us.
Here she is "backpacking" with Daddy.
She loves to visit the small towns.
All snuggled on her bear pillow in NC.
 In Florida we sit outside each evening
to watch the sunset and maybe play a
little tennis ball toss.
 She fits into Lucy's hand-me-downs,
 so she has quite the wardrobe for all
the holidays.
 She's a late sleeper, cause she likes
to snuggle as long as possible.
She's all packed with her brush, sweaters
and toys for our second road trip to see
the family in Atlanta for Thanksgiving.
She made sure we didn't forget her
favorite tennis balls.
 Georgia. We are meant to be!
 Everybody crashed after our delicious
Thanksgiving Dinner.
 Then it's on the road again back to NC
before continuing on North.
 Catching a small town Christmas parade
in Bryson City, NC.
 Dreaming of many more happy days
with her new Mom and Dad.
 On to New Jersey to see more family,
then Vermont, then back to Atlanta for
Christmas and home again to Florida.
It's been quite a trip!

Love from Sofie and
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