Thursday, October 1, 2015

Motivation From The Dollar Tree

Sometimes motivation comes from unlikely
 places. This time it came from the
 Dollar Tree!
We were having lunch with friends when they 
suggested we stop at a dollar store which 
was in the same plaza and see what
goodies we could find.
Here's our favorite; Autumn leaf goblets.
They will be my official everyday glasses
every year for fall.
I couldn't wait to get them home, washed and
play with them. They motivated me to get
my breakfast table "autumnized". 
I got out some of my fall accessories. My leaf
applicated table runner is a perfect match
with the goblets. Looks like they were just
 made for each other.
 I also used my leaf salad plates,
Added brown leaf plate chargers, 2 gold
thrifted (25¢) quilted placemats, a basket I
saved from a gift-basket set, also added my
vintage Brown Betty tea pot, vintage walnut
 and squirrel salt & pepper set, an antique
scale, oil lamp, plant in a Longaberger fall 
basket and my thrifted orange pottery bowl. 
Not that I won't change or tweak it again. 
This was my quick-pull-something-together
 RIGHT NOW for Instant gratification!
 I used what I had and 6 new fall glasses.
Now I think I need to get 6 more.
I've been using them every day!

 We're enjoying our evening wine spritzer
 or fall sangria even more. 

I had more fun than a kid with a new toy.

Enjoying fall.... Cheers!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

The View From My Backyard

My favorite time of day is sunset!
 We get spectacular sunsets most evenings 
this time of year.
I make it a ritual to go outside each evening
with my glass of wine and my iphone. 
It's a different show each night. We live on
a small lake in a community west of
Ft. Lauderdale, so we're lucky to 
have our yard face west over the lake.
 Of course we are also in the rainy season. 
Each afternoon it usually rains for about an
hour. That's what keeps everything lush and
 green and it's also the secret to the amazing 
colors of the evening sunset.
My iphone pics do not do this show justice.
 Each evening is a different show. 
 A good place to sit at the end of the day.
 I have hundreds of pics. Love them all.
 I feel so blessed to have this right in my backyard.
They are truly breathtaking and the
gift at the end of the day. 


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Time To Bring Out The Pinecones!

If you do nothing this fall but add pinecones
you're good to go with fall decor. 
 On the patio.
With lights on top of a cabinet.
Piled in baskets ready to use.
 Glued to jute rope for a garland.
Just change the ribbon scraps with the holidays.
 One here and one there.
 In a wooden bowl.
 As a centerpiece surrounding a pillar candle.
 Jumbo pinecones.
In a window box. 
 I hope you've been collecting them whenever
 you see them just lying on the ground. I
obsessively collect them. Can't pass them up!
 I even had my 8 year old granddaughter in
Colorado gathering them on our recent visit. 
She wants to make a wreath.
Another pinecone convert. 
 No plants, no problem.
 Using just one.
 Fill every empty basket.
 All in a  row.
A bushel basket filled with pinecones
at the front entry for a fall welcome.
Endless possibilities for these free
gifts from nature. Love...


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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Hot, Hot, Hot...

It's been a long hot summer. Here in south
Florida and I'm guessing where you are too,
it's been hot, hot, hot.
But lately I've been feeling just a whisper of
a breeze. Telling me that cooler days are 
a commin! Everyone here is all smiles when
we feel it because we know what's 
ahead.....perfect weather! 
In the meantime, it's lots of cooling off in
the pool after tennis or while we're working
in the yard or patio. Gallons of water and 
tubes of sunscreen for survival.
Can't wait for FALL!


Thursday, September 10, 2015

DIY Scarf Hanger

This is a great way to organize
 all your scarves for easy access.
All you need is a hanger, 
pretty wood or bamboo will do.
I used a pack of cheap-o shower curtain
 rings I'd been saving for some reason.
Yes, they were stored in a tennis can
How else would I have found them?
Then in minutes I gathered my small pile of
 scarves and looped them through. 
Easy access!
If you have a lot of scarves you can do
separate hangers for spring/summer
 and fall/winter, or by color group.