Monday, January 26, 2015

My Top 10 Cleaning Tips

If the New Year has you inspired to tackle
 your cleaning "To Do" list here are some
of my best cleaning tips. Click on any of
the links for all of the information.

These are all so easy and cheap, and best
of all...they work!
Let me know if you've tried any of them.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

DIY Effortless Winter Centerpiece

It takes me about 5 minutes to change
 the centerpiece on the breakfast table
 for the seasons.
I've used this one many times.
It works from Fall thru Spring.
I just placed a hurricane lamp in the center of
my large antique bowl, added a pillar candle 
(chosing a color for the season) 
and surrounded it with some of my
gathered pinecones.
I first used this easy centerpiece
 for Fall and it was featured in 
 To add a bit more color, I cut a few
hearts free-hand from a piece of red
scrap paper. I'll add more and this
centerpiece will be work for
 January and February.
 I decided to add a string of tiny white
 battery-operated lights for the winter.
It makes a nice glow along with the candle
 now that it's dark when we're having dinner.

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

How To Save Your Christmas Photo Cards

I love getting Christmas photo cards from
family and friends, but what to do with them 
after they're taken off the fridge?
They are too cute to pack-up. 
I take a picture of each card using my iphone.
I categorize them in my photos library
the next time I sync it to my Mac computer
 as Christmas Cards 2014. 
I can see the changes in everyone 
from year to year.
This works with school photos or any photos 
you want to add to your photo library.
You can tag the photos (add names) if
you want to search a particular person
at a later date.
You'll have all the options in your
computer's photo library.
You can even just capture part of a photo.
Below is a close-up shot of photo  #5 .
Now a great thing I like to do is to use 
the photos to fill in any profile pics
 in my phone's contact page.
Below are screen shots of my phone
as I did this. Hope it helps.
Here's John (info have been changed to
protect the innocent) with no profile
pic. See the add photo in the circle?
Go to the edit mode and tap that circle.
You'll have the option of choosing a
photo in your phone; like the ones
you've just taken, or just taking
another one now....take or choose.
I took a close-up of 'Joe'
moved it to center and 
tapped 'use photo'
Now I see 'Joe' when he calls
or when I bring up his contact
info on my phone. 
Everyone in my phone has a photo,
even businesses. Why? Because
it's fun and easy. Let me know if you
have any questions. 


Monday, January 5, 2015

DIY: The Easy Way To Clean Stainless Steel

Todays Tip: Cleaning stainless steel
appliances couldn't be easier.
It's so simple!
It's so safe. It's so cheap. 
I just use baby oil...yes! Baby Oil!
Before                             After 
(Taking a photo of stainless isn't easy)
Put a little on a soft cleaning cloth and 
...wipe on ~ wipe off
You'll get rid of the drip marks, smudges
 and fingerprints.
Buff off any excess.
 It will leave a nice sheen and a nice smell.
You'll also have soft hands!
I keep a bottle under the kitchen sink.
Lavender scent baby oil is a favorite. 
Try it and let me know how it works for you.


Friday, December 19, 2014

It's Easy To Believe (Sign)

This Christmas sign was done quickly using 
my easy method to make signs. 
Using Word I  printed a favorite font
 (Before The Rain
in the size (200) I wanted in outline setting.
Then I just traced it onto a painted board.  
 I rubbed a piece of chalk onto the back of
the paper and traced it onto the board with
 a pencil. If your board isn't black just use a
pencil to rub onto the back of the letters.
 I had a few boards already painted black
stacked in the garage from another project.
As long as I had the black paint out I might
as well keep painting. Good thing because
 I used one of those ready-to-go boards.
 I used a white paint pen to fill in the letters.
I attached a sawtooth hanger to the back.
I can hang it or just lean on a shelf.

tip: You can download the font for free
HERE as well as all their other fonts.

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

30 Signs That You're Obsessed With Christmas

  1. I tell myself that playing
"All I Want For Christmas Is You"
 by Mariah Carey early won't send me
 down a Christmas spiral.

2. The Thanksgiving dishes have 
just been cleared off the table when I 
start listening to Christmas music.
23 Signs You're Obsessed With Christmas   

3. I make a new Christmas playlist
every year from the 705 Christmas songs
I've saved in my itunes library.

4. I add  new playlists to Spotify
from other obsessed Christmas music
    sources like Country Living and Starbucks,
so I'm never without access.

5. I have 11 boards dedicated 
to Christmas on Pinterest.
    I check Pinterest daily for more inspiration.

6. I have special holiday rituals
starting with playing "Silver Bells"
 by Danny Wright
   first thing in the morning the day after
Thanksgiving wherever I am.

7.  I get out boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes
of Christmas decorations, plus more in all the
 Longaberger storage baskets and cabinets. 

8. I sleep on snowmen or snowflake flannel sheets.
9. I only drink coffee, hot chocolate,
and tea in a Christmas mug.
   If traveling I take 2 mugs with us.
   Better to be safe than mug-less.

10. I have an extensive Christmas mug collection.
    I'm always on the lookout for more mugs
when thrifting. (see above #8 and #23).

11. My DVR is filled to the brim with 
favorite Christmas movies.
    I watch the same ones every year.

12. I love any movie with a good 
snow scene
The Family Stone
or a good Christmas movie house.  
They qualify for December viewing.
     All my dreams are covered in snow.

13. Seeing Christmas lights makes me 
giddy with joy.
Highland Park, TX Christmas Lights House Tour 2014
14. I love visiting small towns festively
decorated for the season.
McKinney, TX Christmas 2014
15. I've kept all my Christmas sweaters
 and secretly love them.
   I love the scene in "Bridget Jones Diary"
   where Mark Darcy (Colin Firth)
   is wearing his new Christmas jumper.

16. I need to plan an
 "Ugly Christmas Sweater Party" 
 just so I can  wear them.
There's a board on Pinterest for ideas.

17. I can't wait for my favorite Christmas parties.

18. I love looking at my friends' houses all decorated.
     I have a few BFFZ that share my spirit.
19. I have pinecones everywhere!
20. I keep a Christmas List file on my computer. 
When I pack away the decorations and decor,
 I make notes on the storage and tips
on what to do next year to improve the
process. This way I can access it quickly
 anytime I get new ideas and make
any necessary changes.

21. I change my screen wallpaper 
and AOL mail theme to Christmas.

22. I always have a new DIY Christmas
 ornament or project to do.
23. I decorate the bedroom for Christmas.
24. I change the kitchen dishes the day 
after Thanksgiving.
      We only use Christmas dishes in December.

25. Of course that goes for all the kitchen stuff:
towels, potholders, placemats, napkins,
napkin rings, canisters, tea pots,
pet dishes, basket liners, rugs,
chair cushions, pictures, and more.

26. I get out the Christmas pillows,throws, 
quilts, and afghans.
27. I wear lots of red and green. 

28. Visions of holiday foods dance in my head.
29. I have Christmas-themed 
robes and pjs. 
30. I have a Christmas countdown
 calendar that starts again on 
December 26.

 You can never have too much Christmas!