Monday, April 14, 2014

The BEST Way To Decoupage Eggs

I've found the best way to decoupage eggs.
You will just love this!
Let's get started.
Instead of cracking eggs when I use them,
Larry's been blowing them out for me. 
This is so easy and you won't need to buy a
thing. You will not have to invest in ModPodge
 or concoct some formula found on Pinterest.
All you need is...
a pastry brush and egg whites ! !
Also it doesn't stink up your house or get 
gook on your counters. Plus it's safe for your
children to use because it's non-toxic,
and easy to clean up with soap and water.
Use printed dinner or cocktail napkins.
Separate the colored side of the napkins.
Cut into random size strips.
Brush some egg white on the egg shell. 
 Lay on a strip of tissue.
 Brush the edges down with a bit more egg.
Smooth gently with the brush.
Keep adding tissue and egg whites.
Smooth as you go with the brush and your fingers.
 Let dry several hours.
I have mine nestled in a basket with
a thyme plant.
 You can make any color eggs you want!
I'm doing a blue and white theme this year.
I decoupaged eggs last year and this is
so much easier. I can do a few at a time,
 then just refrigerate the leftover egg whites,
 rinse the brush or pop it in the dishwasher.
If you've never tried your hand at decoupage,
 now you can try it with no fuss.


tip: How to blow eggs.
Larry does this for me.
You'll need a long thin nail or you can use
an awl and a skewer.
Carefully poke through the end and go all
the way through to the other end. Move
it back and forth to help break-up
the egg yolk.
You can use a straw at the larger hole to
blow out the contents, or just use your
mouth. Rinse out the eggs with water.
Blow out excess and let dry.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Organizing Drawers-Cocktail Napkins

My OCD was kicked in today when I read a
post on organizing drawers. When I saw the
 cocktail napkins stored in plastic bags,
I couldn't start fast enough!
 This is my 'before' cocktail napkin drawer.
Pretty organized already, but soon to get even better.
 I'm using store sandwich bags because
(a) they are cheap and I had them.
(b) the closure is clear, not like the colored
zip ones that might conflict...colorwise. 
(OK, I realize I may be scaring you now)
 You may have to bend the napkins to
 get them in. The bags hold a lot.
They'll fit perfectly. Push out the air as you
zip them shut.
I even used the bags for some of my vintage
 linen cocktail napkins and doilies.
 All sorted, protected, and bagged-up!
I have quite a collection of cocktail napkins
for every occasion and holiday.
 They'll be so much easier to find now that
they are grouped in bags.
They went back in the drawer...but wait!
Maybe I should store them upright in a wire basket.
I wanted to 'file' them so I needed a deeper
 drawer. I moved them to my vintage china 
cabinet. They all fit. 
This kind of easy and quick organizing is so 
satisfying it makes me dizzy with excitement.
I just can just run my fingers through and
 easily find the pack I'm looking for.
I had to share with all of you out there
 that 'get' this!


Monday, April 7, 2014

Decorating With Antique School Desks

I love the antique school desks I've collected
over the years when we lived near Chicago.
I knew I'd find a place to use them in Florida
They are a great accent piece that can 
add a little personality in any room.
Here's one in the bathroom holding a 
Longaberger basket and stack of towels.
I dress it up for Christmas.
I also have one in the entry way. Another
Longaberger basket on top holds things that
need to go videos and books for 
the library. It also holds Lucy's leash and
a kleenex box stuffed with plastic bags
for doggie pick-ups.
The front seat is a landing spot for
my purse or whatever I'm bringing in.
It gets dressed up for Christmas too.
It's on the other side of the mirror
and entry table, next the half wall.
This one is in the back of the family room. 
It usually holds a stack of afghans 
and a few baskets. 
Love the old wrought iron scrolls and the 
hole for the inkwell. The book shelf is a
great little spot when I've used the desk
as an end table or bedside table. You can
run your cords through the inkwell.

I change the afghans and baskets
for the seasons.

Dressed for Christmas.

This little desk  and chair was a hit with
 the grandkids when they were little.
It's been used as an end table and a
favorite spot for coloring. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pretty As A Picture

That's what Cathy's house is! 
Her charming house needed to be 'Waterlogued'.

Fellow blogger Cathy of My 1929 Charmer 
wasn't able to do this on her Android.  
So, I had her send me a picture of her
home and I sent her the watercolor. 
It turned out so pretty that I had to share.
Charming is the right word!


Rita Wizard of iPhones
Cathy created this very clever picture on her blog. Love it!

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hidden Symbols In Your Keyboard

Have you wanted to make a cents ¢ 
symbol or a degree º symbol and can't 
find it on your keyboard? Well, they
are hidden under the other symbols. 
Now to type 25¢ , just hold the
option key and hit 3, or to add degrees
  in 350º, hold the option key and hit 0,
same for trademark™ or make an ellipses…
All you need to do is hold down the 
option/alt key and hit the 
corresponding number/symbol key.
Here are some examples;

      regular key:  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   0   
 w/option tab:  ™   £   ¢    ∞    §    ¶     •    ª     º  

regular:  -   =   ;    '    ,    .   /   
option:   –   ≠   …   æ    ≤   ≥   ÷   

regular:   [   ]   \
  option:   “   ‘    «  

But wait…there's more!
Now go across the alphabet keys
and find these; hold the option key down.

row 1(q-p):  œ ∑ ´ ® † ¥ ¨ ˆ ø π
row 2(a-l):  å ß ∂ ƒ © ˙ ∆ ˚ ¬ 
row 3(z-m):     Ω ≈ ç √ ∫ ˜ µ 

I've used the º degree symbol a lot on my 
recipe blog, Rita's Recipes for oven temps.
The cents ¢, the ellipsis… and a few others 
come in handy. Of course there a a lot more. 
I need to play around a bit and find them.


Here's another tip. Copy and paste this
chart to an email and print it; tuck it under
your keyboard for handy reference.

Definition of ellipsis (n)

Bing Dictionary
  • el·lip·sis
  • [ i lípsiss ]
  • omission of implied word: the omission of one or more words from a sentence, especially when what is omitted can be understood from the context, using three dots (...).

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