Monday, July 21, 2014

Touring Through Blogland

I've been invited to a tour through blogland
 by a favorite blogger, Cathy at
 My 1929 Charmer
Here's a Waterlogue I did of her Charmer on 
my IPhone. Cathy's blog is all about her
charming yellow vintage cottage in Chicago.
It's a fantasy story-book house that should
be in a movie. Cathy has added so many
wonderful vintage details that inspired me
 on a daily basis. If you like creative vintage
repurposing you'll need to pay her a visit.

I'm to answer 4 questions.
1) What am I working on?
Right now I'm tackling my list of
100 Things To Do. Odds and ends that have
 been pushed aside because a project that
 was more fun was discovered...usually on
 a favorite blog or Pinterest. I'm an
impulsive creator. If I see something
inspiring, I can't wait to do it.
If not right away, it gets Pinned or put on
the aforementioned list. I have lots of lists!
I guess the newest project will be
redecorating our van/rv. I want to give
 it a cottage look. We've already put down
 faux wood vinyl floor tiles. Now I want to
paint the cabinets white and sew some
 curtains. Add a few small details to make
it a mini-home for our road trips.
2) How Does my work differ from others 
of it's genre?
I write about how I spend my day (May Days),
what I do and how we live. My tablesettings
 are the ones we use every day. My projects
 are not perfect. I use all my things. I cook
dinner every night. My dinners are not
complicated. I like to cook, bake, putter,
organize and I love to repurpose.
BTW I have another blog called
Rita's Recipes. If anyone out there
knows how I can merge my 2 blogs I
will be forever grateful. I'd rather go
 thrifting than the mall. I'd rather
make something out of scraps and
 cast-offs than find something new.
I'd rather buy dishes than shoes.
I look at my blog as a form of journaling.
3) How do I write/create what I do?
I'll write a rough post on a topic and leave
it in draft until I'm inspired to finish it. Often
 I'll just take pictures of what I'm doing and
 then write a brief description later. I do
want to improve my blog with category
drop down menu and print a feature for
 recipes. I'm still learning.
4) How Does your writing/creative process work?
I just go with whatever pops in my head, or 
what I've done recently. Often it's the 
smallest things that I write about. I jot down
 ideas as they come to me, so I don't forget. 
Sometimes when I'm on a walk, in the car, or 
in the tub, my mind will relax and I'll mentally
 write a post on something that interested me
 that day. It can be something as simple as 
loving my new sheets or finally straightening
 out my Tupperware storage closet. Blogging 
has made me more mindful of the ordinary
 arts we practice every day.

I'd like to to introduce you to 3 blogs
I've been loving since I discovered blogs.

Cherry Hill Cottage
Tina had a Texas cottage that is just
oozing with vintage charm. Everything she
does is a delight and she can post one
picture and one sentence and you are
completely captivated. Look through
it all. Lots of goodies.

My Romantic Home
Cindy proves that you don't
need a big house to live beautifully.
She had transformed her former
townhouse and now her apartment
into a uniquely personalized space.
Romantic style with lots of found
treasures and painted furniture and
always beautiful California roses.

Savvy Southern Style
Kim has a decorating style that has
everything I love. Her colors are
my favorites and her sun room
is fabulous. She often changes
colors and a few pieces and I
can't decide which version I
 love more. You need to check out
every room several times.


DIY Outside Window Wash

This is the easiest way to clean your
outside windows.
Wash on ~ Rinse off! 
Streak free, spot free, squeaky clean
windows in no time with no squeegeeing!
Here's my DIY Window Wash.
It's so cheap and so easy to mix up a batch!
You already have everything you need in the
house, so it's ready anytime you need it.
The vinegar acts as a sheeting agent.
It works like JetDry, but you don't
 need to buy the expensive stuff.
 I made another batch in a jar while
 I was mixing so I'd have it ready.
 The nice thing about washing windows in
Florida is that I can jump in the pool
anytime to cool off, and also admire
the shiny clean windows I've done so far.
You will need a bucket, a bar (Cuban) mop, 
or whatever long handled thingy you have
and old hand towels. 
First hose down the windows.
Then  generously mop on the solution. I also
wiped it on the frame and hurricane shutters. 
I use my bar mop and old towels
You can find bar mops at most dollar stores.
Rinse off with a hose before the solution dries
Let it air squeegee required.

I also used my DIY Dishwasher Detergent,
but you can use any brand.
 Here's my easy formula: 1/4 C of everything.

Keeping it simple!

Window Wash
1/4 C dishwasher powder
1/4 C ammonia
1/4 C alcohol
1/4 C white vinegar
Add to a bucket and fill with
1 gallon of hot water. Mix.
Spray the windows with a hose.
Mop on the cleaning solution.
Rinse off with the hose. 
Air dry.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Blue & White Fabric Scrap Wreath

I've made several fabric scrap wreaths. 
They are so easy that I made this one last
night while watching TV. 
 I wanted a blue and white one for summer.
 I just bend a wire hanger into a circle and tie
on the strips of fabric. Push together tightly.
 This one is on a clear wreath hanger
hooked over the kitchen cabinet door.
It's a great way to repurpose old clothing, 
especially if it has sentimental  value.
 Cut a few long pieces about 8" wide and cut
 a small snip spacing about 1-1/2" wide to 
make is easy to rip the fabric. Don't bother 
to measure. This is a scrap wreath. 
 Now rip into strips.
 Do a bunch to get a good start on your 
wreath. You'll need to do more anyway.
Here's the salvaged fabric I used.
This blue and white striped sheet belonged
to my Mother. Lots of fabric here for projects.
 I also used a few sets of men's pajamas.
These belonged to Larry's Dad. I saved them
 years ago. I  knew the blue colors would be 
just right for a future project. 
Notice how they spelled pyjama.

Pajamas and pyjamas both refer to loose-fitting clothes worn for sleep. Pajamas is the preferred spelling in American English, while pyjamas is preferred in the main varieties of English from outside the US. 

What do you use?
Pajamas, Pyjamas or PJs


Monday, July 14, 2014

Playing With Pillows

 The slipcovered sofas in the living room 
 are made for a quick change. 
 I gathered all my toss pillows that
were blue and white and tried different 
arrangements. Large B&W floral.
 Navy shell print pillows.
 Added 2 B&W toile print pillows. 
The toile and shell prints are pillow covers
from IKEA. That makes them easy to change
and I store the extra covers in a drawer. 
I tried them with a geometric navy pillow.
I've always loved the fabric and fringe on the
 large center pillow. The blue and white 
Chinese pots in the pattern match the pots
I have in the house.
 Gingham and needlepoint.
I think I'll use the needlepoint.
 Add a hand crocheted blue granny square 
afghan  from my stash.
 A summer look.
 This Ralph Lauren tea cup, saucer
and dessert plate are part of an 
assorted collection I have of dessert
sets. Everyone could choose
 a different pattern for their tea. 
This one works for me today.


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thrifting Is Like A Box Of Chocolates:

You never know what your gonna get!
It's always fun to see what I'll find at my 
favorite thrift store. I stop in only every 
3-4 months. It's the definition of serendipity!
 Here are today's goodies!
An iron cookbook stand.
 I like the page holders on a chain...$2
 Very nice martini glasses will be just right 
for a summer cocktail...$1
 Couldn't pass up a white teapot for $1.
 Thrift stores are a good place to find 
that missing lid...$1
 A clamp jar now filled with doggie treats...50¢
 I spotted these 2 clay chicken cookers
 for only $3 each.
 They'll fit right in with the clay pieces I have. 
I love their shape. Pretty enough to be left out
 and sit on top of my cabinet. Clay cooking 
was the concept for the crock pot.
Thrifting is like a box of chocolates!