Thursday, May 14, 2015

What Calms Me

My "thing" is always having the breakfast 
table set. It's where we eat. If that's done, 
I'm OK. I like need to see an organized,
pretty place to relax and have our next meal. 
Whatever else may be going on in the rest 
of the house, at least this space is calming 
and waiting for me.
Sometimes I make big changes, but usually
 it's a little weekly tweeking to freshen-up
 the look. It takes me just a few minutes
to spritz the glass top, add different 
placemats, napkins, maybe  a runner, 
or tablecloth; and add something
 to the centerpiece.
Maybe change the dishes.
I've had this one, more-or-less, for weeks. 
They usually don't last that long before
 I get bored with them or get inspired
 with a new idea. 
So when I need a sense of calmness, 
I set the table. What do you do? 


Monday, May 4, 2015

10 Uses For A Glass Pie Plate

The humble glass pie plate does more than
 just bake pies. It's one of my favorite
kitchen tools. I have several. 
I keep them handy, stacked in the pots
cabinet by the stove.
I find them for $1.00 or less at my
favorite thrift store. They are thick and
can go in the oven, microwave, freezer
 and dishwasher.
Here's how I use them:
1. Of course they're great for making pies
 and quiches.
2. Bake an oven pancake.
3. Perfect for heating up leftovers in the
microwave, use them to cover the plate.
 or use 2 together to keep dinner warm in 
the oven for the late-comer.
4. It makes nice rimmed salad plate.
5. Fits on top pots. Use as a see-through
lid for a pan missing it's lid.
6. Bake a small dinner casserole or side dish.
7. Use as a saucer for a potted plant.
8. I use them when coating chicken;
1 for breadcrumbs,
1 for flour, 1 for eggs. Less mess.

9. It's a nice shallow bowl for mixing and
coating the bread for french toast.
10. Use them instead of a dinner plate when
 serving pasta, the rim prevents spill-overs.
This makes it a good plate to use for children.
Keep your eye out for these kitchen helpers
the next time you're at the thrift store
 or garage sale. They'll become an essential
item for you too.


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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Using A Vintage Casserole Stand

Here's how I'm using one of my vintage 
silver plated casserole stands.
It's one of the goodies I found on my last
thrifting trip. I got two, one is 9" round,
and the other is 7"x10". 
They were $2.00.
I tried it a few different ways. 
I topped with a blue plate that I can 
use for cake or appetizers.
Tried it with a round wooden bread board.
I decided to use it as a stand for the glass
hurricane and candle on the coffee table. 
 I put it all on a glass plate including
the small grapewine wreath.
A glass pie dish fits in perfectly too. That 
would make such a pretty presentation for a 
pie, quiche, or small casserole. In between 
service I can use it as a centerpiece.
I love to find several ways to use my things.