Monday, April 10, 2017

Make A Scrap Wood Cross

I wanted a rustic, shabby, simple,  wood
cross for my Easter season decor. 
I've seen these around the  blogs and 
thought "I could make one of these!"
This project couldn't be easier.
 I just grabbed leftover pieces of wood from
 my garage. I found mall pieces of molding 
and a piece of picket fence. 
I did nothing to the wood. No cutting, and 
no painting. Just used a nail
and attached the pieces together. 
 I attaches a salvaged pull ring to the back
 in case I ever wanted to hang them. 
 I found 6 pieces of wood so I was able 
to make 3 crosses in 5 minutes. 
 This one is on the patio. 
You could decorate it more. There are lots of 
good, simple ideas on Pinterest. This is just
to get you started. Make one part 
of a front door wreath. Take one to your 
Easter Day hostess. See what a nail and 2
pieces of wood can do! 


Thursday, March 9, 2017

3-Tier Galvanized Tray w Blue Cups

This 3-tier galvanized tray has become
a harbinger of the coming seasons. 
It needed a quick change after I removed the 
Valentine mugs last month. A new vignette 
before I decorated for the Spring holidays; 
St. Patrick's Day and Easter.
 I gathered lots of my blue and white tea 
cups in assorted patterns and piled them on.
 My thrifted set of espresso cups fit on top.
Quick change!


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Monday, February 20, 2017

Single-Serve Coffee

Brewing a perfect mug of single serve coffee
couldn't be easier. 
You don't need a big expensive machine
 and those costly coffee pods. 
Those pod machines are like a microwave, 
big space hogs that may be quick and 
convenient but ultimately not giving you
the best coffee. 
The ritual of slowly brewing fresh coffee
is a great way to start your morning. 
No hitting a button on a machine. 
In just a few minutes you can brew
a mug of rich, flavorful coffee. 
The "pour-over" method is incredibly easy
giving you one great cup of coffee. 
Anytime you want. 
You'll need:
a cone coffee dripper 
(less than $4)
#2 filters
your favorite coffee 
(Of course grinding your own is best)
boiling water 
All you need to do is grab your favorite mug. 
I rotate my mugs seasonally. It's a cheery, 
fun welcome to the day.  

Bring water to a boil. I love my electric
water kettle, but you could also micro
2 C of water. 
Place the coffee filter in
 the cone and put on top of your mug. Pour
 a little of the hot water into the empty 
filter to saturate the paper. This also 
warms the mug which is nice. Swirl the 
hot water in the mug and pour it out.
  Don't forget that. 
Add 2 level scoops of coffee to the filter. 
Another plus with this method is you can 
adjust the coffee to your liking. 
Slowly pour a little
water over the grounds to moisten. 
Then slowly pour the water into
 the center. 
Let drip through and add more water
if needed. Slowly pouring into the center 
until your mug is filled to your liking. 
I fill mine about ¾ full 
so there's room to add  frothed milk. 
It's environmentally friendly too, 
just toss the used filter and 
rinse the cone or put it in the DW.
This is great for travel. 
I bring the plastic cone, filters, and
coffee on road trips. It's also good when 
I'm visiting non coffee drinkers. I can easily 
make a cup of single serve coffee myself. 

The clear Melitta cone at the top pictures 
is one I've had for probably over 30 years.
I just bought the new brown one for travel.  
You can find them at BB&B or in the 
grocery store. 


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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

RED Armoire!

Happy Valentine's Day to me! 
 Look at this great RED armoire we found
 this week! Just in time for Valentine's Day. 
Larry knows just what makes me happy!
This is part of my Master Plan*
Just look at all the storage to organize stuff. I can store all of my
Valentine decorations as well as all the 
red decor accessories I use for 3 holidays:
Christmas, Valentine's Day, and the
patriotic ones from Memorial Day thru
July 4th, and 9-11. All in one place. 
All so easy to get to. No more rummaging
around in  boxes on garage shelves. 
Yes, this baby is going in the garage. 
My Master Plan is to find and repurpose
armoires I find for sale on craigslist
and on Facebook and use them in the
garage for storage. Great, cheap, sturdy, 
attractive, storage. Better than open metal
shelves and cheaper too. This one was only
$25 !!!
Cheers to unconventional Valentine love. 

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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Snowflake Christmas Bedroom

Flannel red snowflake bedding is just what 
Kim's bedroom needed to make it feel all 
A duvet cover and pillow shams.
 A black matlesse blanket ties in with the 
black furniture and keeps the red from
 overwhelming the space.
 Of course you need a pile of pretty pillows.
Most can be used any time of year.
 And the dog makes it home.
Khaleesi wanted to give her opinion on the 
comfy softness. Two paws up!
 I hung the sign I made HERE
& to all a good night

(Kim found the bedding at Target in TX)

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Snowman Dishes

I've already changed my Christmas dishes
on our breakfast table...again!
 It all started with a trip to Home Depot where
 I spotted this pretty poinsettia and ivy plant 
arrangement. It was in a rustic twig basket. 
 That meant a different table runner
(2 cloth dish towels)
 and using the rattan plate chargers. 
 Mr. & Mrs. Clause salt and pepper
for more red accents.
Next came a new-to-me set of Snowman
dishes. A friend was moving and downsizing
so she was selling her extra set of
Christmas dishes. Service for 8 plus
 serving pieces: 
2 large 10" serving bowls,
a 14" plater
salt&pepper set 
sugar and creamer
gravy boat w/under dish, 
plus 4 snack plates. 
All for $30!  How could I pass that up?!
This is a nice casual everyday pottery set.
Since I already have too many Christmas 
dishes...or so I've been told, I'll be giving 
these to my daughter in TX. We'll be driving
 there for Christmas. They'll get packed up soon. 
But meanwhile I'll get to use them . HA!
or should I say HO! HO!.
I already had a few serving pieces of the 
same pattern that we used at our place in 
North Carolina. I brought those home a
few years ago. I had a cookie canister, 
9x13 baking dish, napkin holder, and  few 
additional pieces to add to the set.
Now she'll have everything she needs.
I love using oil lamps for
a low flame glow in the evenings.

Tiny twinkle lights in the poinsettia.
 Of course there's always a tea set in
my table vignettes.
A little fun art using the
Waterlogge app. 
 I added the battery copper wire mini lights
 that I had used in November with pinecones
to turn on each evening.
The only positive thing about it getting dark
earlier is that we can dine by candlelight
or mini lights each evening. 
Sofie is watching my every move and
is hoping she'll get a new set-up too.
Of course little Sofie also likes using 
Christmas dishes in December
 It's what we do.
The soup bowls fit right into the 
feeding tray Larry made years ago.
Hope you're enjoying your
Christmas decorating.