Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Estate Sale Buys

I wanted so many things at last week's
Estate Sale, but I kept telling myself
 that I'm here to sell not buy! 
But I couldn't resist this pair of sconces.
 I thought they would look very elegant
alongside the mirror above the cobbler's
 bench. A fancy look against the rustic bench.
 They are candle sconces, so I just needed
 to hang them on my Wonda Hooks.
No wiring necessary.
I love the ornate brass.
I love the big crystal drops.
 Here they are.
With the blue plates...which I also love.
With the brass and crystal sconces. 
I think they go well with all the crystal
on the bench. My blue plates are now
hung next to the mirror in the entry.
up next....
A large pewter tray table.
 The tray top is removable so you can set it
 up with your afternoon tea and bring it in.
I like that. A little sherry?
A few other little things for a dollar or two.
All these pretties were $100. 
See the Estate Sale HERE.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Estate Sale Manager

This past weekend I helped manage an 
estate sale for a friend who is moving 
on to a smaller house closer to the beach.
She was selling everything!
Her large home was beautifully decorated.
The other end of the living room.
Mirror and wall sconces above
an ornate curio cabinet. Lots of accessories.
 Two slipper chairs and a round 
mahogany inlaid pedestal table.
Hallway with art, chest, table lamps,
2 chairs, and collectables.
 This is the carved chest of drawers.
There are 6 of these chairs. 

 Bedroom furniture. 
A beautiful cobalt globe on a copper stand. 
The countries were inlaid with beautiful
stone: quartz, granite, jade, marble, etc.
It went fast because it was a steal!
 Sofa table and a large boldly painted tapestry.
There was a matching coffee table below.
A leather sectional sofa.
 There were bar stools and a
 breakfast dining set with a tropical
Tommy Bahama feel.
 A mahogany buffet with a matching
 large dining table with 10 chairs. 
 a large heavy mirror above the buffet, an 
ornate bronze clock with 2 matching candelabras.
 Two original oil paintings were on each side
 of the large mirror.
 There were lots of cherubs.
 A pair of arm chairs with an ottoman.
There were 8 upholstered chairs.
A pewter tray occasional table.
There was lots more: furniture, art, mirrors,
accessories, sconces, jewelry, lamps, crystal,
everything that makes a house beautiful.
It was lots of work and lots of fun.
I wanted so many things, but had to control
myself. Of course I did get a few things.
I'll show you what and where I put them
in my next post.


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pothos For The Pathetic

I have several pothos plants in my house
because they are so easy to care for.
Every house needs something
green and fresh growing.
If you are pathetic at keeping houseplants
 alive this is the perfect plant for you!
 This one is in the antique wicker plant stand
that is in the breakfast area
 You can either tuck the tendrils back in for
fullness or cut them off and stick them
into a pot with moist soil where they will easily
 root and grow into another plant.
You can have an endless supply of houseplants.
Pothos is the easiest houseplant to grow. 
It’s a long-growing, leafy vine that can reach 
40 feet in tropical jungles, but usually 
confines itself to about 6-10 feet in large
containers or hanging baskets, 
where it trails freely. Pothos is tolerant of low 
light conditions and erratic watering.  
Water whenever the soil feels dry.
It's high on the list of plants that can 
help purify indoor 
Learn more about pothos plant care HERE.
More about the white horseshoe box HERE.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Breakfast Tablescapes Review

For every season and holiday the breakfast
 table gets 'dressed'.  It's really just like 
putting together an outfit. 
I like to make it pleasant and inviting when 
we sit down to eat so I always keep it set.
Unless we're eating on the patio
~weather permitting~
we sit down to 3 meals a day here. 
Blue Breakfast Tablescape
Beach Inspired 
Lots Of Yellow
Shell Themed Table
Tablescape Garden Bouquet
St. Patrick's Day
Amapola Dishes
 I need to do this one again.....soon!

The Easter Table

Lots Of Yellow
Picket Fence Table Runner
Vintage Strawberry Tablescape
A Country Table
Make A Square Table Topper
Not Ready For Fall Tablescape
Touch Of Fall Color
A Leaf Motif
Thrifty Tablescape
Pinecones and Golden Yellow
A Scarf Tablecloth
Turkey Dishes
Christmas Breakfast Table
I Heart Breakfast
Spring Daisies

Weekly Table Setting~Amapola
May Table Setting
Seeing Red
Shutter Runner
September Table
A Valentine's Table
DIY Wood Tags
Seeing Red
Daily Table Settings
What? No Tablescape!
What? No tablescape! 
Those were Larry's words one night when
 he came home to this. I needed his help
moving the table and putting the rug
 back underneath. 
We dined bare....table!
To see the complete post on all of the
tablescapes just click on the caption
under each picture.
That was a lot of tablescapes! (37)
And there were still more!