Thursday, December 22, 2016

Snowflake Christmas Bedroom

Flannel red snowflake bedding is just what 
Kim's bedroom needed to make it feel all 
A duvet cover and pillow shams.
 A black matlesse blanket ties in with the 
black furniture and keeps the red from
 overwhelming the space.
 Of course you need a pile of pretty pillows.
Most can be used any time of year.
 And the dog makes it home.
Khaleesi wanted to give her opinion on the 
comfy softness. Two paws up!
 I hung the sign I made HERE
& to all a good night

(Kim found the bedding at Target in TX)

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Snowman Dishes

I've already changed my Christmas dishes
on our breakfast table...again!
 It all started with a trip to Home Depot where
 I spotted this pretty poinsettia and ivy plant 
arrangement. It was in a rustic twig basket. 
 That meant a different table runner
(2 cloth dish towels)
 and using the rattan plate chargers. 
 Mr. & Mrs. Clause salt and pepper
for more red accents.
Next came a new-to-me set of Snowman
dishes. A friend was moving and downsizing
so she was selling her extra set of
Christmas dishes. Service for 8 plus
 serving pieces: 
2 large 10" serving bowls,
a 14" plater
salt&pepper set 
sugar and creamer
gravy boat w/under dish, 
plus 4 snack plates. 
All for $30!  How could I pass that up?!
This is a nice casual everyday pottery set.
Since I already have too many Christmas 
dishes...or so I've been told, I'll be giving 
these to my daughter in TX. We'll be driving
 there for Christmas. They'll get packed up soon. 
But meanwhile I'll get to use them . HA!
or should I say HO! HO!.
I already had a few serving pieces of the 
same pattern that we used at our place in 
North Carolina. I brought those home a
few years ago. I had a cookie canister, 
9x13 baking dish, napkin holder, and  few 
additional pieces to add to the set.
Now she'll have everything she needs.
I love using oil lamps for
a low flame glow in the evenings.

Tiny twinkle lights in the poinsettia.
 Of course there's always a tea set in
my table vignettes.
A little fun art using the
Waterlogge app. 
 I added the battery copper wire mini lights
 that I had used in November with pinecones
to turn on each evening.
The only positive thing about it getting dark
earlier is that we can dine by candlelight
or mini lights each evening. 
Sofie is watching my every move and
is hoping she'll get a new set-up too.
Of course little Sofie also likes using 
Christmas dishes in December
 It's what we do.
The soup bowls fit right into the 
feeding tray Larry made years ago.
Hope you're enjoying your
Christmas decorating. 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas 3-Tiered Galvanized Tay

The thing I love best about this little
3-tiered tray is that it has endless
decorating possibilities. 
 It takes about 10 minutes to change it
for the seasons and holidays. 
 I just gather a little this-and-that and
I've got a whole new look. I'll
sometimes tweak a bit, adding things 
as I unpack little Christmas treasures. 
 It's perfect for puttering, 
if you're a putterer, as I am. 
 Mr. & Mrs. Claus salt and pepper set
from Publix. They sell them every year.
A little corner of Christmas cheer.