Thursday, June 28, 2012

Patriotic Scrap Fabric Wreath

What am I going to make out of these items?
A white t-shirt, a red knit top, a denim blouse
You probably guessed it.
A patriotic fabric scrap wreath.
 I cut the fabric into strips. 
 Two layers at a time is easier.
 Cut off any trim and use it to give 
the project some variety of texture.
 I just cut,then fold and cut in half or thirds
until I have a pile of each color.
 I cut off the button placket and the collar 
to use for something else. Let's see...
 I think the collar would make a cute
 doggie scarf. Unfortunately my fur babies
 are too small, so I decorated a small basket.
 Fill with picnic/patio items.
Cocktail Napkins
 The button strip could trim a lampshade.
 I just pinned this in place.
 Or, it could replace the bow around a plant.
Just pinned in place.
.......but, I digress!
 Back to the wreath. Bend a wire hanger into
 a circle. Tie on the scraps alternating the 
red and white. Push tightly together.
Tie the denim in the upper left quarter.
 Once you have the fabric cut,
 this would be a good project for kids.
Give new life to a stained t-shirt, 
a faded top, and a torn shirt. 


Monday, June 25, 2012

Mug Shots and Chocolate Chip Muffins For June

I changed the mugs at the coffee station
just before Memorial Day.
Changed the Longaberger baskets too and
 added their Patriotic liners. The small 
round  basket holds the coffee filters.
 Red, white and blue Longaberger mugs.
 A divided basket insert holds my
(use it everyday) frother, napkins 
along with picnic forks and straws.
Ahh!....let's get to the muffins.
 And lets have some coffee to go with them.
 One for me and one for Larry, maybe two.
 Still warm and chock full of chocolate chips. 
I think anything with chocolate chips is so
all-American. Yummy!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Big Roo

I got this enormous rooster from a friend 
that is moving to North Carolina.
 She has no room for a roo this size.
He's made out of hand painted metal
 and needed a new home.
 I finally decided to put him up high.
  On top of the wood cornice shelf that wraps 
 around the breakfast area windows and door.
He just fits up there! 
He can keep my ceramic rooster company. 
It all seems to go with my two 
farm scene watercolors. 
 This was the space before.
The big bonus is that it's also a
memento of a friendship. 
How nice is that?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Seeing Red (At The Table)

Lots of red with blue and white
for our everyday table setting.
My Coca Cola soda crate is replacing
 the yellow and blue Pepsi crate seen HERE.
It's filled with table necessities.
 I'm using my blue Longaberger S&P in
their basket, glass insulators for votives,
and red striped napkins from IKEA.
Another Longaberger basket holds
a few rolled stars and stripes napkins.
Blue plate chargers and blue and white 
Denmark/Franciscan dishes.
I found these red glass salad bowls at 
Old Time Pottery years ago. They've also 
been used at Christmas and Valentine's Day.
 Picnic checked cocktail napkins in a small basket.
Jean pocket coasters. I found these about
 10 years ago at a dude ranch we vacationed 
at in Colorado. (King Mountain Ranch)
 I'm using blue bandanas for napkins.
A vintage potato masher makes a great napkin holder.
Sliced strawberries.
Pretty hearts to top a spinach salad.



Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Sofa Table

The red, white and blue summer 
All-American color scheme 
continues in the family room
Memorial Day thru September 11th.
The red dot plate, blue willow cup & saucer, 
white pitcher, and milk glass dishes were all 
found in various thrift stores.
More red, white, and blue.
A tower of milk glass cake pedestals.
A Longaberger Bandana table square is
 folded to use as a runner.
 The red and white handmade afghan is
 draped over the sofa. 
It was a $2.50 thrift store find!
 Cobalt blue glass pebbles fill the glass hurricane.
Just changing the ribbon on the cake pedestal
gives it a look for any occasion. I started
with this color theme for Memorial Day
and am enjoying the red in my house.
It plays well with my  blue and white. 
It started in my kitchen (click HERE).