Thursday, December 14, 2017

My Top 10 Christmas Rules

Everyone has their favorite ways to enjoy
every day of the holiday month of December.
Here are my 10 essentials.

Top 10 Christmas Rules
1. Listen to Christmas music every day.
Tip: find that radio station in the car that
plays non-stop Christmas music all
day all month long.

2. Change all my mugs to Christmas mugs. Dishes too.

3. Wear all our Christmas jammies.
(we get them every year)
product photo

4. Wear Christmas sweaters.
The "ugly" ones are back in style!

or at least wear lots of red. Fun hats, scarves,
and gloves too, weather permitting.
Santa hats are fun after the 20th.

5. Watch all my favorite Christmas movies.
DVR dozens.

6. Bake our favorite Christmas cookie. Snowballs.

7. Cook our traditional Christmas Eve
 or Christmas Day dinner. French Canadian Tortiere

8. Make a new Christmas craft or decoration.
DIY sign

9. See the Christmas lights in your town.
10. Throw all my change into the Salvation
Army red kettle whenever I leave the store.
It adds up!
Your holiday shopping trip to most retail stores would not be complete without the familiar “ding, ding, ding” of a Salvation Army volunteer ringing a bell and collecting money in a hanging “Red Kettle”.
Immerse yourself in JOY!


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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Collecting Turkey Platters

 I've found all these turkey platters over the 
years at my favorite thrift store in 
Ft. Lauderdale, Faith Farm Ministries.
They have several big sales during the year 
and I love seeing what I'll find each time. 
These big platters were only $2-$3 each. 
They are great pieces to decorate for 
Thanksgiving. You can hang a grouping 
down a wall, display in a basket or box
 vignette, a plate stand, use to serve, 
lean against a shelf, or in the kitchen.
 My favorite place to display is to simply lean
 one against the back of the cooktop. 
It adds a good pop of color to the black tile. 
 Bold orange and brown with a raised pattern.
 Softer pastel colors, raised pattern.
 White is so popular right now. 
This is a nice platter for a neutral vignette.
This one is my favorite. The colors are
perfect to blend in with the rest of my
 Turkey Dishes, see those HERE
It has a smooth flat surface so I can
use it for serving as well as a tray for tea. 


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Monday, November 13, 2017

Give Me An M!

I love collecting the letter M. 
So when I saw the buffalo checked 
letters at Target for $1, I grabbed one.
I added it, along with two others to
the small plates I found thrifting
a while ago. The small plate rack is 
also a $1 thrift find. 
 This twine M is one I made years ago. 
It's simply an M cut out of cardboard with
twine wrapped and glued all around. 
You've seen it HERE
This galvanized letter is from Walmart's
after Christmas sale for 25¢. 
These inexpensive letters can be used for 
napkin rings/place setting charms, attached
 to a gift, ornaments on the tree, 
or collect several and spell out; JOY, 
THANKSGIVING for a banner or sign. 
Be open to the letters you find. Have fun!


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Thursday, November 9, 2017

DIY Easy Sharpie Tile Coasters

It's so easy to personalize coasters using 
a few pieces of leftover tile. 
I made these years ago when we still had
 our place in North Carolina.
We had a black bear theme in the guest 
bedroom and bathroom. 
See those rooms HERE and HERE.
Living room HERE.
I made a template of the bear using a 
piece of cardboard and traced it onto a tile
with a pencil. Then I just filled it in with
a black Sharpie. You have endless 
possibilities; monograms, words, names, 
and holiday images like, ghosts, 
Christmas ornaments, snowflakes,
Glue on a piece of cork for the back to
  protect furniture and prevent sweating. 
You can spray coat to protect the front 
or just fill it in if it gets worn. So easy!


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Monday, November 6, 2017

How I Found My Tobacco Basket

I've been keeping my eye out for a tobacco
 basket for years. I was hoping to find one
 on my travels for a good deal.
It needed to be authentic.
I was very lucky to find this one leaning
against the side of a dilapidated garage in
 a big overgrown yard in North Carolina.
We were storing our trailer there until
we drove up again to pick it up. 
The owner of the property didn't own the
basket.  He would try to contact the lady
that did. I was not leaving without a good
effort. We went to lunch in town and
I checked back with him later. 
Still no contact with the lady.
He promised to try again. 
We ran some errands...translation: I was
stalling to hit the road until all efforts
 have been exhausted.
Stenciled edges
On my next call he said that she was not
interested in selling. She knew what she had.
Now a normal person would give up at this
point. That's why they don't have elusive
treasures. I asked if she would be
interested in a trade. 
He'll get back to me.
Morristown, NC
We drove back to the lot and met with the
 lady. We chatted a bit and I offered her
the pick of any item that was in my trailer.
It was basically stuff I had accumulated
from garage sales and bulk trash days.
 Things I didn't want.
She liked a tile top table.
The table had a rustic North Carolina style
that wasn't going to work in Florida anyway
...PLUS I had picked it up for FREE on one
of my bulk trash day rounds.
So the tobacco basket cost me nothing.
Everybody was happy, as all deals should go.
Here's the best part. She had 2 baskets! 
I basically got 2 huge antique tobacco
baskets for FREE.
But wait there's MORE!
 I sold one when we got home for $165.
Next, finding just the right spot for 
this 4' x 4' beauty. 
I first cleaned it up and oiled it up to
 protect the wood and bring out it's color.
  We first tried it in the family room 
on top of the wall unit. It looked
terrible there!
We strung little lights around and through.
After testing the lights first, they didn't
work in spots after we strung them...
as all Christmas lights do!
We finally found the perfect spot in 
the dining room above the large
antique cupboard. It was meant to
be there! The lighted pinecone basket
was already there. We took down the
will use that in a better spot with
natural light. 
I just love, love it!


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Sunday, October 29, 2017

3-Tier Galvanized Tray for Fall

The ever-changing 3-tier galvanized tray
got it's inspiration for fall from
 2 mugs I found thrifting.
 This handmade pottery mug beauty was 
only $1 at the thrift store! You know how 
much they sell for at craft fares and 
gift shops. I loved it the minute I found it
 because it's blue and ties in all my blue 
dishes and just autumnizes  everything. 
 Lucky me...I found 2 of them to perk
up our morning joe!
They are perfect for fall coffee, cider, 
tea, and hot chocolate.
That set the color story to orange and blue.
Those are very old napkins that I've had
forever. That Asian pattern was very
popular and is still a classic. 
More fall elements.
It's fun to grab this and that and see
what works. 
 Vintage salt and pepper set I use every fall.
 Another thrifted treasure that I found that day
 is this handmade pottery creamer. Blue too!
 It was also only $1. 
Old Ball jar, cinnamon sugar, and carved bowl.
Playing with mugs started this
all rolling. 


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Monday, May 15, 2017

Using Pretty Saucers

Finding pretty saucers at the thrift store
 for 10¢ to 25¢ is easy. 
There are so many ways to use them. 

1. A Catch-all plate for jewelry.
2. A small plate for snacks or cocktail party much better than paper.
3. A coaster for drinks.
4. Use them with mismatched cups.
5. A row of them down the center of a table
    topped with jars filled with flowers or
    votive candles.
6. A base for a fat candle.
7. A base for a chandelier's lights (you'll need
    to drill a hole in the center for this project).
8. A soap dish
9. A saucer for a small potted plant.
10. Add a little seasonal color to a candle
     stand, as I've done here.
The red Spode saucers from my dish set
look pretty for Valentine's Day or Christmas. 
 The Longaberger wrought iron candle stand
 without the colorful saucers.
Three mix-match saucers trio in red, white, 
and blue for summer.  
You may already have a random collection 
of saucers. Enjoy using them.  


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