Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Coffee Station

Do you have a coffee station? 
Seems everybody has one!
 I've always had one even before they
became "coffee stations". It only makes
sense to gather everything together in
one spot for making coffee; 
the coffee maker, filters, pretty mugs,
creamers, sugar, spoons and
whatever else you use. 
Mine is on a small counter next to the 
refrigerator. I change the look of it almost
 every month.
If you've been following me for a while you
have seen the changes through the holidays.
I use different mugs, or a tray, or baskets  
to keep it interesting. 
Click HERE if you want to see more. 
You can create your own coffee station with 
what you already have. You just need a 
designated space; like on the counter, a cart, 
a chest, a small table. 
Whatever works for you.  
It's a great little spot for creating an
inviting seasonal or holiday theme.
Use what you have...always!
March ~ St. Patrick's Day
Spring ~ Easter
Remember to always store your coffee in an 
opaque container-no glass. Light is not good
for coffee. If you use glass, keep it in the
cabinet above, away from the light.
Several variations for Fall.

 I find seasonal mugs at thrift stores.
Christmas stations.
It goes up the day after Thanksgiving.
 Canisters filled with coffee, filters and tea.
Valentine's Day is all about hearts. 
All February.
 You can also click on my Pinterest site to
see my board dedicated to Coffee Stations.  
Lots of inspiring ideas there.