Thursday, June 30, 2016

I Have A Beach Cottage

It's not exactly a cottage...more of an RV.
A small van RV that we can park by the
beach...So almost the same thing.
Beach camping in the Keys for the weekend.
This is what we wake up to. Nice.
 The view from our bed.
It's a small class B, but has
everything we need.
We spent the days floating on rafts in 
the ocean and reading in the shade.
The water in the Keys is amazing.
We explored nearby Keys for our favorite lunch places.
This is how you want to eat your lunch!
Evenings for the sunset ritual viewing at 
Lorelei Restaurant and Cabana Bar in Islamorada.
The Keys are just a few hours drive from
our home in South Florida.
Just a short drive to another world.
Long Key State Park camping with full
hook-ups and showers. 
A nice mini-vacation.



Thursday, June 23, 2016

Farm-Style Wire Basket

 A little basket makeover.
After my rusty junk tray makeover HERE,
I wanted to add a wood bottom to this 
thrifted wire basket.
  I've had it for years. It was 25¢ and 
part of a thrift store adventure in NC.
I've used it HERE to hold books.
HERE filled with pinecones.
 Hopefully the bottom of the basket was the
 width of one of the boards we had in the
 garage. That would make this an easy
5 minute project.
Lucky me! 
We only needed to make one cut.
 I used mineral oil to condition the wood and 
bring out the color. I keep a tennis can with
oiled rags because I also use it on my 
butcher block kitchen island.
 Just rub it on and let it absorb. 
Repeat if necessary.
Plop it in the bottom of the basket.
 Perfect fit. Done! Now play with it.
Here's the wire basket without the wood
bottom on the sofa table for May.
Here it is with the wood bottom.
All it needed was a cow creamer and a
couple of vintage Ball jars. 
And a spatterware platter, a potted green
plant, and a blue & white heart-rimmed plate
to complete the farm-style look.
I think the cow and jars items are mandatory. 

Monday, June 20, 2016

Patriotic 3-Tier GalvanizedTray

It's a quick little makeover to 
style the 3-tiered galvanized tray
for the Patriotic months;
Memorial Day ~ September 11th.
Using the  blue and white as the base
 all I  needed to do just add a few of my
 red items; red checked towels, red
creamer, bow, and of course
a few stick flags. 
The Patriotic Longaberger basket
(2001 Inaugural) fits nicely too.
Here's the Spring Tay and Patriotic Tray
A few small red and white roses from 
then yard in the blue and white creamer.
Many of you have asked where I found 
the tray. I neglected to mention that in 
my last "Spring" post. 
I found the tray at Costco for $19.00. 

Monday, June 6, 2016

Rusty Junk Makeover

Is there anything better than finding
a piece of rusty junk and knowing
just what you're going to do with it?
I think not!
 This lovely was tossed by a sidewalk
just waiting for a rescue and a new life.
 I got it home and washed it off with the hose,
I then used a wire brush just to get off
most of the loose rust.
 Larry measured the bottom for the
board I wanted him to cut. Luckily the 
width was the same size as the board.
 He had no idea how I could possibly find
a use for this trash. He kept asking the usual
 questions; Why would you want it? 
What are you going to do with it?
Are you going to  paint it? (no)
Just you wait!
 The cut board (from our garage wood stash)
was dropped in the  bottom.
 I gave the board a good rub with mineral oil.
 It's the same way I treat my butcher 
block island top HERE. I used the oiled 
rag to rub a little on the metal part too.
 It really cleaned it up nicely.
 And here she is!  My free salvaged tray.
 Just love it!
Trash to treasure.


Thursday, June 2, 2016

DIY Mini Jar Salt & Pepper Sets

You know those mini jam jars that you 
 get when you eat out. Save those and any
others at your table and make lots of these.
 All you need to do is punch holes in the lid
with a nail. I did 3 for salt and 2 for pepper.
I love the gingham checked tops. So very
summery and picnic-y.
 See the ones with the white lids? Those were
mini ketchup bottles. Super cute too. 
See how small they are?  And very happy to 
be repurposed as salt & pepper shakers. 
You could even label these or decorate them
however you want. So make more. The 
original labels peel right off. Then I put them 
in the dishwasher. 
Never met a jar I didn't like. 
I think everybody at the table should have 
their own set! 
 And I've saved the best for last!
Ta Da!! Yes, cinnamon sugar in the jar
 with the brown checked top.
 How adorable is that?!!
Everyone can have their own cinnamon sugar
 shaker for breakfast...French Toast, Crepes,
Oatmeal, Toast. How fun!
 I just get such a kick out of these :)


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