Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Two Uses for One Rustic Board

I'm using this plain wood board for the table.
 But first I cleaned it and give it a rub down.
I used a mixture of olive oil and white vinegar
 to re-condition the wood. I also like to use 
mineral oil for natural wood pieces and
 butcher block seen HERE.
 Larry added the riser strips on the bottom. 
 They serve a purpose when I'm using the 
board for it's other purpose.
 It keeps the board from slipping when 
I'm using it as a bath tray.
 Back to the breakfast table. 
The risers elevate the board just a bit.
 It's now a rustic fall table runner.
I can't get bored with this board. 
 It's a good spot for a hot-from-the-oven casserole.
 Get the recipe on my recipe blog HERE.


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Brunch On The Best Porch Ever!

Sunday brunch to celebrate Larry's birthday 
on the most beautiful porch ever!
 Right on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale. 
A row of rocking chairs just meant for
ocean gazing. Note the blue beadboard
ceiling. I loved every detail of this resort.
It had a charming old Florida style.
We were there just for the brunch.
It's only a 40 minute drive away.
But a whole vacation state of mind.
The brunch was as delicious as
the view!
 After brunch we spent the afternoon under
blue umbrellas and swam in the
(warm 84 degree) ocean for hours. 
 Isn't this the cutest fruit plate?
 We can't wait to come back for a special
dinner. I love that it's so close to home,
yet a world away....


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Apple Themed Table from North Carolina

I'm sharing a post from our place in 
North Carolina. September is all about apples
 and that's the theme I went with last 
September for the table during our stay.  
The centerpiece is my rectangular wooden
 bowl filled with wood apples and pinecones. 
The placemats are reversible, plaid on one
side and fruit on the other,
by Longaberger. 
Cherry Plaid placemat side with matching
plaid napkins.
Harvest Fruit side of the placemats.
Ivory Longaberger pottery and ruby glass
bowls are from Old Time Pottery. Hammered
 flatware by Cambridge bought at JCP.
Wooden apple napkin rings gather the napkin.
Ivory pottery tray on a wrought iron stand, 
also by Longaberger hold an assortment of
antique glass pitchers with tin lids and
pottery creamers used to warm syrup at breakfast. 
I remove the lids to warm the syrup in  the microwave.
Apple basket salt and pepper set are thrift store finds.
The tea pot is from Pottery Barn, but I found
 it at Faith Farm Thrift Store. The jar is filled
 with Bigelow's Apple & Spice Herb tea and
I topped it with a scrap of fabric and
 tied it with raffia.
It all sits inside a pottery apple shaped baker. 
 I bought it at a Montana craft fair and use it 
when I make apple cobbler.
There's even a recipe printed on the bottom.
Recipe HERE.
When I'm not using it, it hangs from a leather
strap on a wall hook by the top of the fridge.
Decorative storage.

Getting in the mood for FALL!


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Vintage Wire Market Cart

I'm going to start using this more.
It's a wonderful old wire market grocery cart
 that's  perfect to bring on a weekend
flea market or picnic. I can tote all my
goodies to the park in vintage style.
I love its shabby blue handle. It's collapsible
and measures 11'x 15" x 37" when open.
Lucy agrees.
It's a shame to keep it in the garage 
where it's shabbiness isn't appreciated. 
First she needed to check it out.
I can fill it with afghans, or pillows,
or later, Christmas tree branches with
 a tied on big red bow. I really
 need to start using this more
My Mom had one of these and used it
when we lived only a block away from a
neighborhood grocery store. 
Here I am the day I bought it to help haul all
 my finds from the Canton, TX  Market Days.
 I must have been too hot and tired to miss
that cute pink bike in the booth on the right.


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Painted Cottage Stairs

The cheapest makeover for ugly, dated, 
carpeted stairs is to just paint them.
After painting.
We're fixing up another rental house
on a tight budget.
Before painting.
Larry ripped out the carpet and pad 
and pried off the strips. The wood was in 
bad shape and needed sanding, caulking, 
and lots of wood putty. Definitely not 
good enough for staining. I wanted the look
of wood stairs and didn't want the expense
of re-carpeting, so why not try to 
just paint them and see how it looks.
I love them!
Not perfect, but a big improvement in my
opinion. And the price was right!
The risers are painted semi gloss white
and the treads are painted in semi gloss
dark brown. Believe it or not, I found a
 quart of the brown paint in my garage.
Paint I had bought years ago for
another project that never got off the 
ground. So good thing I remembered.
Didn't even need to buy the paint!
I hate to keep making you look at the 
ugly mauve carpet on the stairs.
But that's the only way you'll appreciate
this budget transformation.
Yup! Just paint. 
Letting it cure before the second coat.
But I couldn't wait to show you!


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Crystal Ball Paperweight Collection

I thought I'd show you my collection of crystal
 ball paperweights. Years ago I would pick up 
a ball whenever I found one for a good price. 
They are on the sofa table in the living room
The tall stands I'm using were glass votive 
candle holders. I saved the stands after the 
glass votives they came with broke. 
Some have colorful flowers.
Millefiori glass paperweight
The deep designs are 3 dimensional.
 Each has a unique design.
This one is blue, green, and pink swirls.
The bubble clear crystal balls are on their
own brass stands.
 Some have cut prisms.
  I have lots of blue ones...of course.
 Once you buy one you start seeing them everywhere.
 Blue and white.
 They are very heavy. When I pack them 
away at Christmas I can barely 
lift the box!
 They come back out again in January and I 
appreciate them as if they were new.
Of course I can always use one as a 
pretty paperweight. 
 Pretty at night with the Waterford
 lamps turned on.
I sometimes gather several and display them
on a silver tray under a cloche.
That's how these collections start, 
one ball at a time.