Thursday, January 20, 2011

Build A Wood Planter Box

Using just scrap wood we found in the garage Larry built a planter box.
It started out, innocently enough, with a few flowers I picked up at Home Depot
I wanted to make a centerpiece for the table.
 First checking to see the size container I would use.
Then realizing I needed a much prettier container than this old plastic planter.
 We went to the garage to see what we could find. A piece of plywood will work.
Cut to size to fit over the plastic planter as a sleeve.
It doesn't need a bottom. Also, this way the bottom wood doesn't rot.
Checking the fit.
Found just enough molding to fit around the base.
Found just enough molding to fit around the top. We weren't being picky.
We just wanted to finish it off with a little detail.
There's always some white paint in the garage.
 Meanwhile, I planted the plastic flower box. Those are used coffee filters covering the drainage holes.
Coffee grounds included at no extra charge. Good for the soil.
 I keep my potting soil in a wheeled garbage can. Easy to move around.
'cause these bags are heavy.
 Remembering the three components for planting a box or planter.
 thriller - geranium,   filler - pansy and
 spiller - sweet allyssum
Can't wait for it get fuller.
TaDa!  My new centerpiece planter box.
Love it!


  1. What a beauty of a planter box!.. Fab job!.. Thanks for sharing!.. Now I can't wait for summer!..

  2. I especially like the way you put molding on the planter box. Very elegant. very nice. Linda

  3. So pretty! I want to make some of these!!! Please come over & link up to my Cottage Flora Thursdays garden party (going on right now)...would love to see you there! xoox

  4. What a beautiful project. And I like the idea of keeping potting soil in a wheeled trash can.

  5. wow lovly .that was great idea.and look very posh

  6. What a beautiful planter box! You could start a business with these they are so lovely and sturdy looking! It will be months until I can plant my geraniums! I'm so jealous! I love the tip for carting around the soil! Thanks and have a wonderful day!


  7. Looks good and I like the coffee filter idea.Wish I had room to put my soil in a garbage can what a good idea that is also!!
    Marie Arden Pink Living

  8. These are lovely! Not only do I love your step-by-step directions (I are a big time gardener too!) But I love your 3 components for a planter - thriller, filler & spiller! Would you mind if I steal it and I link to yout post sometime?! How cute!

    And a well needed pick-me-up for those of us getting hammered by a snow storm up in the Northeast!

  9. What a great project! It will be awhile before I can plant outside, but will definitely save this post. I love it.

  10. Hi Rita! Oh those flowers make me long for Spring!!! I love your new planter box and even getting a glimpse of a sunny day was good for my heart. :-) I also LOVE the idea of storing your soil in the can with wheels...I'm definitely going to do that this year! Thanks so much for linking up to the party,

  11. You really have me yearning for Spring now. Your box looks awesome! What a great job you did.
    Glad I saw this post and came over.
    If you are interested in showing off Lucy and Lucky..I am having a pet party on Monday. I can tell you they will make lots of new friends. Hope to see you. Loving your blog and I am following now.

  12. Rita, your planter turned out lovely! I love it painted out in white. Your photos make me yern for spring :D

  13. So glad you came over & shared your post! thank you!!!! I so love this planter & have so many places i could put one! I just get so busy with my garden, i forget to worry about the patio & windows....every year - i say it again, "next year i need to do that!". xoxo

  14. That planter centerpiece looks awesome!

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