Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Entry Vignette

My little antique school desk sits by
 the door in the entry.
I set it up for Christmas as if ready
 for a winter's outing. I gathered an old
(almost 50 years) wicker picnic basket.
I filled it with my vintage Burberry wool
blanket and a few more vintage items:
a plaid thermos for hot chocolate, 
a Christmas tin for sandwiches or cookies,
 and a snowman jar of mini marshmallows.
When I spotted this guy at the 
Faith Farm Thrift Store, I knew where
he'd be sitting.
Of course my outings in South Florida
still include flip flops when walking
Lucy, but I like to look at this before 
we head out the door. It puts me in a 
winter Christmas frame of mind.


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Use What You Have Decorations

I have never decorated the top of the 
large antique beadboard cabinet 
in the dining room for Christmas.  
I don't know why I never thought of 
changing what I had up there for years. 
This past Sunday I was inspired to 
add a little something Christmassy.
I dropped what I should have been 
doing to start something new.  
I had all the elements I needed laying 
around to put it all together. 
I had a rusty iron window planter 
sitting under my potting bench to use for 
the container. It had lost it's bottom 
so I needed to add a piece just
 strong enough to hold the pinecones. 
I have lots of pinecones. I cut a piece of 
leftover hardware cloth to fit the bottom.
I added a small string of little white lights
 and it was completed in no time.
I like how the basket of pinecones and lights
looks with the antique leaded beveled glass 
window. The brass umbrella stand with 
pussy willow has been there for years. 
I added a few evergreen branches 
and a small ivy wreath. 
I didn't need to buy a thing and I did it 
while I was still feeling inspired and
 that made it fun.
It's nice adding a little something 
 repurposed each year.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

White Christmas Trivia

Mitzi Gaynor did not star in the 1954 movie
 'White Christmas'
Lots of people think she did. 
I was one of them for years.
I watch White Christmas every year.
It's on the list of Christmas 'musts'.
So last night as we were watching
I thought I'd share 
this little factoid with you.
It was Vera-Ellen. She was known for her
very tiny 20" waist. She only weighed
90 lbs and was an anorexic in an era with
 famous voluptuous actresses.
(anorexia was not as widely known then)
Beanpole and broomstick were words used
to describe women that were too thin .
Because of this she had an aged-looking neck
and wanted all of her costumes to cover
her neck. You'll notice it in the pjs in the
above picture and all the photos below.
 I took all these screen shots with my iphone
 to see if they were correct,
and they were. Not great quality photos,
but here they are:
 Singing  Sisters .
Click on it to watch the scene.
Meeting Davis and Wallace after their act.
Davis gives the girls his and Wallace's train
tickets. They have deluxe accommodations in
a private compartment, but the next morning
you see them getting out of a bunk berth.
Blooper! Forgot to take that shot.
Actually Larry was the one that noticed it.
I made him watch it with me.
One of many button-up pajama tops.
The girls come out to thank the guys for
 giving up their tickets.
That leads to another popular song from
the movie. Singing Snow on the train.
Click on it to watch the scene.
 Arriving in Pine Tree, Vermont
Note the white turtleneck while rehearsing.
 Hi neck costume.
Meeting with Davis (Danny Kaye).
 Another oriental-style button-up pj.
 Pink dance costume.
 Attending the Cast Party in white sequined
 turtleneck dress.
Pink high collar pj top.
 A white oriental-style robe.
Yellow dance costume during rehearsal.
White turtleneck
red blouse
Show number in uniform.
The famous sequin red velvet dress with
white fur trim. Remember the first time
you saw this? Amazing!
It plays all the time on TV in December,
so set your DVR and enjoy it again.
Click to enjoy the famous White Christmas
song at.....The End


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tennis Cans for Christmas Storage

I love using tennis cans for storage! 
This morning I took some Ginger Cookies to 
tennis in one.
I'm obsessive, always finding ways to use my 
empty tennis cans. They are great for sorting 
small items in a clear unbreakable container
...and they are free!
 Here are just a few I used to store small
items in the Christmas bins.
stars, icicles, ribbon, garland,
 small ornaments, beads, wine stoppers,
I have dozens of these babies!
 I only use the red and green lidded ones. 
Obsessive or festive?
I prefer to use the term color-coded.

tip: If you are not a tennis player and don't know anyone that plays, you can get empty
cans from a tennis club near you. They toss them!
You can search: Tennis Cans in my blogs search box to find more posts on tennis cans.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Baking

I needed some home baked cookies and just
got a new recipe from my friend Liz.
She's my very good friend Cathy's sister
 in Canada and although we have never met
IRL, we are none the less buds. 
So I got started. Lights on!
 But wait...I forgot to put the Spode cups 
into the flour and sugar to use for scoops.
 Ok, now to proceed. But wait...I remembered
 a gift set of Spode measuring cups and
spoons that I got for Christmas  last year.
 A gift from our kids and grandkids in Atlanta.
 I can see years of Christmas baking with these!
 I love the markings. 
No need to convert those European recipes.
Decorative additions to my little baking area.
 I'll store them in their boxes when I pack up.
 Pretty as any ornaments.
Now where was I? OH yes, baking cookies.
Ginger cookies. If you want the easy recipe
for these delicious cookies just click HERE.