Friday, September 30, 2011

What's A Favicon?

It means favorite icon.
It's the tiny icon to the left of most 
web addresses. Once you notice it, 
you'll see them all the time. 
Then you"ll want one too.
Are you looking at the URL bar? 
See it there on the left?
It replaced the Blogger icon.
Blogger logo
Here's mine for MAY DAYS.
I used a picture of one of the flow blue
 plates on my dining room wall and
also used in my header photo.
I learned how to add a favicon to my 
URL address. It took me more than one try
 and I must admit I gave up a few times, 
but I was determined. I got great help from
Follow her great tutorial.
I was on a roll and added a different one 
to my recipe blog too. 
Rita's Recipes.

and to my North Carolina blog,
Smoky Mountain Cabbage.
Using a picture of our black bear wall art.

                                 Try it yourself....
...just be patient.
Let me know if you have success.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thrifty Tablescape

I found a small rag rug at BBB for 
the floor by the front of the sink.
But first it made it to the table.
It was only $2.99 (less 20%) 
and had great fall colors that would work 
with things I already had.
Why not use it as a runner first?
The battery candles were 20 cents.
The striped lampshades were 40 cents.
All thrift store finds.
I just tighten the bulb to turn on.
They give a nice soft glow at night. 
Gathered a few things to add.
I'm using very old small breadboards that 
(German brettchen)
had been used by my parents 
for as long as I can remember. 
They hold my sour cream dill bread 
and a small votive filled with herb butter 
and a sprig of rosemary.
apple red, cornflower blue and natural tan
Sometimes it just takes a few thrifty finds to 
get me started on a new look for the table. 
The rest of this fall dinner menu is

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Falling In The Kitchen

I moved my vintage chicken feeder dish rack
 to the bar counter in the kitchen
and loaded it with fall dishes; leaf plates, 
pumpkin plates, Evesham china and 
fall fabric decoupaged glass plates.
It makes room on  the kitchen island, 
where I previously had it (click HERE to see)
for the big holiday meals to come.
It's easy to grab a colorful plate by the sink.
The corner of the counter always gets a tray
makeover for the seasons.
The far end of the counter has a stack of
 Longaberger picnic and purse baskets with
  just a few scarecrows and pumpkins added.

I've been doing a little Falling in the kitchen.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Large Pumpkin Blocks

I made progress on my Phd 
(projects half done)from my last post
 and finished trimming out the
large pumpkins blocks.
This is where I left off.
I hot glued a piece of branch to the top
 and trimmed it with copper wire tendrils,
 a little raffia and wire ribbon. 
No lettering on these blocks.
(See the smaller FALL blocks HERE.)
I have them on my entry table.
Rainy Sunday afternoons are good for
 little projects
Have A Good Week!

Friday, September 23, 2011

I'm Working On My Phd

Yes, that's my plan for this weekend.
Work on at least one of my 
Projects Half Done!
 Like paint the tool caddy I sketched out and
 Larry cut for me. But should I paint it 
white or black? Or should I stain it?
The black blocks and sign boards 
(in the top photos)
 are at least painted and ready for lettering.
Or the leftover pickets cut and ready to make
 into signs. But each will need a different font.
 Or the lampshade I'm going to make out of fabric scraps.
 The large pumpkin blocks are ready to finish.
 And the coffee filter wreath that gave me staplegun-itis.
 The signs for the kitchen all painted and waiting for lettering.
 The lettering chosen and outline printed....
ready to trace and paint.
Those are a lot of big decisions to make. 
I'd better sit down by the lake with Lucy and give this some thought!
I'll have at least one Phd done by Monday. 
Check back with me.
Have a Great Weekend!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Leaf Motif

I made these paper paper leaf napkin rings
 years ago and provided the link to
Martha Stewart for the printable.
It's has since been removed.
(Click on paper napkin rings  for a printable.)
As soon as I find a printable for you I will
add it and update this post.  
 This Longaberger 36" fabric square is in the falling leaves pattern.
I topped a wrought iron candle stand with 3 
small ball jars to use as candle holders.
I was thinking "outside the basket" with these 
chargers. They are flat wooden lids to 
Longaberger baskets.
Gold flatware accents the plate's gold edge. 
You can use real or faux apples for these placecard holders.
Just punch a hole in card stock for the tags 
(I used scraps of file folders),
and slip it onto the stem and tie on a little raffia.
Add a leaf here and there.
 I even bought this inexpensive wine because of the label.
 A little foliage in a fall basket.
 Orange napkins folded in a basket.
 Time to light the candles.
 Each night it's been getting darker a little earlier.
 The candles give off a nice glow in the jars.
The season for candlelit dinners is on it's way.
tip: Don't forget to make your own  free 16X20 poster
in my previous post