Thursday, July 21, 2011

Make A Flip-Flop Wreath

A fun summer wreath made from flip-flops.
I MAY'd this in less than 5 minutes today.
 I bought 6 pairs of flip-flops on sale at the end of summer last year.
 I chose very tropical colors, 3 polka dots and 3 floral. 
 I laid them out alternating the dots and florals using 6 (same) sides.
 I was going to glue them to a straw wreath.
 Then I decided just to hot glue them together.
Easier and it saves a wreath for something else.
 You can also make a starburst pattern.
I went with the simple heal to toe pattern.
I found a pretty two color ribbon in my pink ribbon jar.
I tied a bow to one of the toes. 
I hung the wreath on my suction cup hook. 
It's so lightweight, and of course it waterproof.
 I put the remaining flip-flops in a clay pot by the door.
A little flip-flop bouquet.
(I MAY use them to make another wreath)
Colorful flip-flops=Summer in Florida

Stay Cool!

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  1. This is just the cutest idea EVER!!! Thank you for sharing this! I am going to make one for my daughter's beach theme guest room!!

  2. What a cute idea Rita, I love it! I was wondering what you had done with the mates..they look so cute like that too! :D

  3. Oh.....too cute! Looks like I'll have to make two sets for next summer - one for my daughter's home and one for here :-) Loving your blog, Rita.

  4. Very creative! I wonder if I can find child size flip flops and use a few sparked my creative side!
    Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Lee

    PS I LOVE your wall of blue plates! I must admit that I copied it, only using miniature blue plates. LOVE it!

  5. Your flip flop wreath is sooo pretty! Thank you for sharing this cute idea!
    Blessings ~Wendy

  6. That is a brilliant idea Rita! I love what you did with their mates too!

  7. Hi Rita,
    I love this. I am going to make one for the door to my library. It is a standing joke at school about my flip flops. I love flip flops!

  8. What a fantastic wreath!! Unbelievable and so summery!!!

  9. I love this!!! So cheerful, so bright and so summery. I love everything about it.
    I also love your Yorkies. I have one named Hope. I adore her!!!!
    following you now.

  10. Simply adorable and perfect for our Florida home too.

  11. wow this is a kewl idea for the summer or a party...
    I'm inviting you to add this to our linking party at
    Have a great weekend,

  12. great idea & you're hereby
    invited to: themed linky parties

  13. You were more creative than I was. I bought a pair and stuck them in a colorful gift bag. Yes.I.did. I'm crafty like that.

  14. How cute!!!! I love this! It would be agreat hostess gift for someone at the beach! XO, Pinky

  15. Love IT - I must have one!
    Michele P

  16. What a completely adorable wreath ~ I love it!

    Have a Happy Labor Day.

  17. That is a brilliant idea! SO very cute!! Thanks for sharing:)

  18. This is perfect for the door on our little lake cottage!! Can't wait to make this!

  19. Just wondering, what size shoe did you use? They look pretty big, I like it :)

  20. I made several while it was still cold outdoors (PA) and my daughter put one between her front door and storm door this weekend and the glue melted and the wreath sagged and finally fell what?

  21. The heat thru the glass might have been too much for the hot glue. Try using a stronger adhesive.

  22. what would you friend in FL said she used a hot glue gun and had the same result...then she used Gorilla Glue but was messy...I have one outdoors on my gate watching to see what happens in the next few says...wish me luck..I have ten of these things made and wanted to give them as gifts...

  23. awesome idea im going to do this tomorrow wohoo

  24. What a wonderful idea! Great way to use flip flops once they've gone on sale! :)
    Hi! My name is Melissa and I'm the managing editor for I'd love to publish this project on our site...I think our readers would love it. You can contact me at for more information.
    Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you!

  25. Love love love this. My scrapping room is done in a beachy theme & I have been looking into doing something. Saw this & now I want to go out & buy some flip flops. Might have to make 2 one for that room & one for my front door because it now is bare since I took my patriotic stuff down.

  26. This a Nice Filp Flop I love It <3.

  27. So cool! I'm definitely making one today! Here in Australia summer just started and this would look great by our pool!

    Thank you so much for the idea!

  28. Hot Glue will not Hold the weight, it pulls and falls apart. I made a bunch of these last year. So I Punched a hole(ice pick in each connecting end of flip flop and Wired them together along with more hot glue. Stayed together!

  29. I live in Florida and just love this idea. And saw the hanger reused clips and love that too. Wish I could pin them but don't see a pin button. Thanks!!