Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Table Centerpiece and Propagating Basil.

I wanted a little change on the breakfast
table so I gathered a few things.
First I needed a large blue and white platter. 
 I found this Christmas platter for $2 at a
 garage sale. It would work once I filled it up.
The winter theme in the center would be
covered. The design of fruit and flowers
along the edge was pretty.
 Chicken in a basket salt and pepper set.
 This Staffordshire calico cat dish will be
 used as saucer for my potted plant.
 I filled the pot with soil and a few cuttings 
from my basil plant. I'll keep the soil moist
and have a several new plants to repot.
 The broken calico pottery pot was 
made by my niece, Rita.
 One of my teapots always seem to make an 
appearance. Two oyster shells fill up space.
 I decided it needed a table runner, so I chose
a battenburg lace.
Basil is so easy to propagate. I usually trim
 a few long pieces and put them in a jar of
 water by the sink. I'll have roots in just a
about a week. Change the water when
needed. It smells nice too. This is good
 for the mother plant. Pruning  keeps
the basil plant full. Two new stems will
 grow from the cut. If you don't trim the
 plant it will get leggy. You'll have plenty
 of basil all summer long and
enough to give away.


Monday, April 28, 2014

Pinterest Fun

Hi there,
One of your boards has been picked to be one of the recommended boards for new Pinners to follow when they first sign up for Pinterest.
What this means: we think your board is amazing, and it really demonstrates what Pinterest is all about! Also you might notice a bunch of new people following your board for the next little while.
Thanks for Pinning with us,
- The Pinterest Community Team

Wish I knew which one!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Why I Can't Throw Anything Out!

I was all set to throw out/donate some
clutter. Larry gathered some of his old
trophies and tossed them in the box
for tomorrow morning's pick-up
Good riddance! 
Later that day I read an article in
Country Living magazine on ways to use
vintage trophy cups. 
Did I have any of those? Yes I did!
Just in time to rescue two. 
 One is silver and the other one I
could paint...saw that idea somewhere.
I should save at least one of Larry's
tennis trophies, a nice 1st place that
is on a wood, not a plastic base. I'll
use it as  bookend in his office.
So three trophies were retrieved until...
 later that evening I was scanning FB 
and discovered a very clever way to use
trophy tops. Too cute!! These would be
 great at my next tennis girlfriends party!
Quickly back to the box for trophy
tops this time. I was cutting it close!
Country Living

Vintage Trophy Wine Stoppers

First, use a drill to make a 1/8-inch-wide hole halfway down into a new cork ($3.99 for 30; Next, twist off the top of a vintage trophy (typically a few bucks each at thrift shops and garage sales). Apply superglue to the underside of the trophy top's base and the screw that extends from it. Insert the screw into the cork and twist the pieces together until flush and a tight bond forms. Allow one hour of drying time before using your prize design.
You see what I mean! It's not safe
 to throw anything out these days.
 There are great repurpose/reuse
 ideas everywhere!


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Blogging On The Patio

I've blogged on the porch in New Jersey,
on the deck in North Carolina and now 
 here on the patio at home in  Florida.
 The weather is too nice to be inside.
My beloved doggies loved to keep me
company. I miss Lucky....this was in his favorite spot.
 Lucy is in her favorite spot.
She loves warming herself in the sun.
My sweet Princess always loved
spending time outside. I still 'see' her there.
A pot with bougainvillea  in bloom.
 Most of my orchids are blooming.

purple dendrobium
My favorite! A stunning cattleya from 
my BF Cathy.
Every Florida garden needs fun 
pink flamingos. These two are stuck 
into a pot of Boston ferns.
It will soon be too hot, so I'm enjoying
 these perfect Spring days. 


Monday, April 21, 2014

Decorating With Quilts

I store and display my quilt collection on
the top of the wall unit in our bedroom.
The cats, a bear, and a goose were made 
from the salvaged pieces of antique quilts. 
I have several antique quilts that I found 
at flea markets when we lived in Illinois
 and flea-ing was a monthly passion.
My antique quilts are stacked in a vintage
 wicker laundry basket that's been turned
 on it's side. 
Stacks of newer handmade quilts are piled 
on at each end. Matching shams are stored 
on a shelf in the cabinet.
They get used and rotated in for the seasons.
I use this one for Spring. The newer ones 
have matching pillow shams, which is nice.
The round end table is a hidden double file 
cabinet topped with a circular top. I often use 
a quilt for the table skirt and just tuck in the 
excess at the bottom. 
A round glass top protects the quilt.
I have a few of these quilts so I can use 
one here and one at the foot of the bed.
 I used a smaller one to cover the cushions
 on the wicker couch in the sitting area.
You've seen these red and white quilts
that I love to use for Christmas.
This is my oldest one and a favorite.
It's draped on the back of the living room sofa
at Christmas to bring in seasonal colors.
This red check quilt set goes on the bed. 

See the Christmas bedroom here.
I got it at JCP several years ago.
These two are stored next to the wall unit
on a Longaberger quilt stand.
I keep it on the bed through Valentine's
Day and just remove the Christmas
The quilt has a reverse side, as do the pillow
 shams for a neutral look for winter or fall.
Another antique quilt that adds color to the sofa back.
This color coordinates with whatever else
I add for fall decor as well as spring.
A few quilts are stored on a ladder
in the yellow guest room.
 A blue and white quilt is draped over the bed 
in the blue guest room
 In the family room a navy and white checked
 quilt covers the round end table. 
A thick round glass on top.
There's a dog bed under the skirt because
 is a favorite spot for Lucy.