Sunday, March 31, 2013

Repurpose Store Hangers

Here's a great way to reuse those 
 cheap plastic store hangers.
 I used a garden lopper to lop off the end.
 It gave me lots of bag clips.
 For snacks.
 For cereal. 
( photo is for demonstration purposes only)
I store cereal in Tupperware.
 Any bags.
 It's impossible to keep the toothpaste
tube rolled-up.
This works.
I keep extra clips in.....what else?


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Paper Strip Easter Egg Craft

That's all you need for this easy craft.
 I found this on pinterest and went to the blog
Julep for the egg template and then 
printed it onto heavy paper. 
I can reuse the cut-out egg 
and just trace it onto paper the next time. 
 Use one page with the egg outline to lay out 
an assortment of paper strips that you
 have cut into about 1/2" strips.
 DO NOT use a ruler. Just eyeball it.
You want it naturally uneven. 
 Use white craft glue to glue them on. 
DO NOT obsess about keeping them straight.
This is a great craft to do with your kids.
It would be fun to do on Easter.
(See the zigzag blue paper. That's
the inside of a reply envelope.)
Use the other cut out paper 
template as the mat. 
 I have it at the coffee station 
for an Easter vignette.
 Now, I think you could also do this with 
ribbon scraps or fabric scraps
 or even just paint the lines. 
Happy Easter

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Little Bit Of Easter-Bunny Spotting

Touches of Easter throughout my house.
Bunnies on the entry table.
You can see the reflection of my dining room 
plate wall that's on my header.
 Kitchen cabinet.  
The ceramic Easter Bunny house
 makes a great nightlight.
Bunny in the cabinet.
The dishes I use for Easter,
 Amapola by Villeroy & Boch. 
Bunnies on top of the microwave
Here's my new vintage apron hanging
on the chicken wire dish pantry doors.
My dear friend Cathy bought it for me
last week when we met for lunch and 
a visit to our favorite antiques mall.
My egg-shaped rag wreath hangs on
the other door. A good color match.
Bunny on the family room coffee table.
Bunny needlepoint pillow on the sofa.
 Bunnies on the family room sofa table.
Apothecary jars are filled with eggs.
 Vintage tea cups.
 A French wire egg holder holds marble eggs.
 Lucy gets a bunny too and a colorful afghan.
I found this last week thrifting. 
Can you believe the perfect Easter colors!
 Bunnies on the living room cobbler's bench.
I have my decoupaged eggs everywhere!
At the base of my moss-covered orchids.
I hung the painted eggs from the branches
 in the silver ice bucket.
Those branches have come in handy for
Christmas, Valentine's Day, St Patrick's Day
and now Easter. Hmmmm.....what next?
Bunnies on the living room coffee table.
 A needlepoint door hanger.
Hope I didn't forget anybunny!


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bunny Art Project

This is another one of my hare-brained 
projects using leftovers
leftover scrap plywood and house paint.
Here's where I started.....
I sanded the rough edges from a 22"X30" 
piece of plywood.
I still had a container of yellow kitchen paint. 
I gave it two coats.
I downloaded the bunny template from my
inspiration blog Serendipity Refined.
I increased the size to 300 on my copier.
I printed in four pages.
I cut it out and taped it together.
I traced it onto the board and painted it in 
with white paint I had on hand.
The bunny got two coats too.
I did this all outside by the pool
because the weather is heavenly.
I also printed the butterfly onto card stock,
 cut it out and gave it a crease.
I attached it to the tip of the bunny's nose
 with a dab of hot glue. I also painted in a
little grass...freehand and added the
teensiest bit of gray accent. 
Larry cut a piece of scrap plywood on the
diagonal to use for the hanging bracket.
 One piece is screwed into the wall and
one piece onto the back of the bunny. 
They lock into place when hung. 
We hung it outside on the wall next to our 
double entry doors.
I was going to add lettering down the left side.
But I'm leaving it as is...for now.
I'm thinking of doing this for each
season. So easy and the wall
bracket is up and ready for more.

Happy Spring!