Sunday, February 24, 2013

Adding Beadboard to Cabinets and Backsplash

We've made a big change in our kitchen!
I love beadboard. I love it's cottagey look.
I have wanted to add more of it to my kitchen.
Up until now I couldn't get beadboard on the 
back of my open cabinet because it's
thickness would interfere with the width of
the shelves and the center support.
Problem solved!
 I finally got the look I was after using 
beadboard wallpaper
I found it at Lowe's for $19.
 Here's the inside back of the cabinet done.
Time to make a batch of my brownies 
before we tackle the backsplash.
 We wanted the backsplash part to be
removable and not ruin the tile.
We used a thin piece wood we had 
from another project and cut it to size.  
We cut out holes for the outlets. 
We could then easily apply the wallpaper
 and paint it before installing it.. 
We painted it, as well as the cabinet backs
 with 2 light coats of BM Cloud White.
 It was the same paint we used on the
big salvaged cabinet project under ou bar
 counter, (HERE).  We just pressed the 
beadboard covered wood sheet into place
under the cabinet. It was a snug fit and
didn't require any glue. Again, we wanted to
be able to remove it if needed in the future. 
 To finish off the ends and give the piece the
 look of a piece of furniture, we added
brackets. Larry attached them at the
top from inside the cabinet. It further
 helped to hold the backsplash firmly in
place. A small piece of molding
was added to the bottom
 of the bracket to finish the edge.  
 Here it is finished waiting for the painted
outlet covers to dry before adding. The
beadboard pattern continues from inside
 the cabinet down the backsplash.
 Bringing a few of my white and green pieces
onto the counter for March. The green
bottles are filled with oils and vinegar.
 A green bunny platter on a plate rack
looks great against the white beadboard.
The dishes for March are
Portmeirion Botanic Garden.
Here's a close-up of the back.
 We have real beadboard in other areas 
of the kitchen and this looks just like it.
 We are very happy with how it turned out. 
We just needed to buy the paper and the 
two brackets and still have paper left over
for another another small project.
 This backsplash and cabinet lining will
work with all of my holiday and
seasonal dish changes. 
 It lightens up the kitchen too.
 The March look.
 We left the two small cuphooks under
 the cabinet for all my signs.
This one is 'Happy St. Patrick's Day'.

See the cabinet before pictures HERE.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kitchen Cabinet Review

I thought I'd show you all the changes that I  have made to the kitchen dish cabinet over the last year because I am making another change. We are working on a new project for the back of the kitchen cabinet and backsplash. It's almost done. Here is a review of my past seasonal changes. You can click on any of the blue captions to see the complete post.
SpringVilleroy & Boch
Adding a Plate Rail
Summer: Red, White, and Blue 
We added a little trim to the shelves.
Brown craft paper on the back.
March: St. Patrick's
This green paper worked for Spring from
 St. Patricks Day thru Easter.
 February: Valentine's Day 
I was able to reuse the vinyl red checked heart tablecloth this year.
WinterBlue and White
Christmas 1st year
This was the first year we took off the cabinet doors.
I added cut lace paper edging
Christmas 2nd year

Come back for my next post to see
what we've been up to.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pieces Of Silver

We always had a mish-mash of silverplate
 flatware when I was growing up.
These few pieces are all that are left. 
I upgraded my parents with a matching set 
as a gift many years ago.
That was a time when vintage just meant old 
stuff. Now vintage is vogue.
The small child size fork and spoon were
 always my favorites to use.
I loved the daffodil handles.
My father would tell me these were specially
 made for me. I was  not easily convinced. 
But he would show me the R monogram and
 what he also said was a J intertwined
 for our last name. RJ 47. 
Yup! That's me.
Just a few left, a big fork and spoon. 
That fork has been used to turn lots of pork 
chops in the pan over 60 years.
I still like to think of these as mine.
I gave these few pieces of silverplate a polish
and put them into a Mason jar by the stove,
I can grab one to turn a pork chop.
I love the memories. 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

I Like Inclement Weather

 When we get an occasional grey, rain all day 
in South Florida, it  gives me just the excuse
 I need to indulge a few home comforts.
I don't need to rush off for my 
usual morning tennis game.
We put our 'must-do's' on hold for a day.
 It's too wet to go anywhere.
There is no 'outside' beckoning us 
to participate.
So we plan our day:
First: breakfast in bed.
Second: We have a DVD movie to watch
 in the afternoon.
Third: Have something roasting low and slow
 in the oven to fill the house with a great 
aroma and that makes us look forward 
to a comfort food dinner.
In between we do get in a few household
 chores done and a little puttering.

When we lived in Illinois, we would often
 spend snowy Sunday mornings bringing
 breakfast and the Sunday paper up to our
 3rd floor bedroom. It was a great treat 
after a long work week. We'd wile away hours
 enjoying breakfast, and reading the paper. 
Sometimes we'd watch an old movie, 
 and pour more coffee. The view out of our
 large window looked out over the snow-filled
 treetops onto the lake. 
It was a spectacular winter scene.
Her's the view out of our bedroom window at
the pool, patio and lake beyond in Florida.
So now I pour some tea and get my book
 and my little doggie and go nowhere.

Gotta love that!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Teapot

I have wanted this Emma Bridgewater
 teapot for years. This year I dropped  
a few hints for Valentine's Day.
Ok, they weren't exactly hints. 
I didn't want to risk any confusion.
I said...This is what I want for Valentine's
 Day....but, it's just a suggestion.
No flowers, no chocolate, no dinner, no gift
 cards for massages.( I still have to use the 
one from last year very soon.) 
Just this adorable Pink Hearts
 tea pot from England. It's all I want.
....If you're in need of ideas.
Here's the EB web site. If you order now they 
will arrive in time....but it's just a suggestion. 
Oh, and they are on sale.....this week.....
if you should want to order anything.....
just a suggestion.
The mugs and creamer are on sale too. 
I think two mugs would be sweet....
and two plates for dessert.....
I was giddy with excitement when this 
pretty box arrived last week!
 Afternoon tea for two, or morning coffee, or
hot chocolate.
I love teapots and
this one just makes me smile :)

Happy Valentine's Day!