Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What? No Tablescape !!

Did you ever think your husband would say that?
Well, that's what Larry asked tonight when I called
 him to dinner. Yummy baked ziti!
 And you thought that they didn't notice!
 This is my antique Singer sewing machine base.
I've had it forever!
 Of course, Lucy is always close by!
She's wondering what I have planned for this week's tablescape.
"I'll think about that tomorrow!"
OK Scarlet!


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  1. That's a very clever use of the old singer base & it looks great painted white. I have one of those with the cabinet & machine intact. It's one of my favorite pieces. Just peeked at your new potting table. That looks really great!

  2. Isn't it fun when they finally buy in?!! The ziti looks great, so I bet he wasn't too disappointed. Some days it just doesn't work. Very clever of you!

  3. I didn't come up with one this week either. Sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day..... The ziti looks great! XO, Pinky

  4. Love the singer base for a table-especially painted white. Hmm- maybe the husbands notice more than we think-now thats a scary thought!

  5. LOL, that's was funny. Love the setting though! and the cute miss Lucy, I bet she was wondering what was going on, lol.

    Have a lovely day, Jannet

  6. Love your table! Maybe you should have casually mentioned to hubby that you ran out of dishes to use and need a new set:@)

  7. Yeah, I loved looking at the old Singer sewing machine base, (my mom had one) and I'm glad you didn't make a tablescape to appreciate it! Lucy is adorable! Yeah, like our friend said, maybe you should whine a little about not having anymore dishes to make a scape!, lol! I love baked ziti!
    Have a nice day Rita May

  8. What a great idea! I ahve an antique sewing machine in a cabinet......this post opens up some possibilities for me! Thanks for sharing your lovely talents!

  9. Huh. I just got an idea from you...I have an antique Davis treadle base on my deck with a teen glass, rectangular top. I need to find a bigger, heavier, round piece of glass for it and use it more often!
    Yours is beautiful!
    I know you enjoyed time with your sweeties at dinner!
    HUGS and blessings to you, Rita!

  10. *a teen glass? I meant a tiny glass top-wonder where "teen" came from? LOL!
    I kant tipe todae.

  11. Enjoy your time off! Your Baked Ziti looks so yummy. I love the sewing machine base painted white - so vintage, but so cool!

  12. oe your sewing machine table. What a wonderful idea. I had a friend that used on as an island in her kitchen with butcher block on top.

  13. Cute post! Love seeing your antique sewing machine base. I had my grandmothers and always wanted use it for a table base. My niece has it now so perhaps she will one day. ;-)

  14. Hi Rita May,
    Ah you have spoiled him, I'lll bet he forgot all about it when he saw the pasta, it looks YUMMY!!!

  15. The Singer sewing machine as a base is a great idea. I have my grandmother's antique Singer...I may have to get to work. What size round glass works for the table? Thank you for sharing your wonderful table...and Dickens, my Yorkshire Terrorist thinks that Lucy is pretty cute! Cherry Kay

  16. Hi Rita, your ziti looks so good! I have several tables made with a sewing machine base and with metal hoosier table tops, but I haven't seen one in glass. love your cushion and chairs. Thanks so much for linking up with VIF!
    xo Debra

  17. Hi there- love your old sewing stand table base~ how charming! Your sweet little Lucy is adorable too! Thanks for linking this up to FNF :)