Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Touch of Fall Color

The leaves are changing here,
but only on my table.
I'm bringing a little fall color to 
South Florida.
 I had to bring in my blooming orchid.
 It has just started to bloom and
 will be full of flowers soon.
Royal Worcester~Evesham china. 
 My rattan chargers.
 Pear and apple salt & pepper set 
in a small Longaberger basket.
 Harvest painted goblets from 
the Dollar Store, years ago.
Amber goblets from Walmart.
 Leaf plates from Walmart too.
 A thrift store pumpkin tea pot.
 Bringing it all back again for fall.
 A clay wine brique.
I put the brique in the freezer 
until its ice cold.
It's great for keeping the wine chilled 
at the table.
 image: Leaf
A little bit of Autumnizing.


  1. What beautiful things you have used to set this table. I would love to have a meal here. Thanks for sharing. Ruth @ White Whimsy

  2. Loving those fall items. My favorite is that leaf!

  3. I love fall... especially when it's a blue and orange fall. Your fall leaf plates are amazing.. I wonder if they have any left. Great table. xo marlis

  4. Love your leaf plates! Look at my blog and you will see why lol. Love your colors and your textures look great .Thanks for sharing.

  5. Rita May,
    Your fall table is gorgeous! Love the colors and all the different elements you have added! Fall is my favorite season to decorate!

  6. Beautiful table! Love the dishes and glassware! The teapot is so cute too! I ahve a very similiar wine brique, it may even be the same! Have a great week. XO, Pinky

  7. The blue and orange riveted my attention! Beautiful! And I have Evesham china also! Got it when I was married in '82! Love your table!

  8. Yes I agree with everyone! Your tablesetting is lovely. Love all the colors and those leaf plates are wonderful. How nice to have those year after year to use. Love it! Great table.

  9. Simply gorgeous. It's so fun seeing how you use some of the same items I have, such as the tiny Longaberger basket, and getting new ideas on how to use mine.

  10. Stunning orchid Rita May, wow, such colors! Your table is gorgeous and yes, with a very autumn look, so very beautiful. I love the leaf plates and the color is beautiful! Love the Longaberger basket too, so pretty. Great table! Just came from TT at Susan's. Lots of hugs. FABBY

  11. How beautiful! I love the splash of color from the orchid.

  12. Hi, Rita! First, I had no idea those things were called a "brique." I will have to remember that. I have one, and I also didn't realize you could put them in the freezer! Duh! I guess that makes perfect sense, but it never occurred to me. Thanks for the tip! in Florida I guess there really isn't a dramatic change of seasons. You did a good job of doing it just the same on your table, though! I love the leaf plates! When the rest of us are outside breaking our backs raking up leaves, we will think of you and sigh! Have a great weekend!

  13. Your table is beautiful! The color is amazing! I love the blue and your splash of color with your orchid. It just all pops. Thank you for sharing.
    Blessings My Friend,

  14. Your table looks great! I love the leaf plates and the pumpkin teapot. Jennifer

  15. What a pretty autumn table. My favorite season of all. Sweet table today.

  16. I like the contract of the leave plate against the blue placemat. It's a nice way to start bringing in the fall when we are not quite there yet. Your orchid looks beautiful!

  17. It sounds like your weather is similar to mine here in Australia. I must say though, that this winter it was unusually cold for us. I hope that doesn't mean we are in for a long hot summer!

    Happy Autumn!

    Best wishes,

  18. The leave plates are soo cute, and the pumpkin teapot just loved it.

    Great table setting.


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