Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Estate Sale Manager

This past weekend I helped manage an 
estate sale for a friend who is moving 
on to a smaller house closer to the beach.
She was selling everything!
Her large home was beautifully decorated.
The other end of the living room.
Mirror and wall sconces above
an ornate curio cabinet. Lots of accessories.
 Two slipper chairs and a round 
mahogany inlaid pedestal table.
Hallway with art, chest, table lamps,
2 chairs, and collectables.
 This is the carved chest of drawers.
There are 6 of these chairs. 

 Bedroom furniture. 
A beautiful cobalt globe on a copper stand. 
The countries were inlaid with beautiful
stone: quartz, granite, jade, marble, etc.
It went fast because it was a steal!
 Sofa table and a large boldly painted tapestry.
There was a matching coffee table below.
A leather sectional sofa.
 There were bar stools and a
 breakfast dining set with a tropical
Tommy Bahama feel.
 A mahogany buffet with a matching
 large dining table with 10 chairs. 
 a large heavy mirror above the buffet, an 
ornate bronze clock with 2 matching candelabras.
 Two original oil paintings were on each side
 of the large mirror.
 There were lots of cherubs.
 A pair of arm chairs with an ottoman.
There were 8 upholstered chairs.
A pewter tray occasional table.
There was lots more: furniture, art, mirrors,
accessories, sconces, jewelry, lamps, crystal,
everything that makes a house beautiful.
It was lots of work and lots of fun.
I wanted so many things, but had to control
myself. Of course I did get a few things.
I'll show you what and where I put them
in my next post.



  1. I would have come out of that sale completely broke! Lovely! Cherry Kay

  2. Beautiful furniture!!! Would love to have gotten those 6 chairs!
    Visiting from the Charm of Home.

  3. Looks so interesting - what a gorgeous home! I cannot wait to see what you bought...

  4. If an opportunity like this comes up again, please give us some advance notice. I'm only an hour and a bit away from you!

  5. Great way to move on to a lovely beach house. You photos are beautiful and I hope the sale was a great success. Have a wonderful weekend!


  6. WOW!!!! I would love to live at the beach, but it would be hard to give up all of those beautiful items. I can't wait to see what you were able to snatch up.

  7. You certainly had your work cut out for you. Personally, I"d kill for that globe!! If the current owners ever tire of it, just let me know and I'll be happy to take it off their hands. :))

    Once the homeowner is settled in her new seaside digs, it'd be marvelous to have a pictorial tour. I'd love to see her interpretation of a beachy vibe.