Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Daisies

Daisies from the grocery store seem 
to last for weeks.
 I just need to trim them and use the 
remaining blooms in smaller vases.
 A few daisies are tucked into each bottle.
These are Pellegrino water bottles.
 I'm using my thrifted wicker bottle holder
 for the centerpiece.
Longaberger Daisy table linens and pottery.
Yard sale green goblets, flower pot
napkin rings and salt&pepper set.
 My new favorite thing is flavored water
 in a pretty pitcher brought to the table.
I keep this cut crystal pitcher 
filled with water and sliced fruit in the 
refrigerator. I use slices of lemon, lime, 
strawberries and a sprig of mint.
 I can refill with more water to use all 
week before needing to replace the fruit.
We are now drinking more water
throughout the day.



  1. I love flavored water! Thinly sliced cucumbers are good although my daughters don't care for that combination. Have you tried Rose Water? Just a tiny capful makes lovely water. That would be pretty with rose petals from an organicly grown rose bush - which I have a few! The possibilities are endless!!

  2. What a pretty idea! I just love the daisies in those pretty bottles. Love your tea pot too.

  3. Love the centerpiece with the green bottles in the wicker basket. The use of the daisies with the bottles is great. I like your tablecloth with all the daisies and the wording for it's so cute!

  4. Delightful! And aren't fruit or veggies in water just brilliant? I happen to be one of those fortunate ones who loves water, and living in Northern California's Santa Cruz Mountains we get the best stuff to begin with, so a pitcher of it really is refreshing.

  5. I don't drink enough water so I am going to try this, in my cut glass pitcher too:) Love the daisies in the bottles! XO, Pinky

  6. That pitcher of water looks so refreshing! The daisies are perfect with your linens. What a cheery table to sit down to!

  7. A simple table Rita, but oh so lovely :o)
    Rose H

  8. the daisy's and the bottles, and the table and the water pitcher all looks so lovely on your table, glad your drinking more water they say it's good for your complection also

  9. I love daisies, Rita May! I once had quite a lovely display of them in the front bed close to our house {at the old house}. I find they are such a cheery happy flower and they look great in your green bottles.

  10. I love how you paired the flowers with the green bottles, it really accents the daisies. Nice idea for the water too.