Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Table Centerpiece and Propagating Basil.

I wanted a little change on the breakfast
table so I gathered a few things.
First I needed a large blue and white platter. 
 I found this Christmas platter for $2 at a
 garage sale. It would work once I filled it up.
The winter theme in the center would be
covered. The design of fruit and flowers
along the edge was pretty.
 Chicken in a basket salt and pepper set.
 This Staffordshire calico cat dish will be
 used as saucer for my potted plant.
 I filled the pot with soil and a few cuttings 
from my basil plant. I'll keep the soil moist
and have a several new plants to repot.
 The broken calico pottery pot was 
made by my niece, Rita.
 One of my teapots always seem to make an 
appearance. Two oyster shells fill up space.
 I decided it needed a table runner, so I chose
a battenburg lace.
Basil is so easy to propagate. I usually trim
 a few long pieces and put them in a jar of
 water by the sink. I'll have roots in just a
about a week. Change the water when
needed. It smells nice too. This is good
 for the mother plant. Pruning  keeps
the basil plant full. Two new stems will
 grow from the cut. If you don't trim the
 plant it will get leggy. You'll have plenty
 of basil all summer long and
enough to give away.



  1. I love what you did to create a great table centerpiece! The blue and white combination, so full of charm! I think I'll have to try your idea with the basil, I love, love basil! Thanks for sharing, Rita!

  2. This is a charming centerpiece. I love the tips on raising basil. I never have very good luck growing basil so I am going to try this. Such a great way to add freshness to the spring and summer menu.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  3. I love the way you used a platter instead of a tray! It looks perfect!

  4. Love all the blue and white and I have the same little cat bowl! The little chickens in the basket are so adorable and just right for breakfast!

  5. I always love you vignettes and this one is no exception. Love the blue, my favorite color. I have a large blue platter I never use, like the idea of using it for a "tray". I also will transplant basil too. Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  6. Love the blue & white centerpiece/breakfast table decor....great ideas! Thanks for sharing the tips about basil, too! I had never heard that before, but am planning to give it a try. I've already got basil growing on my deck!
    Enjoy the weekend,

  7. Beautiful center piece and great idea to grow basil! You can NEVER have enough basil!