Thursday, June 26, 2014

Americana Breakfast Table

The first place I decorate for any holiday
is the breakfast table. It instantly gets me
 in a holiday mood because we see it
 and use it every day.  
My RED tool tote,  (Made it HERE) is the
 centerpiece. I filled it with a few potted 
plants and a paper flag. A little wooden swag
 is taped inside each end. Think hearts for
 Valentine's Day and snowflakes for 
Christmas. It's been a very versatile
 little red tote. 
The ususal suspects: Longaberger Patriotic
placemats and napkins, blue & white dishes
 mixed with red transferware, blue goblets,
2 'cheapie' stars and stripes bowls.
Added a  picket fence table runner,
(another one made HERE) gives it an
kinda feel. I love picket fences and this is
as close as I'll get to having one.  
 That's my Mother's Day orchid still blooming. 
That's why I love orchids. They bloom for
 months! And then they bloom again several
 times a year...for years!
 Wooden firecrackers.
 That's the broken end of a hoe. 
It's red so it's in.
 A Longaberger Patriotic basket is filled with 
dishes ready for dessert,
Next time I make this German Erdbeer
(strawberry) Kuchen,
 I'll add a few blueberries.
Just plop a few right on top of 
the whipped cream!



  1. The tool tote is cute as is the rest of the table!

  2. Love it- the tote is so cute and I like how you've used it for various settings. I like the paper flag- I've been looking at those paper ones you hang but never want to pay thep price for them. The picket fence is the neatest accent and I like the wood firecrackers. I also use my kitchen table for everything so I went to it first to decorate. I like the combo of plates you chose- great colors and a fun mix!

  3. Great patriotic table. All the creative touches are striking and definitely gets you in the mood to celebrate our country's independence.

  4. I love this table SO CUTE where did you find the basket I love the linens and the firecrackers are a must to make Susie

  5. This just makes me think SUMMER! Love how crisp and cheerful your breakfast table looks.

  6. Very Cute!!! Love the tool tote and the fence!! Neat unexpected things on the table, tastefully done. Perfect for the 4th.